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  1. No Love for TTB Core?

    Just got an email. The book will be delayed by a week. I was so looking forward to reading this book over the coming weekend.
  2. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    It says they are affected and dealing damage one step down. It doesn't say a non-target model can only take damage from one blast during an attack. It does specifically state that the original target doesn't take damage twice from the attack. It doesn't say the same for any models affected by the blast markers. If what you are saying is the intention of the rules, then I believe they could clear it up by using an example that includes 2 blasts and a single model that the blasts would overlap on.
  3. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    I read that. But it doesn't say that a model cannot take damage from two blast markers at the same time if it wasn't the original target of the attack. It states "If multiple blasts are generated (such as bb), each blast must be placed so that it is touching, but not overlapping, at least one other Blast Marker." It also specifies the following "It is important to note that the original target does not take damage twice from the Attack." The keywords in my opinion being original target. It does not say that any other model cannot be hit by two separate blast markers and take damage from both. I am not trying to be argumentative, I just want to play the game correctly. What you are saying about only taking damage once may be rules as intended, but it is not rules as written. This is why I asked where it was stated. I wasn't sure if I might have missed it in a FAQ or something.
  4. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Where is this rule located? After reading the responses here, I went back to my rulebook and reread the blast rules. It doesn't say that a model can only be effected by one blast. It just says that the blast markers can't overlap. So if I place each blast where they partially cover the same model, that would allow them to take 3 damage twice. I want to make sure I am playing correctly since I am teaching my wife the game.
  5. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Well that sucks and has been played wrong by me.
  6. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    But wouldn't a double blast allow you to place it on the same place twice? If so, it would be 6 damage.
  7. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    Being able to setup your construct command flip, their attack flip, and their first damage flip by placing the cards in any order can be powerful. I did this with Lazarus once to trigger the Red Joker on damage flip. That was 9 damage on target plus double blast damage of 6. Very demoralizing to your opponent. Plus her 9 Ca when on the centerline for her staff is pretty powerful.
  8. book 6 idea Henchmen -> masters

    The summoning could have a twist to it like the summoned Guild model must come in on a table edge. This would make it more like calling in reinforcements.
  9. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    I think her ability to look at top 3 cards and then command a construct can be tasty.
  10. Opposed Actions with a TN

    This was the part that was throwing me off. I understand it is the rules, but it doesn't make sense that the defender should have to cheat first if the TN is not achieved. It seems like that puts the attacker at a big advantage. It makes the defender burn a card for something that wouldn't occur. It goes against the basic premise of opposed duels in my opinion. Yes it acts the same with the lower total cheating first, but in this instance my lower total doesn't mean I lose if they don't hit their TN. I feel they should have to succeed at their TN before I should have to decide to cheat. This makes it almost like the cheating with your card face down ability.
  11. Femme Fatale Voting Opens

    The pictures are a bit small. Is there any way to get bigger pictures so I can see the detail?
  12. Changelings engagement range?

    I am new to the game, but I would think they would have the engagement range of the last attack they had copied. So if they didn't copy a melee attack, they wouldn't have an engagement range.
  13. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    I use her quite frequently in my crews with Lazarus.
  14. Opposed Actions with a TN

    I need some help getting this clear in my head. If a model takes an action that targets an enemy model that also has a required TN for it to work, does the defender flip immediately or do they wait until the attacking model meets the TN? I have read the rules several times, but I am not seeing anything on it. I could see it going either way. I just am not sure which way is correct. Is the casting considered a simple duel to achieve the TN and then an opposed after the TN is made or is it a straight opposed duel?
  15. Yes, it is suggested to roll them up with the image on the outside so that they will flatten when you unroll them. It is also recommended to roll them from alternating ends each time to also help.