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    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    It would work i think. The problem is, that you have to hit up we go - and the 2nd is you loose the markers at the end of the turn so if you loose ini at the beginning u have a charge model around. It is a nice combo. Question is if its worth it as always
  2. MyMalifauxBlog2E

    Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    I think example 2 is not working. I mean the Card says "playe up tp 3 markers in base contact with this model"...or am i wong?
  3. Hi, i am looking for a grass or field or swamp Malifaux playmat for my Gremlins crew. If you may have one to much or you don't need a mat anymore. Please write me. I would consider to trade for a glued but not primed war rabbit otherwise if paypal is agreed we could discuss a price. *New! I recently won the Special Bayou Gremlin out of the Mystery Box, which looks like one of the Bushwackers. Not Glued! Let me know if you are interested. Thx