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  1. Ramos's trigger pushes the attacker directly away from Ramos. It's usually not that hard to make sure that push doesn't push far enough to matter as long as you keep the trigger in mind. If the push is mitigated the trigger is just +1 Df per . If he's spending a soulstone it's going to max at Df +2.
  2. The Dreamer's trigger can't be negated by standing in front of stuff. Ramos's (mostly) can.
  3. Debuffs that make models easier to hit (and don’t themselves do damage) that don’t benefit from some sort of accuracy bonus never seem to make sense to me in games unless it is a big debuff. Hands from Below is at least a ranged attack. It seems like the perfect thing to use on those turns that a model only really has one useful thing to spend AP on. You do the thing you want to to and then you try to hit something up to 10 inches away.
  4. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    I think that a part of that problem is that the best models in the faction are either as good with Sandeep as they are with every other master or they are better. There's little incentive to not just make a faction all-stars crew and bring Sandeep as the master. I'm not exactly sure how you fix that but I'd imagine it would involve making some of our less played, inefficient, models better with particular masters without requiring a lot of setup or needing to capitalize on some sort of wonky synergy. Showgirls kind of do that but since they all tend to focus on movement and scheme markers they hit diminishing returns rather quickly. They take the thing that the master is already good at and just pile it on.
  5. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    I think that the problem specific to Colette is that all of her trick durability tricks are ignored by a lot of the same things. A little diversification would probably go a long way.
  6. I like Ramos a lot. My frustration is that he needs to buy expensive upgrades to be able to support his crew and to get some actions worth spending his AP on. I also feel like I need to bring Arcane Reservoir on him as well as a mostly full cache because he's so dependent on getting high cards. It would be great if the Electrical Summoning upgrade didn't need the same cards that spider summoning does and if Combat Mechanic didn't need a scrap marker.
  7. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    I think that any competitive player's success should increase when they don't need to worry about bringing the wrong master for a pool or a match-up. That eliminates some factors that a player could screw up if he gets a wrong read on something. A player is also going to tend to do better with a master they get in a lot of play time with.
  8. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    That cache would help out Colette but I think that tweaking the triggers she depends on to survive would be a bigger deal. I think that making Death Defying an ability instead of a Df/Wp trigger would shore up some of her durability problems. Enemies that ignore triggers or hit against a Stat other than Df or Wp still negate a lot of her defenses, they just don't negate them all. A couple of minor tweaks to her upgrades would be a big help as well.
  9. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    Maybe I'm misreading something but those stats don't seem to be saying that Sandeep is broken or OP. Looking at what you posted you won a couple of tournaments with solo Sandeep and placed relatively highly in some others. Then you won some tournaments with other masters. I'm not seeing that you are crushing the field with Sandeep and then getting your ass handed to you when you play other masters. I think the only thing those stats seem to target for a nerfing is you.
  10. With all the different podcasts talking about Nicodem, I spent some time looking at his cards and upgrades. Some of the things that jumped out at me is how many of the things on his base card are things that Ramos needs to buy upgrades to be able to do. Nicodem's Corpse Conductor ability combines the buffs found on Under Pressure and Field Generator. The defensive buffs affect only friendly Undead models instead of all friendly models like Arcing Screen but doesn't take an AP and and an 8+ card to fire off. Decay probably isn't quite as good an attack as Electrical Fire but it's a way better heal than what comes on Combat Mechanic. It needs a 7 of any suit instead of a 3 but it heals the same as the moderate healing flip of Combat Mechanic without consuming a marker that you need for summoning. If you get to a straight flip you can cheat in a moderate card to either heal or damage other models with the blast. If you're willing to burn a marker it allows you to completely heal a model. Nicodem's stats are better, his summons don't come in slow and he's got two attacks that are support abilities when used against friendly Undead and damage or debuff when used against anything else. The only real advantage that Ramos seems to have is that his attacks are more damaging and his summons per marker tend to be more efficient. With the comparative ease that Nicodem gets corpse markers, his huge hands, and replenishing soulstone pool that efficiency isn't probably that much of an edge. Especially since Ramos is in a position that flipping a Black Joker can mean that there will be nothing summoned that round. Ramos's better attacks are nice and all but they aren't good enough to make him a master that is bringing the damage for his crew. That AP would be more damaging if it could be used to give a beater that was getting flips to their attacks like Nicodem can. I like Ramos and all and don't think that he needs to be the Construct version of Nicodem but it's a bit disheartening to see another master getting abilities that Ramos would spend 6SS and all of his upgrade slots to get and having those abilities be better in many cases .
  11. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    Arcanist players asking for nerfs to Sandeep because they'd rather play other masters kills me. Sandeep is good, flexible, and doesn't have glaring weaknesses but he doesn't do anything so well that it's broken. Maybe I'm missing something but Sandeep players aren't riding roughshod over the other factions and winning all of the big tournaments. I don't see people ranting about broken combos or NPE with Sandeep. The gripes I read are mostly people complaining about losing to Sandeep, or always seeing Sandeep when they play against Arcanists, or Sandeep being too flexible. It seems like any nerf to Sandeep that is significant enough to get him played less is probably also a big enough nerf to make him subpar. If you want to see less of Sandeep, push Wyrd to fix the internal balance issues in the faction. I'd much rather see Kaeris and Colette get some help to address some of their issues before nerfing Sandeep.
  12. Is Steam Punk in Malifaux dying/dead?

    I though the complaint was more that a the infantry ended up being the main thing and not just there to support your giant steam robots.
  13. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    I think the biggest problem that both Sandeep and the Mages have is one of internal faction balance. Neither really break the game or make the Arcanist faction overpowered. They are good enough models that they are frequently the best option to take.
  14. Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    If I’m only going to hire a single model, I think I’d almost always take an Acolyte over a Mage. Once I start looking at hiring more than that it’s gets hard to justify 2 Acolytes and a Soulstone over a trio of Mages even though I think I like the Acolytes better.
  15. “More recently, Sandeep crews have splashed in the Medical Bot and Engineer for their added utility.” Is “Engineer” suppossed to be “Steamfitter”?