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  1. Post changed due to stop providing possible solutions
  2. Post changed to avoid hurting feelings with common sense.
  3. Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    Sadly, comparing singular models cross faction never made much sense. And i think 'gremlin players' is a bit wide as it implys a whole group of players while mostly it seems to be the same 3-4 people who use every opportunity in this Forum to complain.
  4. How do Neverborn deal with Zipp?

    Thats wrong. Stilts 'reduce' damage to Zero, they don't 'prevent'. I just checked again with the App. And you don't have to sit and wait. Walk, blink and hit him. Place him in range for the next changeling and repeat. Only SS prevention safes him and the placement from his own attack is triggerd after succeding. Obey/push/fast/lure the first changeling to add range.
  5. How do Neverborn deal with Zipp?

    Changelings kill Zipp quickly. No reduction = no stilts. Ca4 vs his ht and you can place him (in Emissary Terrain for example).
  6. Stand Back! It's Evidence!Once per activation if a corpse, scrap, or sceme marker is placed within Aura(4) of this model, this model may push any model within 3" of the placed Marker up to 3" in any direction. As a non-native: How many Models can be pushed by this rule at Once?
  7. Thoughts on hooded rider at 10?

    Why should anybody have two Teddys?! Thats absurd! I own six myself (2x plastic m2e, 1x Metal m1e, 1x m1e Nightmare and Misery and Luther as a proxy) and even that's barely a reasonable Number! At 10 pts i will take the Rider quite often! Teddy is mainly used with Dreamer or Pandora for Horror duels and his keyword, that won't change much. I barely used Mature before (Maybe with Titania), so he doesn't really lost much.
  8. January 2018 Errata

    It is the same text Aaron posted. Blastmakers within 8", don't need to touch. No reduction part is gone.
  9. M2E Single-Piece Sculpts?

    All of the Two Player Starter box miniatures have very few parts or are single piece if i remember correctly. The Tortoise and Hare story encounter Box contains Pre assembled Models, through they arent made from the same plastic as regular Malifaux miniatures.
  10. new realeses for December

  11. How to choose colours?

    I simply google a shit ton of pics, looking for Inspiration in other painted Minis or Artworks for color scemes, while using a few connecting Elements (for example every Guild Model got a red piece of clothing somewhere; my Neverborn often have a hue of turquoise and so on)
  12. Alternate Nekima

    Games Workshop Demons of Khorne Bloodletter Swords fit very well. Usually someone has some flying around if you ask nicely in any GW, as their package contains more then needed, i think.
  13. The one listed last but least under 'Upgrade fixes'? A model with the Conflux of Exploration upgrade may now equip a Lucas McCabe upgrade
  14. UK Nationals 2017

    I don't quite remember, did we declare Faction while buying Tickets?