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  1. Upcoming Events in Bristol/Kingsport TN

    FYI, Conapalooza page doesn't have your tournament listed on their site.
  2. August LGS Promotion

    I still have not received any form of contact on this. I submitted my form on August 3rd. I guess I will just continue to wait.
  3. Fatemaster characters and suits

    To piggyback off this question, how is Fatemaster characters damage determined if they don't flip cards?
  4. Fatemaster Flips

    This statement proves what I am trying to say about the game design and using a standard AV. If a Fated focuses on Defense, Wisdom, or both you get to a point in which adventures have to go right into Enforcers or Henchman. You can no longer run adventures that build up to the big villain because the minions, etc. no longer offer any challenge. Look at it from a point of a campaign that doesn't contain one overall villain behind the whole campaign. Think of it more like an episodic TV series. Your players run through several one shots and get some advances which they focus on one area say Defense. Now you really can't continue with one shots that build up to a climax with the villain because the villain's minions now pose no threat to the Fated. If you adjust their AV to make their TN higher, all you are really doing is promoting that group of 5 minions to Enforcers. The point I am trying to make is that static AVs result in minions becoming obsolete and IMHO destroys the build up to a climax that can result from progressing through an adventure. The one shots I have read always start with a little investigation, a minion battle, an ongoing challenge, a slightly tougher battle, some more ongoing challenges, and then a battle with the main villain to resolve the adventure. Static AVs result in losing some of this build up to an adventure conclusion as the Fated get stronger. For example, a group who has dealings with the Guild I could see starting to send more than regular Guild troops to deal with them. But in the next adventure if they are dealing with an Arcanist or a Neverborn who has no previous dealings with the Group wouldn't have any reason to through Enforcer level enemies at them at the beginning of their conflict. I will concede and agree that if you are running an interwoven campaign that concludes with the main villain being revealed as the campaign draws to a close this is fine to have the enemies become tougher throughout the campaign because the person pulling the strings behind the whole campaign is aware of the groups capabilities. But often times a new adversary may have never even heard of the group and so has no reason to pull out their big guns.
  5. Fatemaster Flips

    Your post is looking at it from attacking. I am looking at it from Fated defending. A starting character can have a Defense and Willpower of 5. This means for a typical minion they need to flip a 5 or better to avoid an attack. That is not hard to do. As a player focuses on increasing Defense & Willpower their dependency on the flip lessens. This makes the threat lessened. So if the player has no fear of that enemy, they won't care if the combat takes forever to defeat the enemy since there is no probability of damage. As a Fatemaster I shouldn't have to change enemy stats to make the opponent a challenge. IMHO that is a flaw in game design. If the intention is for me to do that why even have NPC stats? An enemy of any kind should pose a threat no matter how experienced the Fated is. Having their AV constant causes enemies to become less threatening and obsolete as characters advance. Any enemy shouldn't become obsolete simply because the character now automatically beats their AV. That is what will happen in TTB. How would Malifaux play if no minion could ever hurt a master? This can be applied to any situation in the game. Max out charm and no one could ever resist you. I use Defense & Willpower as my main example due to combat and death being the most prevalent ways a Fated could be removed from the game. IMHO, the more you remove the ability for random results the less exciting, dangerous, and fun interacting with the world is. My players always remember the times there were critical hits and fumbles whether PC or NPC. I couldn't see them talking about the time they auto-evaded all those attacks because their Defense was higher than the enemy AV.
  6. Fatemaster Flips

    I get what everyone is saying, but I am not sure everyone is understanding my point. It seems without the randomness for adversaries, that it becomes too easy to completely eliminate possible opponents from use. Looking at character creation, a player can create a Fated that only needs a 4 or 5 on a flip to evade most minions. I figure with a few advancements, those AV 9 or 10 minions no longer become a threat since the card needed to beat them becomes so low. I may be wrong, but it seems like eventually the only worry is flipping the black joker. My experience has been that when players no longer fear adversaries it changes their way of playing. If you no longer have much to fear from a Freikorpsman damaging you, then it doesn't matter if you decide to attack them. With their constant values, they will never hit you. Giving them a card flip makes them more dangerous. It puts doubt into a player's mind whether it is worth the risk of getting into a fight or not. That is what I am trying to get at the known static values can change thought patterns in players and cause certain things to become irrelevant. Even in D&D, a bunch of goblins have a chance against high level characters because of critical hits and numbers. TTB doesn't have that because there is only one black joker to draw and flipping a 1 could still mean success. At a certain point Fated will always succeed against minions and then only Enforcers will challenge them and then eventually only Henchmen.
  7. Fatemaster Flips

    I can see that reasoning but it also seems to make some adversary abilities function weird, clunky, confusing, or all three. It also seems to make adversary triggers weird. Maybe I don't understand the rules correctly or I am missing the intention. But if everything is measured then where is the doubt in combat? If the Fated can easily calculate odds and victory is assured based upon knowledge that an enemy will only pose X amount of threat or difficulty IMHO, it makes combat meaningless. It becomes a game similar to 4th edition D&D where the threat is not real because every combat is set to expend X amount of resources based upon challenge level. I think a possible better solution is increasing wounds of adversaries rather than defense or willpower. Because stats are confined to such a small value range and adversaries are constant, it means a Fated will almost always know whether they will go before or after that young nephilim and whether their one attack will always wound or not. To me, this loses some of the strategy that Malifaux provides. The randomness is needed to make player's fear for their characters. Not every battle or situation should be fair or winnable. Sometimes even trying to cheat Fate shouldn't be enough.
  8. Fatemaster Flips

    Just curious, anyone know why they made the rules so that the Fatemaster never flips? It would seem to me that the rules would flow better if there were two separate decks, one for the Fatemaster and one for the Fated. The mechanics would then work similar to Malifaux. It seems to me that the current mechanic would eventually take away some of the mystery of the game. When the Fated encounter a certain type of NPC they will always know the target number based upon a previous encounter and will always know a range of TN based upon the adversary being a minion, henchman, etc. I think flipping for the Fated opponents would add randomness back into the game. I mean if a person created their character right, they could make it so they could always overcome a certain degree of opponent without ever having to worry about what they flip. It all seems odd to me and a bit clunky.
  9. August LGS Promotion

    Has the August promotion been handled yet? I can be patient and wait for my model. I just have postal issues sometimes. I like to know when something is coming so that if I don't have it by a certain time I can contact the postal service.
  10. August LGS Promotion

    Does anyone know if the alt models for this promotion have been sent out yet? I haven't heard anything since I submitted my form and receipt.
  11. Customeeple Availability in the US?

    You can get them from Noble Knight. The website is nobleknight.com or you can usually find them listing stuff on eBay as well.

    May an alternate Sue that looks like this? This is an artist's image based off of the main character from the movie Six String Samurai.
  13. In my situation these are items out of stock even on Wyrd's own site. This means that more of the items need to be made. That is my question, when can we expect Wyrd to restock the items so they can be bought from them or from a distributor?
  14. I know the feeling. My wife has been waiting for the Doppleganger and Nephilim boxes to be restocked for several months. It would be nice to get an update on when some of these models are expected to be restocked.
  15. September Releases/Promotion

    Anyone? @Mason do you have any insight? September is my birth month and I am trying to decide if I buy myself a Malifaux present or spend the money elsewhere. LOL