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  1. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Any info on Emissary? Did we get a conflux for Asami? At least the promo image with Ototo and Lady J upgrade had some upgrade ending in "..ux" and in 10T colors.
  2. The question in question (ba-dum-tsih) is one asked on this same forum, actually only few topics below this one. But should models be excluded from pulse effects, if they were outside of it at the occurance of the event?
  3. I have to agree with Myyrä, with the current rules we cannot decipher the RAW or RAI of this scenario. For sake of simplicity, which the game at times seems to thrive for, we could declare and resolve them one by one, even though this might cause some "real life" inconsistencies.
  4. Wait, I can see some slight inconsistencies regarding the timing. Some previous question had to do about the timing of Bad JuJu's unbury and gupps "juvenile wail". In a sense, the JuJu is not within the range of the wail at the time of the death, since it's buried, but depending on circumstances it can unbury before the wail is triggered. So, should we at the time of declaring abilities, also declare targers? In a sense the act of unbury will "place" the model there, but in that case what is the difference of resolving the wail before if the JuJu already "is" there? To put it in other way: Case 1: Model A is killed, which triggers model B to push towards it. Model B has aura which can be triggered by the death of model A. Model B cannot declare this ability if it wasn't within range at the time of death. Case 2: Model A is killed, which triggers model B to push towards it. Model A has pulse which triggers at the time of his death. Model B CAN benefit from that pulse, since Model B pushed (or unburied) into range before the ability was resolved? Is this right?
  5. Henchman Hardcore TT lists

    Rise, rise my Thredion.... No, but seriosly. We have a HH coming up and have been running through some lists, and since we do have a thread, I'd rather use it. Kang seems very powerfull with the auras he provides, so will probably take him as the leader. With the inclusion of Yasunori, he would the FU choice, so gonna leave him home since there will be lot's of newer players attending. 1. The FU-list: Kang - Yasunori - Monk of lowriver - Wastrel Wastrel provides a nice target for Yasunori's Kodoku while still providing some healing. Double lowriver might be more durable, but would lose in damage potential. Also don't have double low river, only single. Anyways, this is the most OP I can think of, so not gonna take it. 2. The list I might play: Sidir(Promises, peacefull waters) - Kang(hard worker) - monk of low river - rail worker All are immune to horror duels while in Kangs aura, Kang, Sidir and low river can heal, armor penetration from the "hard worker" while I get + to ML and WP from the promises. Also Kangs aura for the undead and constructs. Also I can send Kang in to preserve my leader(Sidir) 3. The unknown: Kang(peacefull waters) - Loneswordman - Ohaguro bettari - monk of lowriver I know, I know, Loneswordman begs for the recalled training, but this is for the training camp so going in wanting to see how this performs. I know gremlins have gained popularity around here, so looking to see how ohaguro will block their Squee's If only we had some 3SS minion to toss in. Though, low river sounds good with healing and condition removal. What are your opinions about the lists and the current meta?
  6. So to sum it up so that even the bit dafter (me) will understand. An event happens (The death of the Terror Tot) Declare viable abilities and form a stack(or chain or what ever you will call it) according to timing principles (Brood, Thirst for blood if it was close enough) Resolve abilities according to the timing of the stack. I may have played some MtG, so a "stack" is familiar to me.
  7. Page 58. Aura reads: Aura icon( ) appears as a part of a range for some actions or abilities. So basically aura is just an ability with limited range. Since your aura doesn't specify a time, wouldn't you be able to declare that ability when ever the conditions are fullfilled? I don't know, would this cause further complications?
  8. Why would this differ from the general timing? Acting -> Defending -> First player models -> Second player models. I'm under the impression you resolve the whole ability (including move) before you resolve next. I'll need to double Check once home.
  9. TenThunders

    I realize it's rather alot of pics on one go, but I'd though to get you up to date. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have the whole faction in colors. Suggestions, techniques, critisism and general 'oh wow' is more than appreciated.