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  1. I am having the same issue. Although I received confirmation email, so probably you have my application. If you ever need help in fixing that issue, send me a PM.
  2. AndreyF

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Thanks a lot!
  3. AndreyF

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Nice, thanks. No crew lists, but probably it is way too much for tournament organizer to track. Would be good to add masters at least though.
  4. AndreyF

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Do we have results of matches from this event? Who played who, scores etc.
  5. AndreyF

    Surround Them Scheme

    This is the description of the scheme from Gaining Grounds 2018: Is the first mentioned Scheme Marker near Table Corner in the enemy deployment zone mandatory or not? I've been told it was discussed somewhere on this forum, and consensus was it is not mandatory. But I cannot find the thread and If it is not mandatory, then how could you place markers in other corners? Other then what? And if so, why not just remove first paragraph and make it (up to a maximum of 3 VP)?
  6. It was 0=10 rule in draft of GG2018. Maybe fixed cost by station could be better. Anyway, the problem is actually not that huge. It is still 1 VP per game in a very small set of games.
  7. Guild Hound cost is 3 Mannequin cost is 4 Duet cost is 0 So if Guild Hound is killed by Manequin its owner earns 1 additional VP according to GG2018, as cost of killer is higher. And no extra VPs for being killed by duet Duet as it's cost is not higher. Playing around rules glitches is ok with me. It is more about game looking better without them.
  8. @Aaron In final GG2018 rules powerful non-henchmen models like Coryphee Duet don't give bonuses for killing your poor sucker as their cost is Zero for this Scheme. So getting Guild Hound killed by puny Manequin gives more points then getting it killed by scary Coryphee Duet. Which is not logical I think.