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  1. M2E Marcus

    Adran...you just hit the fluff right and opened a way for me to get McTavish into a Marcus Crew :). Thanks a lot for that mate:). Anyway...the question stil remains: Is there any Beast that can eat corpse marker? We got some for Scheme Markers but i am a little disappointed that none of the beasts are hungry for dead meat...maybe it is time to get some vultures on the game design team :). Or a Coyote (shout out to schemes and stones!). Would be nice like if he eats a Corpse marker he would get a heal flip or -1Wk but +1Ml oder +1dmg. I mean we still got the amissary, but that is highly costed
  2. M2E Marcus

    Well, because in my little twisted head Marcus is the only real Beastmaster around :-). But jeah, he fits very, very well. Especially if you got a Waldgeist with your crew or a Siurid and Alpha McTavish to shoot with his awesome rifle :). That does quite some damage :).
  3. Tournament Prep

    Well...i think here is some crucial information missing: How many Soulstones? What do you have in your arsenal to play with as models? Do you know what your meta will look like? Those are pretty important to tell us, if you want complete lists with comments, which is equally to "you can do my work now" :). I think it could be a nice start to give us a list with what you were thinkng and adjust according to the comments. That normally is more successful, than letting others post lists. See you in the Bayou
  4. M2E Marcus

    Hello guys, i pretty much exclusively played marcus for some time now and what i am still missing is some Beast that can eat corpse markers. That is one heck of a problem if you face Reva :). Isnt there any grumpy Beast that wants to eat some leftovers? I was thinking to take McTavish into my crew, but that kills the fluff a bit and he would cost 1 more. Open for usggestions
  5. I think what Ludvig is referring to, is a problem that often occurs in other games too (Magic for example) when abilites are resolved. The one thing you mentioned is: It is resolved instantly on the occurance of the event! The thing Ludvig might have in mind is: it is resolved after some abilities activated and the others are "checked" on resolution. This is what it is called "the stack" in magic. And it is quite unclear if there is something similar in Malifaux or not. I can totally understand his confusion i have to admit.
  6. Cheap Beast Activations.

    I just come back from testing out marcus and what i can tell you is that raptors are REALLY worth their points. They are insignificant and with the new errata mechanized production isn't as useful anymore, but boy, attacking your own NON Beast models to let them become beasts or attack an enemy in turn 2 after they were placed ANYWHERE on the battlefield is worth the cost! Even better with hunger cry they really ROCK! Moleman can be awesome, but as soon as someone challenges them in WP, it can be difficult. Staying near marcus to get the buff is key. When the get attacked in melee, they really can take some hits! Like them
  7. Hello everyone, i live in Germany and i am lookinf for a painted Izamu. Best in blue, but i am open to it. US offers would get too expensive to ship i guess, so i would love to take one from the EU or countries with low shipping costs. See you in the Bayou, Lokibri
  8. I have got 2 weeks left until the tournament (well 1 Week and 6 days to be esact). So, if you got some hints/tips for me i would be grateful :). And of course i will post a battle report after in finished the tournament (no matter what results i will score) :). Thanks for the interest you take
  9. So, last weekend i had the chance to try some more with Kirai with the official tournament schemes and strats against avery nice guy in my area. He was playing Colette (new to that crew) and i played Kirai for the 2nd time ever. His crew was the complete dark carnival crew with some upgrades i dont really remember (but the scheme marker placing was also in it, that was mentioned in the latest errata). My crew consisted of: Kirai - Absorb Spirit Datsue Ba - Spirit Whispers Chiaki Izamu - Unnerving Aura Philipp and the Nanny Guard the stash his schemes: Leave your mark and claim jump my schemes: Leave your mark, Tail'em What i could learn out of this game: - The Errata was a good thing, so that those mechanical flying apes can`t so easily claim jumps and leave their mark - Izamu doesnt even need to attack, as long as he holds some models in his unnerving Aura - Hanged are a very good model in general, but sometimes u need something special for mobility or just more resistant like night terrors or shikome - Drowned are just absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I like them even more than hanged and was considering taking jakuna ubume instead of Philipp and the Nanny BUT - the card advantage is just incredible when eating markers! That is just WOW. Also a nice target to push with Datsu and then swap with izamu. As long as they didnt activate they got manipulative and if an enemy wants to attack her and is in melee just swap them for izamu! - I forgot to move kirai because of all that summoning but ikiryo alone is worth a move to get the spirits in the radius. - Never forget to score even though killing your opponent is fun, you win with VP not with killed models. It was very close in the end, even though he had 2 models left out of 8 or 9. He saved his master 2-3 times by sacrificing another model, which i didn`t expect to happen, but he did. I then realized i need at least one henchman or a master to survive to score, so i tried to kill his master again and he swapped for his henchman...then exploded a flying ape next to him to let him die. That lead to round 5 where i couldn`t score, except for stash and he had his last round scoring VP for leave mark. We then decided he couldn`t score any more VP, while i still got the stash and had 2 modles ready to deplay scheme markers for leave your mark. So, all in all i won 7-5 and was a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but we had a blast! It was totally friendly, smooth, with many laughs and had fun playing this great piece of minitaure game :). And most importantly: I learned a LOT! for the tournament!
  10. That was my thinking, but i dont have the cards nor book right here :). So, i wasn`t sure, why no one above mentioned it. I think that is NEAT.
  11. Just a short question: Couldnt you also remove the slow from Banasuva with the effigy?
  12. Three Demon Bag - Cursed Bacon?

    Jeah, just added that it was a corner case ;-). You are totally right
  13. Three Demon Bag - Cursed Bacon?

    Well i can say one thing for sure. After i got devastated plenty of times by a seemingly overpowerful Nekima i just ordered a beacon pizza and Nekima delivered in a flight :). So, in clear words: Putting Nekima down for a lil pig that also has to charge nearby firiendly models that normaly lure you their way isn't just hilarious, but also pretty effective. And if the enemy wants to kill it pretty fast, that is one activation of another big hitter, that they normally are able to buy, because 13 Stones is costly and normally enough (except having Lillith as Master) or enough activations to make it worthwhile. In this time my schemes are getting done :). But i guess it was a corner case and i think a straight WP duel between wong and target non-leader model would be better as an extra action :). Maybe too good.
  14. I totally agree with you both! It was just to start him up again, after he lost fun playing malifaux because he got demolished in the first games. (In addition i played Wong that killed 2/3 of his crew with 1 attack...pandora placement you know). So, we wanted to get back to it really slowly. We will add the main strategies next time, and after that we will add 1 scheme. All playing with 35Soulstones so he has some crew setup he is familiar with :). Thanks for your advice, i will consider it and try it out with new players :). Nice to have you guys here :). I will keep you posted :). Saturday is a new trial and error day :D.
  15. Gremlin Enforcer Brawl - Who??

    I also would recommend Burt. His hardto kill, reckless and dirty cheater are amazing. Also he is slippery and the ability to target another goblin can pay off pretty well. He hits also hard in ranged and melee and if the opponent wants to pin him down, you can get a trigger that hurts while defending ;). So absolutely Burt! Go forit