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    Full & detailled home made TTB 2nd Ed Character Sheet: Here
    French Arcanist Malifaux player: Ramos, Sandeep, Kaeris, Raspy, Iron side, Marcus

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  1. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    A "Tony" for 10SS ^^
  2. hemgath

    M2E Ironsides

    Do you have a particular strategy when you facing Gremlin with Tony ? Never test it, but have a Public/corner confrontation agains't a gremlin team in a few days... And hesitate between, Marcus, Raspy and Tony... But never test Tony vs Gremlin...
  3. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    For me only 9SS with Amina Naidu ^^
  4. hemgath

    M2E Ironsides

    Nice article ! Take time to me to re-find it, because the actual article don't explain anythong on this models (and really too long and not updated)
  5. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    So comme back with my last project ^^ Ironside, Captain and Amina Naidu for May ! ^^
  6. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Yes sorry but this end of month was verry complex... and completely forget to post ^^ (it's @bedjy who remember me to post )
  7. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    So don't have the time to finish my basics, but now i can post my Slate Ridge Maller i made for the Creature Feature ^^ For only 7SS but it's 7SS ^^
  8. hemgath

    Rank Our Masters

    For me: A+ Sandeep B+ ironside B rasputina, marcus , ramos C+ kaeris Never play colette and meifeng so... don t class them The only B for Marcus is because this boss is really hard to play for me so don't have good result with him even if i find it very nice ( but for me is a piece of paper and not really permisive) The boss who grow up in my ranking after lot of test is raspy... more i play her more i find her good... Actualy ramos is not good as last year but i rally love this boss ( exept on my last game with a black joker on my first invoque
  9. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @BoomstickTake them at "greenstuff world"
  10. hemgath

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Try to finish one of my models ^^ but can't post it before 2 of may (time to take photo and co ^^) I forget to post the start wip ^^
  11. hemgath

    M2E Ramos

    One question about "leviathan power core" do you increase "powering up" when you use soulstone for reflip init or draw card ?
  12. hemgath

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    Real thanks for your works in Wyrd and good luck for the future and your new era
  13. My personal advice is : Just an advice, after reading all this theads (don't wan't to make more controversy just wan't to give a personal advice ) Sandeep is very strong and i really love to play him... but: -If Sandeep is in the viewfinder, we certainly must take a look too to Shenlong, Colody, Zipp, Nelly and Nicodem. For have and equitable balanced errata... -Global attack on: Sandeep, Oxfordian, Myranda / IE (and certainly steamfitter in a few time) can disgust arcanist player to play Arcanist or simply disgust them to play M2E... It's look like a Popular Anger. Until the next - We certainly must wait during the year for look real Sandeep result (actualy is really not first in UK or simply on Logfaux), for have a real concrete global analysis. - Maybe take a look for the Arcanist Leader actualy played... and try to balanced "the rest" for help arcanist to try other way than "Auto Sandeep Crew" (Ironside / Marcus in secondary plan, and nearby no place for other master in competitive way) Playing agains't Sandeep my 2 cent: - One of the best way for beat sandeep is clearly destroy is hand... - Cut the beacon LOS (like cut the LOS for warding rune). - One other thing, try to don't take care about Banasuva... and target real things on the table Generaly, don't play agains't sanddep crew, just try to win - Remember: No gamin in 6 from Sanddep casting point = No banasuva - If you planed to have a sandeep match... Sue & Taelor are very good models wathever your faction... ^^ - Sandeep is susceptible to condition, particulary like paralyzed (or mood swing) - You can make very terrible things with Obey or Alpha capa
  14. Really agree with this review ^^ We certainly must wait for see if Sandeep become effectivelly the "winner of all tournament" (but when i see logfaux or UK tournament, it's not a realitty).
  15. hemgath

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Completely agree with that... We must wait because actualy (on logfaux or in UK tournament for exemple) Sandeep is not the best master for result... and in my personnal advice the problem is certainly when you face a new encounter Sandeep is generally really better than other master... so take an other master is for fun not for win (Ironside and Marcus have a little possibilityes and you can forget Ramos Kaeris and Meifeng for competitive game)