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  1. Tors

    Balanced Errata chat

    What did you play? Sounds vicious, better be safe and nerf this one too. Two birds with one stone! And don't forget to hit something gremlin on the way. No Errata is truly complete without some sweet sweet gremlin Tears!
  2. Tors

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Prevention isn't damage reduction. The Queller didn't stop this. But Amor, Arcane Shild, Stilts and so on.
  3. Tors

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    With Monster Hunter, Thralls and Quellers available i rate Lucius one of the top Guild Masters at the moment. Between very good staying and hitting Power, basically a free pass for interacts and various movement tricks, dim bulb ads a devastating condition possibility. His variability and board controll makes him a strong contester for almost every scemepool.
  4. I am with the TO here. Resser are terrible to face since wave 5. In my local meta they've won every single game except those where the opponent fielded another faction (like OP Gremlins or OP Arcanists. And don't get me started on Guild - irgh!). Player Skill doesn't seems to matter anymore anywhere. It's just one faction winning against another every Game (except sometimes when the same Faction is played on both sites, but since wave5 Resser win even those Games)
  5. Tors

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Correct. There is no limit linked to the conditions itselfs. So if you can get multiple effigys by whatever means (multiplayer games/crossfaction hiring/copying of zero actions/Control of enemy models), you can stack as many as you wish.
  6. Malifaux to complex, Thoughts and prayers for 3th Edition, Alpha Strikes to powerful... thats only in this area ad Hoc. Add a few hundred posts discussing nerfs to half the masters in game and the weekly change from Gremlins OP to Gremlins unplayable broken. I won't discuss this issue at long because this will become a quote war with textwalls like your one above and i am a non-native so that typing is terrible time consuming for me and it wont bring any usefull Solution either. People like to complain, especially on the Internet (and this skews even further as happy and content playerd don't have much reasons to voice their opinion, they usually just play the game) and it will be always easier to justify the own shortcomings with system immanent imbalances.
  7. Every week there pops up a new problematic combo/list/general idea here. Especially since the first balancing Errata. I almost wish wyrd wouldn't have opened this can of worms. If people played half as much as they complain maybe someone would notice the game doesn't have half as much problems as this forum wants you to belief.
  8. Tors

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    They are all good dogs, Bront.
  9. Tors

    Alpha strikes too poweful?

    Thats evil! I wonder why this hasn't arrived at the tournament scene yet - vics should easily dominante with this. Maybe together with this awful Somer list posted elsewhere.
  10. Tors

    #1 with a Bullet - A Perdita journal

    2ss Work just fine. Fastest Draw gives you a nice add to Ini. Monster Hunter, Debt and Heros gamble often do the Trick with Card draw. Jury gives you all the Mask you need. I prefer Badge for the importent RJ/Sever reduction. Otherwise df9 works just fine. Franc with h2k (through i prefer LLC) and 1-2 Stones is hard enough and upon dying you will get a stone back. And he doesn't have to be the Frontliner. Get Perdita up There and Let her Stats Take care of Things. Between Nephilim/abuela/perdita Obey it isn't really hard to get him in Position for another rund of protection. I play almost the same List and tend to activate Franc Late t2 and early t3. Chain into dita and he is save most of the Time.
  11. Tors

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Two tickets bought for Nino Beck André Killing
  12. Post changed due to stop providing possible solutions
  13. Post changed to avoid hurting feelings with common sense.