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  1. Regelridderen

    My Crude Crews

  2. Regelridderen

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    I think, I'm ending up ditching her 'spirit energy'. It doesn't really work that well with my other basing
  3. Regelridderen

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    Damn! I wish, I had kids 😛
  4. This isn’t marketing, this is idiocy. Games Workshop has proven pretty well, how that business model just causes your player base to migrate into other games. When it comes to tabletop gaming no company has the juice to ignore their fans, as marketing is primarily via word of mouth, players recruiting other players etc.. Wyrd has done a wonderful job in combatting the need for a flavor of the month simply by not using fixed lists, and allowing players to change their setup, dependant on scenario and opponents. Yet with seven factions, a throng of different Masters and even more models, it would be odd if one or two didn’t stand above the rest - especially when constantly releasing new models. And in an age, where errata can be implemented at the drop of a hat - and an app upgrade - there is no reason, not to react to ones customers.
  5. Regelridderen

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    Do you get Chiaki into her ‘flamy spirit energy’ base?
  6. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    I brought out the DSLR, so all the flaws shows.
  7. Regelridderen

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    You’re thinking Quellers, not Spellcasters.
  8. Regelridderen

    How do you McMourning?

    How about the ‘Unknowable Pain’ upgrade?
  9. Regelridderen

    How do you McMourning?

    I just thought, that opponents would hate it, if anything that went near McM had a tendency to turn against them. That and Rancid Transplants of course.
  10. Regelridderen

    How do you McMourning?

    How about something like Plastic Surgery and the domadors Command Undead?
  11. Regelridderen

    How do you McMourning?

    Hi, As I'm just having fun painting up McMourning and his crew, I start wondering about how to use the guy. It seems pretty straightforward, when it comes to ressers, pile up a ton of poison, transfuse a little poison and go to town with whatever is available - and poison. Looking at guild, things look a little less straightforward. Few immediate ways of poison, no easy Transfusion etc., so how do you put the doctor to work?
  12. Regelridderen


    And the flame will be optional - That said, the monster hunters look pretty spiffy too, and the bultunguin makes me wanna go neverborn with Lucius and make a werewolf crew with them and Vogel 😛
  13. Regelridderen

    My first crew ( and those who followed )

    Yep, the faces are paint brush – with the slight exception that Sebastian got a couple squirts of rosy cheeks, when I was fooling around airbrushing the blood spatters. - I'll probably have to bring out my DSLR and some decent lighting, once I'm 'done' with these.