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  1. DonCheadle

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    I don't know, you can still use the bow to great effect even if she does get paralyzed. As for fragility, if she ever kills something she gets to go back to full HP, so they really need to do it in one swing, which I'd say is difficult. We're in Gremlins, everything considered, and Ulix can summon, so we should be 2-3 activations ahead of the enemy,especially after the first run in with Gracie. You only get 8 attacks if you manage to Sooey her back, but you also get 8 if you manage to kill a model on the Rear Charge. Here her rg1 actually helps her not get tied up in multiple combats.
  2. DonCheadle

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    Maybe, but between Armor 2 and HTK (and Dirty Cheater) I'd doubt they'd be able to kill her in a single activation barring something like the Viks. What I'm more worried about are conditions. Rooted would be pretty nasty to deal with, Grems don't have great condo removal.
  3. DonCheadle

    Grace's Potential in Ulix

    My professed love for Ulix is apparent, but I've never tried Gracie in his lists before (mostly because I already have the Sow, who is pretty good, and don't have Gracie). I'm slowly getting back to playing the Pig Herder and was wondering why no one talks about the biggest beats potential our faction has to offer. I'm talking about using Gracie in conjunction with Old Major, Penelope, and the Huntin Bow upgrade. Both Penelope and Major can push her up (to a total of 8"), with Old Major giving her Rams on all flips (thus mitigating the potential backlash from her Crow trigger). Gracie now boasts an impressive 4/6/8 damage profile. Then you shot in the rear for a charge that can easily turn into multiple charges if she manages to kill the initial target. If you get stuck, you even have the option to call her back via Sooey and shot in the rear once again. And at that point she hasn't even activated yet. Giving her reactivate via her 0 lets her attack another two times. Overall this gives you around 8 ml6 min 4 attacks, with the potential for more if she manages to kill her shot in the rear targets. That's insane. What do you think?
  4. DonCheadle

    State of the local metas

    Have you given McCabe a spin yet? I feel like he is well poised for Symbols of Authority (though I've only played him in TT, but I'd imagine the very same to be true in Guild).
  5. DonCheadle

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    Oh by no means, it's just that Snipers are too good I believe. And Izamu brings a bunch of benefits, such as his min 3, melee expert, Ruthless, higher ml range, free upgrade slot for something like Smoke Grenades. Earth isn't bad, but I'd rather pay the premium there.
  6. DonCheadle

    Samurai and 0-upgrades?

    But at that point, why aren't you using Izamu? Samurai suffer from being early releases, and as such their abilities are a little understated. I've only used Mr. Jigoku, and if you have a way to push him, and perhaps even make him fast, he becomes a very potent mobile firing platform (rg 14" is pretty damn high). If anything, Samurai could use a few quality of life upgrades. WP5 or even 6, ml rg 2", a + to attack and damage on their Run Through ability, Earth giving 1 more wd, and Heavens getting a rework (I'm thinking something along the lines of Ice Dancer pushes at the end of activation, and adding extra movement to run through). Also, Obsidian Oni work very well with them. I think Samurai have their place, but I'd like to see them get a little love. Very interesting to note is that all our ranged generics want different kinds of support. Archers want tanks and a upgrade carrier nearby. Snipers want free focus. Samurai want mobility.
  7. DonCheadle

    Soulstone use on Attack

    Can a Master or Henchman models use 2 soulstones on an attack action (one to add a + flip to the attack, and another to add a suit)?
  8. DonCheadle

    Titania Pounce Crew

    I think the list has merit in pools where enemies are supposed to come close and then be killed, say Headhunter, Dig and the likes.
  9. DonCheadle

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    The Statue only drops scrap markers when damaged by enemy models, as @Stewbert has correctly stated. And the Emissary has a very good damaging ability in being able to use his cast on double focus. Likewise, I'm not arguing that your choices are off, I'm just trying to clear up any inconsistencies.
  10. DonCheadle

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Couple of notes here: 1. The Emissary drops a scrap that is very easy to Rail walk to, which decreases your hand costs. Additionally, it's a push, which alleviates an issue the Shadow Emissary can run into - its moderate speed (since you usually cast or push another model). This is big. Echoes of power is also pretty good. 2. If the enemy doesn't attack the statue (were they, for example, to tarpit it), you get no scraps. Plus, the statue wants to consume those scrap markers. 3. It isn't entirely correct that you're trading 1 ap for 1 ap. You're pushing 4", that's worth around 1 AP, and then you're giving fast, which is another AP. So really you're one in the black (AP value depending on what you push of course).
  11. DonCheadle

    Is scoring revealed schemes mandatory?

