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  1. WWHSD

    Imbued Protection?

    Putting Imbued Protection on an Ice Golem just makes it a more expensive crappy model. The additional Df is meaningless, you are just paying for the extra wounds.
  2. WWHSD

    Hazardous Terrain Questions

    Or had the hazardous terrain dropped on them.
  3. Ikyrio can be nasty but is something that can be played around. The model that is being attacked needs to within 6 inches and have line of sight to Kirai. There also has to be room to place Ikiryo in base to base contact with the attacking model. Ikyrio also needs to be placed where Kirai has line of sight to her.
  4. WWHSD

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Nah, I see where you are coming from. I also see where you did there.
  5. WWHSD

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    Will you be cheating for the suit much? With Colette's free soulstone to add a suit each turn, needing the suit seems like less of an issue..
  6. WWHSD

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    It’s nice that this is a simple duel. It’s a shame that it’s another 2 point upgrade. I think it would have been nice if they would have dropped one of the three restrictions (minion, hasn’t activated, close to a scheme marker). I do think this potentially a sleeper upgrade that will get good if a Showgirl minion that can really make good use of focus is released. If that happens, the upgrade might be worth bringing just for the free focus and the delayed obey would be a nice bonus if it’s something you can end up using.
  7. WWHSD

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    They look like they could be friends with the Bayou Smuggler so they are probably Gremlins. Also, I understand that Gremlin players universally love the Smuggler and they love getting more models without the "Gremlin" characteristic.
  8. WWHSD

    Symbols of Authority and Obey

    "On any turn after the first, non-Peon models may take a (1) interact Action targeting a Strategy marker within 1" on the opponent's side of the board to remove it from play." "At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it removed one or more Strategy Markers this turn." I read that as allowing Player A to obey one of Player B's models to remove one of Player A's markers. Player B's crew would count as the crew that removed the marker for scoring purposes. The only time I could see this being useful is if Player B had already removed a marker in the current turn and was poised to take a marker the next turn. By obeying Player B to claim a second marker in a turn, Player A reduced the total number of points that Player B could possibly score of the strategy in the game.
  9. It sounds like you played it correctly. The Acolyte's ability removes the Armor ability or condition from the target for the duration of the attack so there is no Armor on the model for Hoffman's ability to interact with.
  10. WWHSD

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    Once you’ve given it a new stat card is it really a dual faction model?
  11. WWHSD

    Last list you played: arcanists

    Did you ever get to live the dream and have 6 strike markers out at once?
  12. WWHSD

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    If the model is going to have different stat cards why even bother with making it dual faction instead of just making 2 different single faction models?
  13. WWHSD

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    There's only a single McMourning. He can be hired in two factions and has different upgrades available to him in each faction but the base McMourning card is the same no matter which faction you hire him into. That's no different than any other model with upgrade slots that can be hired in more than one faction.
  14. WWHSD

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    I really wouldn't Malifaux to have models whose cards vary based on who hires them.
  15. You don't even need C in the picture (or C could be another enemy). It doesn't matter whether or not Y is engaged.
  16. WWHSD

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Please no more fixes that require an upgrade on a master. Mei already has enough upgrades that I have to choose between I don’t want to have to start her down a slot because there’s a must take fix upgrade.
  17. WWHSD

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    I think Komainu are better summons for for a Mei Feng crew than anything Mech Rider can summon due to their ability to their ability to place in base to base contact with an enemy. They either get Mei Rail Walking into a nice spot or the can stop enemies from getting pushed back if Mei starts chaining attacks.
  18. It seems like the Malifaux Raptor is almost an auto-include with Sandeep in Poland. I don’t hear about it getting much use anywhere else. What is it that Polish players love about the bird that the rest of the world seems to not think is so hot? I’m assuming it has to do with the trigger on the Raptor’s Talons attack. Stacking your own deck seems cool and all but there’s only 4 (maybe 5) cards in the deck that I’d cheat in to get the trigger, it deals damage to one of your own models, and the Raptor isn’t going to want to use the cards right away so it doesn’t seem like it will be of much use after turn one. Am I missing something here?
  19. WWHSD

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Arcane Shield is a single point of reduction on a master that has a low enough Df value that he’s going to get hit by anything killy that wants to hit him. Arcane Shield is a decent protection against things like Black Blood and the aura on Sorrows. For anything else it’s nice to have but it’s not a very strong defensive ability. Sandeep’s abilities make him a short to mid range master. He needs a bit more than Arcane Sheild and soulstones. I don’t think that giving a model ItW lessens the impact of deciding when to activate and lose Arcane Shield any more than any other always on defensive ability does.
  20. I wanted to let you know that it looks like all of the symbols that you used in your Sandeep guide look like they are broken now.

    1. Fictor


      Thx a lot, tomorrow I'll fix it

  21. WWHSD

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    I play them with Marcus and used them a lot before GG2018. I wasn’t really questioning the general usefulness of Raptors but more the reasons that they are almost as much a staple of Polish Sandeep crews as Oxfordian Mages are.
  22. WWHSD

    Why does Poland love the Raptor?

    The thing that I don't get about the trigger is that you are probably cheating a card to hit it and the trigger requires a . Is it worth cheating in a that could be used for a leap or a place in order to stack cards for Sandeep's activation? Is the trigger useful outside of the first turn when you can't control what flips you'll need to make after the Raptor hits its trigger?
  23. WWHSD

    Zipp + Fingers = Overkill?

    But then Fingers can't take Stilts and On Yer Tip Toes to be even more annoying to kill.
  24. Gunsmith: Replace “Switch Chambers” with “Tools for the Job” from the Union Steamfitter. I guess that’s more of an errata idea than it is a new upgrade.
  25. WWHSD

    Balanced Errata chat

    Would having 3 more or less stones available for hiring really change how Von Schill and Sandeep perform?