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  1. Brewmaster Core, for comment

    Maybe you can get some inspiration from a list and a little guide i wrote. It is called "Pub fight" and essentially tries to force your opponent into more and more WP duels unless he/she fails some :). PS: I would definitely get the new upgrade "A barkeeper never sleeps" now.
  2. Exactly. This would be an idea to give her fast with an iron skeeter, drop her in the middle of the frey (so, to be honest sacrificing her) and use the 3 AP action :D. But, we don`t think it could work this way
  3. I really have to listen to that part again ­čśé­čśü. Glad you are having fun listening to it. Edit: okay, listened to it. It really sounds kinda funny :-)
  4. Thaks mate :). I am happy, that you like it :). Maybe it was a bit confusing, but we were aware of that fact. But to be honest, i don`t think you want somer in that melee combat and i don`t think you can make an army of Skeeter like that :). But jeah, Skeeters are cool, this upgrade, in my opinion, is not. I just played a game yesterday with Gremraida and it was absolute fun again with Sammy and the Voodoo doll to Jynx the hell out of it and deny models to walk and put all kind of conditions on them :). I love that little Gremlin
  5. That is indeed a very nice addition to a strategy you can use with Killjoy. But to be honest, i haven`t even considered Killjoy in my gremlin crews, because i always stick to francois on stilts with single-target-elimination or to to Pere with AoE dmg, because i think out activating your opponent is more important for a succesful alpha-strike in any manner. Killjoy is kida costly. Anyway, maybe i will consider this now :D. Thank you :). See you in the Bayou
  6. I never dug him under! :). He is pretty versatile now with his upgrades and especially with a pig with Corn Husks, he has everything a good master needs to really shine :). I am glad you like the episode and my german accent isn`t too bad ^^. See you in the Bayou!
  7. Updated for October Impromptu-Demos :). See you in the Bayou!
  8. I face a lot of mindless zombies nowadays and they are getting more and more obnoxious. Not only can they be summoned from all that corpse markers laying around and therefore be a problem on their own, but they now get a HUGE boost with Asura rotten. Just combine that with Nico or Reva getting corpse candles all day long and other stuff producing corpse markers. They have now the realistic ability to bind enemy models very effectively. They are height 2, so a Devour is not possible at all. Because they are undead you can`t eat them with cats or anything else. Additionally they can be even more effective against your enemy with interference, claim jump oder any other Scheme/Strategy that says: "If an enemy model is nearby...deny!". Furthermore they allow the Resser to outactivate ANY opponent with mindless zombies just being cheap activations. Of course they are easy to hit and dont have many Wds, but they soak up even more AP with that and you get an even greater advantage if your opponent ist forced to deal with those Zombies. In my opinion they should be cuddled a bit. Before you will judge me that i am just frustratet or something let me tell you, that i do also play ressers and i find them just too powerful especially with Asura now. I tried to fight them with different masters and Marcus was the worst here. Having good melee attacks is nice, but 1 AP or sometimes 2 for 1 Zombies is just a bad deal. Blasts from Raspy obviously help, but they produce new corpse markers and the fun begins fresh from the start. Frozen Servants also helps quite well, but a 7 to get this cast off is not an easy task if you are pressured by them. Also the added mobility for Resser via Kentauroi and the charge and place a corspe marker makes it even worse :). Maybe you share some similar experience. See you in the Bayou, Lokibri.
  9. Suited Schemes and Meta Control

    I think the only real control mechanic is to limit the models and that will be too restrictful to be effective and Summoner-Masters would get many problems. So in this case i guess we just have to deal with it the way it is and in my opinion it is good as is :). Thanks for all oyur comments
  10. Suited Schemes and Meta Control

    Hello Kadeton, in think on the first look you seem right, but there are more problems, that occur with outactivating. Scoring by killing models - i think the superb version of this is Hunting Party and i agree with you. This is very good for an elite group. But other schemes like that tend to be better for out-controlling players, because they have a plenthora of chances to hit a model with their minions (e.g.). The card-cycling goes on and eventually they hit your models and have more often than not the chance to cheat in for attack actions or dmg, because the opponent has to defend at all costs. Scoring at the end of the game - it don`t know why scoring at the end of the game would influence this at all. It does matter in some schemes, but there are some points you made here, that have more influence on this (like limiting scoring to Enforcer and Henchman). Scoring during a turn, rather than at the end - is it me or is this the opposite of the 2nd point? Nevertheless scoring via limitation to enforcer and henchman can be beneficient for elite groups. A very good example is "show of force" a tanky model inmidst the centre of the map that stays there to score! A very good choice for elite crews. Relying on condition that can only be applied before a model has activated - in my opinion this is where we differ a bit. First of all initiative can be crucial on this one. Everyone wants to win the initiative and apply the condition. And this is, where some crazy stuff happens. The player with more models (or even ressers) have much more AP to control the board and the conditions. You have more minions spread out to use them for placing conditions and fulfilling schemes. Also, some conditions are removable by either walking away, actively removing them or just sacrificing the model. Most of the cheap models are disposable and therefore can deny thos schemes, even better later in the turns. THe elite crew cannot afford to kill a model of themselves. So, we got more chances and less important models. These are just my thoughts on it and i am happy to discuss this topic, because it is really hard to solve that "problem", if you can say that. See you in the Bayou!
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Nicolai and i will be offering impromptu demos in Kassel @ our LGS Spieleburg and if you wish also other places. Generally the days possible are from Wednesday to Sunday around 14-18h. If you wish another time there is still the option to contact me and we will find a date, that fits. Here is the info in short if you are interested: Where? Spieleburg Kassel, Wilhelmsstra├če 5, 34117, Kassel or a place you wish to play contact: malifaux-kassel@gmx.de I hope you will be interested and don`t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions to Malifaux :). See you in the Bayou, Nico. EDIT: Updated for October.
  12. Hahaha. Jeah, he was the most "bad-hand-ass-some" Cowboy around :). It was a lot of fun :). Ruzmazh and i are planning at the moment and will share information as soon as possible. Maybe you can be added to the facebook group :). Just write us: malifaux-kassel@gmx.de and you will be added and informed about futute events :). See you in the Bayou
  13. Thank you very much :). We will organize a new tournament as "Hallooween event" with mini-events and probably post a new report then
  14. Hello everyone, i am a new henchman in Kassel and i would like to offer you the opportunity to get to know the game of Malifaux. At the 22nd of September we (ruzmazh and me) are having a Demo-Day at our local game store called "Spieleburg" in Kassel 15h-18h. We will be there with 2 henchman and two lovely helpers and experienced players in malifaux. This is the official demotime, but if you are interested and want to learn more about the game in a smaller environment, i will be there before that time and give you a heads up on the rules and mechanics of Malifaux. We will have at least two table. On one of those tables we will begin with a "demo-encounter" where 2 experienced players face each other in a short encunter, while 1 Henchman will be commentating the action. This will last about 1-1,5h. On the other table we will let you play yourselves and teaching you the basics of malifaux, where you have the opportunity to experience it all by yourself. After the demo-encounter finishes, we will expand the opportunity to experience it yourself and give you the chance to play at both tables. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the forum message system or write an E-Mail to: malifaux-kassel@gmx.de Here are all the details listed in a short version: When? September 22nd, 15-18h. Where? Spieleburg Kassel, Wilhelmsstra├če 5, 34117, Kassel Who? 2 henchman and 2 assistants contact: malifaux-kassel@gmx.de
  15. are these normal for swine-cursed?

    But it looks awesome! I think the normal ones are to flat skinned ­čśü