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  1. Tendrepie

    Getting started in Ressers

    Generalist upgrade deck (1-2) are good to have (if you find someone that play other faction and want to share you are golden) Broken promises upgrade deck has 2 new upgrades for each master, emissary upgrades for the wave 4 master (Reva in Resur.) and a few other somewhat new upgrades that should comes in enough copy with the models when you get them, I don't see any you'd need with your current collection. Idk if it's worth it for the master you have but it was for me and my wife (we play NB and TT)
  2. Tendrepie

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    I'm no arcanist illuminati but this is a fun puzzle. For sure it is a cheap activation that move really quick and is good at annoying stuff. Do they also take Miranda? Skinwalker doesn't seem that enticing but I guess you could deliver her through the bird or a model made beast by the bird? Or hunting call? it seems like a bit of a waste on Raptor but maybe if you trigger Rake the eyes you can see opponent deck then accomplice in a model that can do something bad (or good depending on perspective) with a better chance to success? Or maybe it's just a projectile for Banasuva to toss when the game is not going your way
  3. Tendrepie

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    You need to bat an enemy model to get the waking though...
  4. Tendrepie

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    You dont, but if she has 10K faces you get an out of activation AP for your master (Dreamer) when she die. You can then use that extra AP so summon a Daydream or an Alp and get waking +1 (or bat more if you are sure you will hit) Since Serena come back at the end of the turn if killed, it cost you a 1SS upgrade (10K faces) and activations to be able to get Chompy out T1. Neat gimmick. If you play Ours, remember Serena is summoned when she comes back though, so she won't count for strategy anymore.
  5. Tendrepie

    The Dreamer in GG18

    That sound like a more reliable plan than trying to bat stuff
  6. Tendrepie

    The Dreamer in GG18

    You got more balls than me, for Chompy to get out you have to succeed on the 3 attacks (can summon for 4th waking) and need not to kill it's target to quick, or have more than one in range. I guess if you see something that has low def and high wound (Teddy or something with def 4) in opponent crew the risk might be worth the reward. Usually I prefer to play it safer. T1, raise waking to 2 by summoning crap and empty night (or move). T2 Chompy comes out easy and I still have flexibility to empty night if needed. Of course the slow way won't allow me to live the T2 dreams of Chompy-Dreamer-Chompy but well... could happen T3 in Christmas wonderland.
  7. Tendrepie

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Keeping in mind that I don't do tournament, seldom play against anything else than TT, and play Dreamer 9/10 games: I do feel that Summoning Dreamer is kind of hard mode for most of 2018 Strategy. Ie, in Ours, you kind of start behind on points because your upgrades are super expansive, if opponent focus on killing some of your core crew, it's hard to catch up (unless you have a gods hand, summon plenty and do a carnage). For ply, you are multiplying the offered targets. In symbol, whatever the build you take, you are kind of offering punish the weak on a silver plate... For these, I usually have more success with Cricket bat (growing up) and a tougher crew (Nekima, Hooded, sometime a warped Mature (for empty night) and tougher minions). That being said, some of the schemes are quite easy to score when you go Dream of pain like breakthrough and surround them, or even set up thanks to Lilitu. On entourage haven't failed so score 3 yet, whatever the build, since Dreamer is so mobile. Shooty dreamer I have no evidence how it would do since I have not used it in over a year and a half!
  8. Tendrepie

    Last list you played: arcanists

    I'd take a guess: it's only have it blow itself and make a scrap for the steamfitter... (for the +1 armor)
  9. Tendrepie

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    To add a bit to pre 'nerf' storm Misaki: You don't really need a gods hand, just risk and reward (can cheat damage when negative), drop recalled training, go ham on a model that has low defense... The 'cannot be reduced' was a disaster to most incorporeal model, they where nearly unplayable against that upgrade. First time my wife played it she ended T1 with Misaki and won T2 initiative, my entire Dreamer crew was erased before she had activated all her model on T3... and I had stayed far away: Emissary+Yu+stupid weasel (and Terracota) = Misaki travel like 18"? (2+6 for weasel, 2*5 for Yu I think?) before she even activate, with 4AP... so with 10" threat range on charge, if she started on edge of her 6" deployment and you kept something more than 2 inch away from the farside, you might be toasted... and back then the range for the blast was a freaking 12". Still a little salty about it, I only played Dreamer one more time against it and managed not to get wiped before T5 but that wasn't a fun game either. Then I used other master every time I heard TT until the fix. Well just Lilith because my other master was Pandora and didn't wanted sorrow or madnesses in that matchup. As for Terrain, it doesn't matter that much, Misaki is highly mobile, more so with Yu and Weasel and it's pretty easy to find a model from near wich you have LOS on at least two other, especially T1. Now I think this upgrade is still solid, it can still be devastating and put you on your heels, but at least you have a chance to fight...
  10. Tendrepie

    New Ten Thunders Player

    This is the same core my wife use with Misaki and having faced it quite a few time, I can tell it is solid. Though now she almost always bring Risk&Reward and Yamaziko is in and out, sometime replaced by or accompanying Chiaki. Rest of crew vary a lot.
  11. Tendrepie

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    Usually for the 3rd upgrade with Growing up/sleep cycle, I like aether connection. It saved the Dreamer more than once... I found charging with Dreamer can be somewhat risky when you want to control your waking and get Chompy because 2AP+melee expert will have to go in attacks. Walk + melee expert seemed safer to me since after it's resolved, depending of your waking, you can decide if you bat more, use your AP to empty night and make sure you make it to Chompy by summoning a crap (daydream/alp)
  12. Tendrepie

    The big guys of neverborn

    Mature Nephilim is decent with Dreamer (otherworldly), Serena Bowman and warped reality so you can use empty night on it then accomplice it. With the baked in + and the big damage track, you can usually get rid of something that annoy you... While it is living (because it die quick, even if not quite teddy quick), it is also quite interesting to have changeling around copying it's attack (they get the + to attack).
  13. Tendrepie

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    First of all, I would not get discouraged because a master is supposedly more complicated than another (unless you want to throw yourself in tournament right away :P) If you want to play Dreamer and focus on seeing Chompy appear more often, I'd say the best way to go is to pick up the new-ish master upgrade and use 'Growing up' and 'Sleep cycle' upgrade. With these, Dreamer is more durable, has melee expert, and can chain in Chompy when he comes out.
  14. Tendrepie

    What are the must-haves with Pandora or Dreamer

    Look like a pretty good start , have fun!