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  1. Coyotebreaks

    three player malifaux?

    Does any one know of any scenarios / rule sets that would work for 3 players. Just small quick games that a few people can do at the same time. or just ways to play the main game with players. what do you tinker would be best 1 vs 2 or everyone for themselves? cheers for any ideas.
  2. Coyotebreaks

    Pantoporos Aporos' painted minis

    cool stuff, really like colours you sued on the executioners.
  3. Coyotebreaks

    my mcmourning crew

    I have finnished up another model for my crew. My Enforcer Rafkin, really enjoyed working on this model. very cool sculpt:
  4. Coyotebreaks

    my mcmourning crew

    thanks very much. The saw is just TMM, but I used similar ideas with regards to building up contrast. im not brave enough to fully in NMM yet.
  5. Coyotebreaks

    Is Malifaux too complex?

    i love the complexity of malifaux, thats why I started playing. the more complex the better for me. it reminds me of magic the gathering where the possibilities are endless.
  6. Coyotebreaks

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    thanks everyone for the help. its very usefull. loads of ideas to try out
  7. Coyotebreaks

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    thanks for all of the replys. lots to try out and think over. I will let you know how I get on. can i just check, if I use the thats the stuff trigger on rotten transplant and I have plastic surgery. do the spiders turn undead before the amount of poison to go on the targeted model is totaled?
  8. Coyotebreaks

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    thanks for all the info Ludvig, I will look into My Little helper, not seen this yet. will keep chipping away a it
  9. Coyotebreaks

    McMourning vs Ramos, is this a bad matchup?

    thanks for all the tips everyone. glad to read that there are ways round him. I guess I need to practice with mcmourning more, i used to try and throw him in there and he would get flattened, so I have since been more conservative. but it seems throwing him n there is ok as long as you use his abilities properly. So I need get better at this. thanks again, I have abetter idea of how to handle things in future.
  10. My Main opponent plays ramos (its his only crew) and my only crew is McMourning. I seem to really struggle against this opponent. He does not drop many corpse counters, he only has three or four living models. So managing to get a flesh construct from expunge is all but impossible. Due to the lack of corpse counters he can summon at faster rate then me, so before I know it im swamped in spiders. So I have two questions really, first is does any one have any tips to help me deal with ramos? but also is this just an impossible match up that will never work? i hope not as I like playing doug, and I dont want to get a new master yet. at present I have the main mcmouring starter box. extra canine remains, extra flesh construct and some rotten bells (i have the shamus box, but don't plan on using him for a while) to make my list from thanks for any help
  11. Coyotebreaks

    Mcmourning vs shooting list tips

    thanks for tips. I never seem to manage to make many flesh constructs (in fact never managed one) so I did not think to go for that. I have also got into trouble for having mcmourning push too far forward. but as you say If combine creation of flesh construct with mcmourning being there, it should spread things out. but then if they focus attacks on mcmouring then he could go down quite quick.
  12. Hi does anyone have any tips for playing a mcmourning crew against a more long range type of list. i played my first game against gremlins yesterday and got shot to pieces . I found in order to get into range to use my poison stuff I also had to get in range of the guns. And they hurt. my list is fairly simple mcmourning with moonlighting sebastian with those are not ours rafkin with transfusion flesh construct nurse canine remains 35 sole stones i add more dogs , the totem and a belle or two in higher point games cheers for any tips
  13. Coyotebreaks

    Lillith and friends

    Really nice paint work in this thread , very atmospheric
  14. Coyotebreaks

    my mcmourning crew

    Thanks for the kind words all. Glad you like him. i have a few more models in the starter box done but I did them before this one so not quite as good (I’m still learning ) ill post some images when I get chance .
  15. Coyotebreaks

    my mcmourning crew

    I have just finished painting Doug, for my restrictionist crew. Quite happy with how he turned out, what do reckon?