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  1. Hi there! Weekly on Friday's, 6pm at The End Games in Charlottesville, Va we host Friday Night Malifaux! Next week (Nov 17th) will be a large focus on demoing Malifaux to new players and trying to grow our community. I'll have several small crews completely put together and ready to play with, so if you don't own any models and want to give the game a shot, come on down!! There will be an table setup for demos and a table setup running 50 ss games with our more veteran players. Something for everyone! Check us out on Facebook at Cville Malifaux, we have both a page and a group. Thanks and see you Friday! Lightningjuice Alan
  2. M2e Kaeris

    It's on the Grab and Drop upgrade
  3. M2e Kaeris

    Yeah he had already declared assasinate haha But you're right, they won't fall for that again! Oh my word, in ordering steam fitters soon and I absolutely can't wait to use them. Especially vs Thunder Misaki or any blaster. I mean, not saying that their armor plating isn't amazing all the time... so good. So. Good.
  4. M2e Kaeris

    Absolutely! Amina to me is just an absolute beast of a control piece. I have a few examples from only the few games I've gotten in with her. One: Guard the Stash, my opponent put a 10T brother dedicated to one of the stash markers - I mean those things are rocks, right? On turn 2 I was able to make him a peon and insignificant for the Strat and Schemes erasing the use of to 10T brother. A different game, two: Sonnia had severe damaged Joss and blasted into Johan and Amina. Because of Amina's ability where she can discard a card to push the model that damaged her I pushed Sonnia 2" which one, took her out of casting range on my models, and two out her into melee with a steam arachnid who was trying to sneak around for scheme purposes. Also her interact aura to give you soul stones is amazing. Another more general use, in Quick Murder pools put Imbued Protection on her to make her Df/Wp 7. Good luck opponent! You then may wonder what to do about a beater - take the Coryphee and combine them into the duet Medicial Automaton I've only played with once but it was well worth 5SS. Twice in the game I was able to take advantage of his discard to place a model within 3" into base with him. The second time this happened as after Misaki had charged Kaeris and Red Jokered the damage (ouch) but for a discard I placed Kaeris well out (one the other side of the automaton) of Misaki's range and ended her activation. The automaton was also able to heal 5 wounds in one activation. I have yet to get into an encounter where his hard to kill abilities were necessary but hope to try it out soon! Place the automaton near a high value model, preferably out if LoS of any enemy models. If the model you're protecting gets shot or charged you can easily discard to remove it from harms way. It's almost like giving a model a better version of Butterfly Jump.
  5. M2e Kaeris

    I've been on a hardcore Kaeris kick recently. One of my favorite things about her is that she can function just fine on her own, but her upgrades drastically change your play style with her so there are several ways to play her. My recent discovery is the brutality of a Coryphee Duet with Wings of Fire. Being able to setup the duet behind some form of cover, then grant them flying to Fly 7 inches over the terrain then charge a model from a long distance and obliterate it with glinting steel scythe hands is beautiful. Amina is quickly becoming one of my favorite models, she is always useful and usually in a fairly critical way. Diminishing attackers' effectiveness, giving you soul stones depending on the scheme pool, and upsetting the balance of the game in general. Such a bargain! Combine her with the new Medical Automaton and you have a recipe for ever living models with control.
  6. One day tournament / Northern Virginia / January 27th, 2018

    Looking forward to this event, will have to move work but going to do my best to make it up!
  7. Tactifaux - Battle Reports and More!

    Thanks for checking it out! Sorry for not making the link more visible - I typed it in the 2nd paragraph but that's easily missed. That is indeed the link the 4thstringer posted.
  8. Tactifaux - Battle Reports and More!

    Hey there! My friend and I have recently started a blog called Tactifaux, we're doing battle reports, tactical articles, and will be offering more in the future. My friend is currently setting up an overarching website that will house Tactifaux, our podcast, and the player resources we're working on behind the scenes. After reading other battle reports I will be making some changes as new reports come out, I'm new to blogging so still growing there. Format wise I write reports 1 turn at a time to get a little more insight into the game play and decisions made. I literally just published Turn 2 of my first Battle Report in this format. That could be your thing, or could not! I encourage you to stop by www.tactifaux.com sometime and check out what we have. It's only been live for 4 days now, but we're pushing out new content as often as possible. I'm in the process of extending a series I'm working on about Applying Pressure and Proactivity vs. Reactivity on the table. Thanks for checkin' us out, don't forget to swing by our Facebook page as well! Alan