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  1. Athiko

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    Yes thanks to Tom and everyone who attended, It was a really fun day. And thanks to everyone who voted my crew best painted, I was stoked to take home a trophy
  2. Athiko

    Iron Scorpius 5 Ressers

    Nicodem, Kirai, Mcmourning, Reva, Yan Lo I love Seamus but I don't tend to win many games with him so I don't think I'd take him in a tourney, and I don't own Molly or Tara so the above would be my choice. I wouldn't have taken Yan Lo before but his new upgrades have made him so much better
  3. Athiko

    The New Seamus

    Yep I can never quite find a place for her in a list, its a shame because the model is fantastic
  4. Athiko

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    2x tickets bought. Luke Athiko Rick Horton
  5. Athiko

    Creature Feature - Results

    No just me
  6. Athiko

    Creature Feature - Results

    @Kai do we get a forum badge for participating?
  7. Athiko

    Showgirl Seamus

    I'd suggest giving him a try with his other new upgrade (DYKWIA) and Sinister Reputaion, and trying out a horror duel list, its a lot of fun and definitely my favorite Seamus build. I haven't tried AKA Sebastian baker yet, mainly because I don't have the models. But there's some new Belles coming out soon in the Undying box which I'm eager to see stats for
  8. I love the 50mm Koi Bridge
  9. Athiko

    Creature Feature Begins

    Just imagine us as kids in the back of your car asking if we're nearly there yet
  10. Athiko

    Creature Feature Begins

    I tried to slip the Scorpius in, half robot/beast/creature, but was denied
  11. Athiko

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Mr Weaver I presume 😁 RIP
  12. Athiko

    Creature Feature Begins

    Just add image as normal? There's not an add anonymously button or anything?
  13. Athiko

    Sebastian induction

    The damage from induction is a single source of damage so if you prevent 1 you would still take 2
  14. Athiko

    BoarFaux 3 - 28 April 2018

    Just paid for 2 tickets Luke Athiko Rick Horton