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  1. I’m not sure that I buy that a model needs to be nerfed regardless of its power level if it is appearing in the crew of most of the top finishing players. It could be that whatever that model does is something that successful players who can read the meta decide they want to have in their crews. For example, if top players felt they needed condition removal in their crews as an answer for something they expect to be dealing with frequently it wouldn’t make sense to nerf Arcane Effigy or Johan for being too popular.
  2. Oxfordian Mages are Rare 3. That's what my book says, that's what my copy of the cards say and that's what the app says. If your cards say differently then they must be a misprint. So a crew is limited to 3 Oxfordian Mages and each Mage can only be hired with a single copy of any upgrade: M2E Big Core, pg. 72: "A model may not purchase more than one Upgrade with the same name." That comparison of the Gunsmith and the Acolyte doesn't mean that there is a problem with the Acolyte. You can't compare models in a 1 on 1 situation when determining how much they are worth. The Acolyte has a niche. There isn't really anything else that Arcanists have access to that does what the Acolyte does. The Gunmiths aren't so lucky. They do damage. That's about it. They've got some tricks that let them push through damage in different ways but ultimately that's all they bring to a crew. There's a lot of other models to choose from that can do damage. A pair of Gunsmiths and a soulstone probably don't compare favorably to a trio of Oxfordian Mages in most people's opinions either. In general, I think that 7 point minions aren't in a great spot. If Sandeep isn't a problem, why ask for nerfs to him?
  3. I don't think Sandeep is a problem than needs additional nerfing to balance. Arcanists have had problems with masters either being a bit on the weak side (Kaeris, Ironsides) or too one-dimensional (Rasputina, Ramos, Colette) some of the book 5 upgrades should make a dent, GG18 might help a bit, and a couple of upwards balance buffs to other Arcanist masters should level things out. December Acolytes are a nice model but I don't see how they are broken at 7 points. If Acolytes were more expensive I don't think you see more people taking Gunsmiths, you'd just see less people taking Acolytes outside of Rasputina crews. If you want to see more Gunsmiths give them a slight buff or drop their cost. At least to me they seem to compete with Mages for a spot in crews as least as much as they do Acolytes. The only change I'd like to see made to the Electric Creation is to drop a from the TN that Ramos needs to summon one. Is Imbued Energies any more popular that Debt to the Guild or Oathkeeper? It seems like most complaints about Imbued Energies come from it's use on Miranda. To me it seems like you'd be better off hitting the root of the problem. Give people a reason to hire a Cerberus (and to some extent a Blessed) instead of just hiring Miranda and transforming into one, drawing three cards, and getting an extra activation for the same cost. Maybe that takes the form of a buff (and cost increase) to Miranda to make shape changing just a thing she does instead of it being her main thing.
  4. Giving the Grootslang somewhere to hide.

    That’s what I thought but I’m a little biased so wanted a second opinion.
  5. Giving the Grootslang somewhere to hide.

    So does that make Stash Markers a Terrain Marker or does it just count a terrain?
  6. Giving the Grootslang somewhere to hide.

    Grootslang is a Neverborn Beast so Marcus is the only Arcanist master that can hire one. I’m not sure if Stash markers count as terrain. They have terrain attributes but the strategy doesn’t use the term terrain like abilities that drop terrain markers seem to. I suppose they’d have to count as terrain, otherwise models with Flight and Incorporeal wouldn’t be able to move through them.
  7. what's your crutch?

    My perception is probably a little skewed because not taking condition removal means I have 4 points to spend. If condition removal was a 7+ point commitment the opportunity cost is probably more of a consideration.
  8. what's your crutch?

    But when you use it, its usually a big impact.
  9. M2e Kaeris

    Even if it could, if your goal was to convert the Burning to Heatstroke the Eternal Flame does nothing to remove the Immunity preventing that.
  10. I'm sorry but that just doesn't make much sense to me. If the condition was caused by an enemy when it was applied I don't see how it stops being caused by an enemy after it was applied. I don''t get what would make this change. How to handle how a stacking condition has been caused by both an friend and an enemy is a separate issue than the original question. With a simple condition that does not stack, there is never any question about whether it was caused by a friend or an enemy since any subsequent application of the condition would fail. If we need to figure out what to do with stacking conditions, we can look to how to handle duration as a precedent. That seems just as valid as trying to use scheme and strategy scoring rules as a precedent for whether or not conditions have causes while still agreeing with the rules that actually exist.
  11. There’s no reason to think that immunity to damage would work that way. The rule that causes conditions to be removed when a model gains immunity only deals with conditions, not anything else that a model might be immune to.
  12. People in this thread keep making this assertion but no one has pointed to rules that state this. The closest thing anyone has come up with is that a model that dies from burning or poison doesn’t count as being killed by either crew. That’s not the same thing.
  13. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    I need to double check the wording in Ply for Information, but I think that the Steamfitter’s buff would make the condition harder to remove.
  14. GG18 Master choices and tricks

    I don’t think that Ramos will be bad at Ours. He has the same 50 stones to hold quadrants that his opponent does and can summn spiders to run schemes or attack eney models holding dow
  15. An frequent opponent of mine commented that it seems like I’ve always got the Arcane Effigy in my crew when we play. He’s was right, with few exceptions every crew I put on the table has the little fella on it. The Effigy is frequently the first model added to my crew after choosing a master. I’m curious as to what models other Arcanist players find themselves reflexively adding to crews.