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  1. Mei Feng help needed?

    I haven't had a chance to put my Arcane Effigy on the table with Mei yet but the Effigy's Accomplice should be good for the occasional surprise Railwalk into Jackhammer Kick from Mei Feng.
  2. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    But you guys kind of needed some borderline broken shit so that a master other than Nellie would be competitive, right?
  3. Showgirls?

    It has to be a "(1) Ca Action belonging to target friendly non-Leader model within 8'". It can be used once per turn. Do the things that typically end up with Seamus have any attack actions that typically get used on friendlies? The -1 Ca won't typically matter if the target relents.
  4. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Gremlins

    Overall I think that most players have been more impressed with the upgrades that factions other than the ones they play received. There were some cool Arcanist upgrades that open up some options to their masters but outside of Ironsides, there's nothing that jumps out as obviously increasing the power levels of any of the maters. The big buff for Ironsides is something that she probably should have had from the get go (some automatic Adrenaline generation) and not be forced to take an upgrade to get.
  5. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    The thing I think that Press The Advantage is most likely to be useful for is that if you take it with Vapormancy the Jackhammer Kick that triggers from Railwalker can apply Burning so that Mei's follow-up Tiger's Claws have a + flip to damage on two different suits. I suppose letting Tiger's Claw have a built-in trigger to push and then remove scrap, corpse, and scheme markers if you took Thunderous Smash could be nice. If Mei has Thunderous Smash, Vapormancy, and Press The Advantage I think she could use the use the 3 inch push to push whatever she was attacking with Tiger's Claw to the very edge of her 3 inch engagement range. That would leave most models engaged but outside of their melee range to attack her back unless they spend an AP to walk back into range.
  6. Showgirls?

    Carlos is on a 40mm base and can drop and move 50mm Pyre markers which are blocking terrain which should allow some Seamus to pull some schenanigans with Back Alley. You'll need to be careful about getting rid of burning from Carlos though since he can't take Stuntman.
  7. Showgirls?

    Angelica - HirableCarlos Vasquez - HirableCassandra - HirableColette Du Bois - Can't hire or summonCoryphee - Can't hire or summonCoryphee Duet - Can't hire or summonIce Dancer - Can both hire and summonMannequin - Can't hire or summonOiran - Can both hire and summonPerformer - Can both hire and summonLovely Assistant - Can't hire or summon
  8. A collection of scrubby battle reports.

    It is rather distintictive isn't it?
  9. Mei Feng help needed?

    You should definitely figure out if you want to go Arcanist or Ten Thunders with Mei at first. That will heavily influence the models you'll want to pick up.
  10. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    He can only summon Showgirls that are minions and living. Coryphee aren't living.
  11. Mei Feng help needed?

    I'd consider picking up the Ramos box if you are getting Mei Feng. Joss works great in Mei's crew. He's durable and can hit like a truck. He's a construct so Mei can Railwalk to him. He also drops scrap when he kills anything giving her more spots to Railwalk through. Joss finds his way into a lot of different Arcanist crews. There are probably better schemers than the Steam Arachnids but they aren't bad. Their Latch On ability works nicely with Mei. They get into base to base contact with an enemy which reduces that enemy's defense and then Mei uses the Arachnid to railwalk to and attack the enemy. Howard Langston is a big scary beater that can tear things up. He's also a construct. There might be better individual models to play with Mei but the Ramos box is a good value and gives you another master to fool around with as well.
  12. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Neverborn

    It seems like the only thing that the card does (besides giving Daydreams an attack) is to allow The Dreamer and LCB to chain activate each other. Before book 5 was it possible to activate LCB, sacrifice him to unbury The Dreamer, activate The Dreamer and bury him to bring back LCB, and then activate the new LCB? If not, I don't think that anything changes. I just realized that you were refering to the other upgrade. Yeah, it looks like you could. You do need to do damage to be able to raise or lower your Waking condition. It seems like it won't be common to be able to do damage on 4 consecutive atracks unless you can get yourself engaged with a couple of easier to hit models at a time.
  13. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ten Thunders

    Fixed it. Not sure what I was thinking.
  14. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Seamus and McMourning even got some of our toys. Getting guaranteed Adrenaline is huge for Ironsides and it seems like something that should have been on the front of the card like burning is for Carlos.
  15. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Heat Wave is limited. Looks like I missed adding that. Flaming Angel is "up to 8".