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  1. GrumpyGrandpa

    Schemes & Stones Mah Tucket Crew Spotlight

    Neat'o podcast - I especially like the Lucky Ef-comments. I'll try to see if I cannot pick him up one of these days, and make him work for me. Honestly, my only wish for Mah is that they'd make Aim For the Sore Spots last until the beginning of her next activation. I also have the same wish for Brewmaster, but that is for another thread.
  2. GrumpyGrandpa

    Zipp + Fingers = Overkill?

    Have anyone tried Zipp & Fingers together in GG18? I've been wanting to try them both in Supply Wagons & Ply for information, but I feared it might overkill. With a cost of 10, Fingers might just be a bit too heavy? Even with an extremely interact-heavy schemepool in mind.
  3. GrumpyGrandpa

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Nice with a solid guide that explains the models on an individuel level. I really suffer from running the same lists constantly, and so I never include models like Raphael (which is wierd, since I love Somer and he'd be able to supply him with a Ram-trigger).
  4. GrumpyGrandpa

    Huntin' bow + Stampede

    Hello all Last night I got into a conversation regardin' Ulix, and his Huntin' bow upgrade. A common trick is to use the Shot in the rear abillity, which allows the friendly pig to make a Charge Action against a target, and have the pig heal from "Eat your fill", which would normally end the activation, but doesn't since it isn't actually the pig who has activated. Now my friend makes the same argument for Stampede on the War pig. It here says that "This model may only declare this Trigger once per Activation." - But it hasn't activated, since it is still Ulix's turn. My counter argument was that A) It says "Per Activation" instead of "its Activation" B) You'd theoretically be able to charge forever, with just 1 AP from a Master. So it'd be too OP. So my question is: Can you make multiple Stampede-triggers from a War pig, when using Shot in the Rear?
  5. GrumpyGrandpa

    What was the last list you played?

    I've been looking into adding Somer on Ours, but I don't see a lot of lists with him. Do any of you have any recent games where you could describe the gameplan with him? I often feel like I get overwhelmed in turn 2, and I'm too bunched up for blasts.
  6. GrumpyGrandpa

    What Factions Spook You?

    Neverborn - Cause they are Terrifying (Living) No but seriously - I hate Neverborn. Their masters feel so powerful, and I always have a hard time with their many tricks. Also, I hate having to pick up Liquid Bravery 100% of the time I play against the faction (as a "Just-in-case" measurement) Doesn't help that they seem to be the most popular faction in my country.
  7. GrumpyGrandpa

    Facing Hoffman

    I've just gotta ask - Where does it state that Binge does not apply conditions? From what I can tell it can apply Paralyzed, which would be a condition.
  8. GrumpyGrandpa

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Very true - Edited to fit
  9. GrumpyGrandpa

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Figured I'd try something gimmicky a few weeks ago, and so I created a "long-range-gremlin-bomber" list with Somer. To do this, I used: Somer + 4 with Family Tree, Show Off and Stilts Big Brain Brin 2x Bayou Gremlins (hereafter called A and B) Iron Skeeter with Poorly Handled Explosives Pigapult. You will need to out-activate your opponent for this to be truly effective, so I added Somer with Family Tree to create some Bayou Gremlin spam. To begin with, you activate Big Brain Brin and give reactivate to Bayou Gremlin A, who is near the Pigapult. Activate Bayou Gremlin B, go Drunk and Reckless so you now have 2 Wounds left. Remember to stay near the Pigapult. Activate Iron Skeeter, and use "Catch!" (from the Poorly Handled Explosives) on Bayou Gremlin B. Activate the Pigapult, and place Bayou Gremlin A and B within 2 of as many enemy models as you can, while being with LoS of Somer and within range of each other. Activate Bayou Gremlin A, who has reactivate (but still havn't done his first activation) and remove Paralyze. Then use his reactivate, and cast "Ya'll Watch This" to cause 3 damage within 2 . This damage will then kill Bayou Gremlin B, who will blow up for 4 within . BOOM! A total of 7 damage done within 24 inches with not a single duel needed. A very gimmicky, but fun combo
  10. GrumpyGrandpa

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Doh' ! I've been lookin' at Hamelin and his Nihillism a bit too much. My bad. (Thankfully I never got around to trying that trick out )
  11. GrumpyGrandpa

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    I’ve been wanting to try out BBB with Lenny, in an attempt to see if I could make our lovable giant a bit more viable. Unfortunately work doesn’t allow for much playtime these days.
  12. GrumpyGrandpa

    Zipp, The Gift of Gab & Paralyzed

    Phew - Thought I had cheated last night. Thanks for the quick reply!
  13. Couldn't find an answer to this one, so figured I'd pop it here. Zipp's upgrade: THE GIFT OF GAB says that Zipp can, at the start of this model's activation, discard a soulstone to end all conditions on this model. Does this allow Zipp to regain his APs?
  14. GrumpyGrandpa

    Schemes & Stones (podcast) - Wave 5 Gremlin Upgrades

    I think they mean with an Iron Skeeter which gives her fast. You'd then dump her in the middle of a group and pray.
  15. GrumpyGrandpa

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Hello all I see very little enthusiasm about this model, which to me seems like a wonderful support model for several others. The ability to reactivate a model with WP 4 (Roosters anyone?) seems brilliant, and very easy to achieve. Anyone else thrilled to try out the model?