    Follow up question: How would it work with Claim Jump, if 3 points had already been scored before turn 5? By the way, all considerations here are made without accounting for additional turns, should have made that clear in the primer. "At the end of every Turn after the first, if this Crew has at least two Scheme Markers within 2” of the Centerline of the board, not within 2" of an enemy model, and not within 4" of another friendly Scheme Marker, this Crew scores 1 VP and removes all friendly Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline." If the prior action (score 1 VP) isn't carried out because one has already scored all points available (and the rules state one cannot score more than 3 points off of a scheme), will the latter (remove scheme markers) still be taken?
  12. DonCheadle

    Question About Eternal Moment

    I believe so, but I'd post these questions in #rules questions.
  13. Say I have Guarded Treasure and Search the Ruins, with GT at 2 points at the end of turn 5, and the models/Scheme Markers in place to score both schemes independently. Would I be forced to score the final point of Guarded Treasure, thereby losing 2 points (since I'd get 3 from Search but only 1 from Guarded Treasure)?
  14. DonCheadle

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    I think they're better than ever in GG18. Ply, Symbols, Ours, Guarded Treasure, Surround Them, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, Public Demonstration are all great Strats and schemes for them. Premiere scheme runners, for which I'll gladly pay a premium. Also don't underestimate their Mask Trigger on their melee.
  15. DonCheadle

    Rolling Over to Thunders - How to Start?

    Agreed, especially coupled with the Emissary the LRM will pay dividends in a Shenlong crew. I actually started this faction with pretty much the same setup (Lynch, Shenlong, TTBs, Samurai, Emissary, Yasunori) so I can give you a bit of a rundown on what you're getting. Lynch n' crew : I assume you're already knowledgeable on these guys. Significant changes are largely upgrade based, as you gain access to Misdirection, which allows Lynch to become a bunch more survivable (if you have a model nearby that can soak damage). Shenlong: I haven't had many successes with Lynch, but this master did marvels for me once I wrapped my head around his upgrade mechanics. Noteworthy are his 6" focus/defensive as a (0) aura, his pushes to give out fast (that can move scheme markers (both friendly and enemy, *don't underestimate this*) and a bunch of nifty tricks such as stealing common conditions from enemy models. He's also quite decent in melee as well. Peasant: 2 SS for 2 activations, which also give your models focus and defensive. Only reason they're not always taken is that our Wonder Weasel, the Kamaitachi, is also very good (and works well with Shenlong's upgrade swap mechanic), but they give it serious competition and tend to win out overall for me. High River Monks : Recently received a cost reduction, still kinda subpar but hey, at least the models are dope. In a way that is somewhat emblematic of our faction, our cheap models don't do much damage - Rail Workers and/or Sabre models notwithstanding. Sensei Yu: Oh boy, pretty much my life's ethos. Yu can't charge, and while his melee is actually quite respectable, it's nothing to write home about for an 11 stone (you pretty much always take Wandering River Style, or Promising Student for Shenlong) model. However, Yu is our #1 facilitator when it comes to getting models and Scheme markers where you want them to be (and your opponent, by contrast, won't). Yu is magic, plain and simple, and while in kill-heavy pools the Emissary beats him (since he can also push up a beater and make him fast), in pools where scheme markers are abundant Yu quickly becomes the difference between shameful defeat and unquestionable victory. A prudent opponent will often not even consider taking marker dependent schemes against Yu. TTBs: I'm having a tough time deciding which of the above two models I like better, but while I can relate more to Yu, TTBs take the spot for my favourite models in the game. Surprisingly quick, decently durable (very much so, one might say, for their cost) and inordinately versatile, Brothers are your premiere scheme runners. The best 0 trigger is likely the place on the mask, but all of them can be situational useful. Further, people like to downplay their melee capabilities but I've used the mask trigger to great effect. If Yu is the butter, then they are the Swiss army knife that spreads said butter onto your helpless enemy (uh... I think that's how it works right?). Samurai: Aesthetically, I love these guys, and to be honest they're not half bad (you're likely already familiar with them to some degree). Well, in Shenlong, they take on another form due to being able to mitigate their slowness (aside from the Heavens Samurai, but nobody ever takes that guy :/) by means of pushing. I throughly enjoy "kicking" a Samurai forward, giving him fast and telling him to shoot at the enemies, three times at that. Free focus or defensive plays reasonably well with their abilities as well, and the heals that go abound in a Shenlong list can help you keep these warriors healthy. That being said, they are sadly somewhat outclassed by Snipers (free focus is just too good), but I think they're still pretty nice.