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  1. WWHSD

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    I’ve said this before but want to toss this out there again, if there are nerfs heading Sandeep’s way I’d really like to see Moment of Weakness gets matching errata that essentially reverts the errata to his card. It would be nice if they gave also gave something a little extra to make it a real option to his other limited upgrades that enables a different playstyle. Maybe give it Instinctual as well. It would pair nicely with the other book 5 upgrade, Tutelage, and could make models with zero actions like the Gunsmith interesting picks for Sandeep.
  2. I'm leaning toward there only ever being 3 possible values for Armor on Carlos, no armor, Armor +1, or Armor +2 do to the "has" wording on Dance of Flames. The wording of that card doesn't give a point in time that the Armor condition is increased or decreased, it seems like it would be a constant evaluation of Armor Condition equals Burning Condition (max of +2).
  3. If you do pick up the Ramos box magnetize his spiders. 3 spiders on 30mm bases can combine to make a swarm on a 40mm base. His box comes with a total of 6 spiders. You are probably going to need more than 3 spiders but it would be rare to need more than 6.
  4. WWHSD

    How the @#%€£#*#!!!?

    I don't seem to remember having an issue with it. It seemed to dry fit in just fine.
  5. I thought it had kind of a Frankenstein or Island of Doctor Moreau kind of vibe to it.
  6. WWHSD

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    If you are playing Ressers and Banasuva is borrowing the Ice Gamin's explosion ability instead of it's Frozen Heart ability, try tossing some Horror duels or other nasty things that attack Wp at Banasuva. He's Wp 4 and probably can't cheat fate (upgrade dependent) so can be easy to lock down. If the Ice Gamin is the model with the flips it probably isn't going to be close enough for Banasuva to steal an ability from the next turn.
  7. You didn't happen you ever play City of Heroes did you? The Monkey Fight Club that was occasionally going on in the background at Pocket D was pretty cool.
  8. Outside of a few crews, there's not a whole hell of a lot of steampunk in Malifaux. There's a lot of other Victorian era stuff happening in Malifaux and this model seems like it fits right in with Victorian era horror.
  9. WWHSD

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    Banasuva does 1 damage and +1 Burning in 2 when he dies. He can also borrow the Ice Gamin's ability that deals damage to do another 2 damage. He only gets the borrowed ability until the end of the turn. If you kill him before he activates he won't have the extra damage. This damage is also dealt to friendly models within range so it is something that can be used against the player with Banasuva as well. The upgrade that gives positive flips is already limited to affecting models within 3.
  10. WWHSD

    Who can take the most beating?

    Everytime this comes up and I look at Carlos’s ability I come away thinking something different. Carlos’s ability doesn’t say he “gains a condition” it says he “has” the condition “... at the same value its Burning Condition ...”. It almost seems like the value of his Armor condition is always going to equal his Burning condition (and not be higher than 2).
  11. The Backdraft box looks like it’s going to be good for Kaeris. We haven’t seen the actual stats but what we have seen has me very hopeful.
  12. I’d probably go with either Ramos or Ironsides depending which you like the looks of more. Joss & Howard from the Ramos box see play with just about evey arcanist master. From the Ironsides box, the trio of Mages are probably the best option for ranged damage for their cost in the faction and The Captain brings some good damage and some pushes that can be used on friendly or enemy models.
  13. I think a problem a lot of people have with Kaeris is that they try and force the Burning synergy. They pass up good models to bring models that can either apply Burning or that gets some benefit from Burning. They then spend a lot of effort in game trying to setup their Burning combos instead of either doing things that score points or directly kill models. In my opinion, neither Willie or the Union Miners bring anything to a Kaeris crew that she can't do without. If you don't like those models definitely skip them. I don't think you'll really miss them. I don't think that the Gunsmith's are all that great but some people like them with Kaeris and Ironsides. They are a little expensive (in soul stones) for what you get out of them compared to other options (Oxfordian Mages). However, if you think the models look badass then you should get them. I tend to recommend that new players get a second master to complement their first master. Most masters in Malifaux can't do everything and one of the defining features of Malifaux is that you decide on your master and crew after knowing what your objectives are, how the board is laid out, and what faction your opponent is playing. Starting with a pair of masters instead of just one gives you some options. If you like Carlos and the Gunsmiths by all means pick them up. If you are just learning the game and not playing competitively you should get models that you like and are excited to paint and put on the table.
  14. My vote would be for Ironsides if those are the choices. Gunsmiths would be way down on my buy list as a new player.
  15. Hell, even if you use him awesome a lot of times Howard doesn't make it to see turn three but then again neither do a few of your opponent's models.