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  1. le_sphinx

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    It’s MI6 Rg2 against Df with 2/3/5 damage. After damaging you can choose to decrease or increase your waiking. Also it has trigger which lets you to swap positions with nightmare within 6”.
  2. le_sphinx

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    Imo @Domin introduced the best drawing combo with Bloodwretch and Doppleganger in other threads. Doppelganger copies “the rage builds” and immediately resolves it by using her trigger. After that she hits someone twice with her fists which make us draw 4 cards and discard 2. Also Wretch can draw for us 2 cards (discard 1) during his activation. Bloodwretch can be boosted by masters like Dreamer as well.
  3. le_sphinx

    Malifaux Provides Upgrade: Where to Find?

    wargamevault.com can be a solution as well. If you need particular cards without buying whole set or even box, these guys can be really helpful.
  4. le_sphinx

    Pandora Tactica

    He will draw 6 cards (discard 3), when he kills Serena. This “incite” is just a cherry on cake.
  5. le_sphinx

    Gremraida and the problem of too much support

    Yeah mate. I totally agree with you. I don’t like her plastic model at all either, but I was so tempting to her game mechanics. That’s why I got her metal alternative model. It costed me some money and time of course, but I am quite happy with it. In my taste she is much better than plastic model from box.
  6. le_sphinx

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    It's time for my Dreamer to get a bat as well. Not a cricket bat, but should be tough enough
  7. le_sphinx

    Nekima with Retributions Eye

    Damn.. I missed it as well. One time I swapped 1k faces on Coppelius into FgF. My conscience start to eat me.
  8. le_sphinx

    Pandora Tactica

    That's true. So you can just take Pandora with upgrades, Iggy and 1-2 models like Madness or Wisp to apply conditions. Another part of the crew can be independent and do their job, while Pandora will summon and demolish the enemy. One game I was able to summon only one Sorrow and Poltergeist turn 1. Turn 2 I lost Pandora, but anyway I significantly won that game. @chryspainthemum shared really nice strategy. However, my staple upgrades on Pandora are obvious "woe is me", "depression" and "aeth. connection". The most important for me in "depression" is "melancholy" action, which is wp based attack for woes. This makes summoned Sorrows much more deadly. Also I like to use Mr. Graves to push Pandora round 1. Lilitu + Doppel can lure a couple of enemy models. Pandora uses her "incite" twice as @chryspainthemum said. This applies condition on enemy (for further summoning; conditions can also be applied previously by Iggy, Madness or Wisp depends on situation) and gives her free push moves. After that she tries to summon at least two Sorrows and attack someone. Summoned Sorrows can finish off somebody by "melancholy"+"misery" and summon Poltergeist, who actually can use "melancholy" as well. Next round could be really salty for opponent Pandora should try to provide as much wp duels as it will be possible covered by multiple "misery" auras. Thanks to "inflict" and Poltergeist aura ("distraction") it is possible to kill around 3-4 models per one Pandoras activation. Another tool is NB Emissary, which can be really good and flexible in Pandora crew. For example, additional "misery", "martyr" or "distraction", etc. I feel like Emissary works very well with almost all of our masters. I think it worth to mention Mr. Tannen either. He has wp based attack with condition and mainly "cooler" aura, which is great in wp duels+"misery" environment. Emissary can copy this aura as well.
  9. le_sphinx

    Trouble with playing alt Hungering Dankness

    Could you give the link please?
  10. le_sphinx

    Titania and Nephilims

    Emissary can only support some friendly Faes with Primeval Conflix. Titania's limited Royal Indignation upg. turns living minions and enforcers into Undead Faes.
  11. le_sphinx

    Help choosing master for gg18

    What about Titania and Lynch? Which strategies and opponent factions are they happy to face? I guess Lynch can be good at "Ours", because he likes to kill enemy and Huggy will cost 10 ss for startegy purpose. Just imagine you have free 10 ss for scoring! Titania is quite flexible, so she suits almost all strategies imo. She can be good choice when they are many scheme markers based schemes at the pool.
  12. le_sphinx

    Help choosing master for gg18

    Unfortunately summoned models are not allowed to score quaters at that strategy
  13. le_sphinx

    Help choosing master for gg18

    I had an idea to run almost the same topic. However, it would be great to do it in a more complex way. I mean to include opponents factions! For example, strat A is good for master B with these supportive models against faction C and strat A is good for master D with these models against faction E, etc.
  14. I have an idea to try 3 illiminated with "warped reallity" upgrade one time. Could be fun
  15. le_sphinx

    How/when to use Coppelius?

    I think Mr. Octopus is underestimated. I used him quite offten in gg17, but didn't try him in gg18 yet. Imo @-Loki- described him well. He is reliable fast scheme runner and anti-scheme runner. After he successfully hit someone 2 or 3 times (which is possible thanks to his tigger) his defense can be 6 or even 7. This helps him to tarpit models or hold objectives/territory. It is better to use him against 2-3 small enemy models. His "remove eye" trigger works well with his "nightstalker" aura. So there is a chance to paralize someone and inflict 2 damage. Another thing is his summoning ability! Summon two Alps per turn can be really helpful sometimes. These bandits can be really annoying and help Coppelius to hold more enemy models. "Sleep, my friends" can work here with some Alps around. Also Coppelius can heal, which is one more advantage. Personally I think 8 ss is respectful price for him and for all his abilities. For example, Silurid is 7 ss and it is just a good scheme runner. One ss more and you can take Coppelius with good triggers, healing and summoning options!