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  1. Finally a new hexbag video!!! Lov all of them. Great job!
  2. Lokibri

    Fluffy quotes for all of you

    Challenge accepted. You will read those tonight.
  3. Hello everybody, this is a thread where i will give some crew quotes and fluff text just according to your wishes. Give me a crew or model and i will try to write a fluff text or quote for them. Normally it is quotes for "named" models (like Lady J) and for non-named models (like a witchling thrall) it is a fluff text. I will update it here and edit my topic. I will just start with a lady J crewbox, because i recently bought one :D. Feel free to use those quotes at the right moment in a game to establish dominance :D. Guild Lady Justice "If you reject the final judgement, it is my duty to deliver it through the tip of my blade!" Scales of Justice "Balance is everything...especially if it favors us." The Judge "You are guilty! We just have to find out why." Deathmarshal 1 "A coffin to lock away the corrupted and undead ..." - Inscription of the armament of a deathmarshal part 1 Deathmarshal 2 "A pistol to deliver peace to the broken restless souls..." - Inscription of the armament of a deathmarshal part 2 Deathmarshal 3 "A blade to cut away the sins of the mortal life..." - Inscription of the armament of a deathmarshal part 3 Ten Thunders Yan Lo "I know the paths my ancestors took and they all failed. If it was the wrong path or just the wrong time is for me to find out and for you to behold." - Yan Lo, teaching Chiaki in the mysteries of the path. Chiaki "Her subliminal whistling soothes the temper of those called into this realm. " Soul Porter "Some say he is searching for a worthy soul to trade in for his own. For now, he is willing to separate the soul from the body of his enemies. " - Rumors about the Soulporter Ashigaru 1 "When the call sounded, the Ashigaru braced themselves against the Neverborn. " - Tales of the Ashigaru I Ashigaru 2 "When the hordes of the neverborn attacked, every single Ashigaru fell to the unstoppable hordes. " - Tales of the Ashigaru II Ashigaru 3 "When the Damiyo commanded them for revenge, the Ashigaru arose. " - Tales of the Ashigaru III Toshiro, the Daimyo "After gathering his forces once again, the damiyo was sure he found the only way the Neverborn would never expect an attack from behind. " Izamu, the Armor "No one could ever beat him in a duel, but when peasants removed 10.000 arrows stuck in his chest, they found a body rend to uselesness, but a will unfaltered to fight. "
  4. Actually i am still looking for exactly that 🙂
  5. Lokibri

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I can totally back him up here, because i was the opposing Nellie player. What he didn't know was, that i was sweating blood and tears while figuring out what i could do. Even though i was playing Nellie, there was almost no chance of outactivating him to a good benefit. I even used phiona to summon the stone pillar to narrow the path down and used my cheap models (disguised) to block even more paths. Anyway, playing against a 16+ card hand, was almost a nightmare and the psychological factor of this is HUGE! That is a point where most people will just give up. The pigs were less of a problem than the cards. I had to flip well, while he could cheat to almost perfect conditions due to so much card advantage. My only chance was to get the advantage via high stats. I think it can be very devastating if the pigs come charging in and destroying almost everything! My main goal was to survive the first two rounds with minor losses while concentraring to kill one big pig after another that had already activated to stop the eat your fill ability. I always used my complete hand every turn to get the most out of it because i could draw 7 new cards, while he drew a lot, but wasn't able to get new cards, which negated his advantage a little bit. Every turn you do not attack or fully charge in with the pigs but you do attack, is almost wasted if it is split because the opponent draws new cards, so if you go in, commit to it! It was a very interesting game and i had to think about my moves carefully, because 1 misplaced model can mean total annihilation! It is a very strong list, but definitely not unbeatable. Ol' Granny wasn't even in there.
  6. i am looking for: Lady J crewbox, Executioners, Thralls, Sonia. Thalarian queller. Sanctioned spellcaster I have misc items and it would be better to ask for specific things. Otherwise €. Located in germany.
  7. Lokibri

    [Germany] 27.05.2018 "A flickering image"

    nein, den gibt es nicht :)
  8. Hello everybody, this event will be a standard event with GG 2018/2017. Strats and Schemes are random this time. Date: 27.05.2018 Format: 50 Stones, fixed faction Strats: GG18 Round 1: TBD Round 2: TBD Round 3: TBD Location: Kassel spielt ev., An der Fuldabrücke 6, 34125 Kassel CHANGED: DGH, Wellerode Entry Fee: 14€ free slots: 0/8 (10) Prizes: Official Prize kit from Wyrd and other prizes (Single miniatures, fate deck, basing goodies etc.) Open: 08:45 a.m. Check-In: 09:15 – 09:45 a.m. Timeline: 09:45-10:00Uhr: Preparation Round 1 10:00-12:30Uhr: Round 1 12:30-13:30Uhr: Lunch Break 13:30-13:45Uhr: Preparation Round 2 13:45-16:15Uhr: Round 2 16:15-16:30Uhr: Preparation Round 3 16:30-19:00Uhr: Round 3 19:00-19:30Uhr: Ceremony For further questions: malifaux-kassel@gmx.de
  9. Lokibri

    Mei Feng: buying more stuff than the box?

    I am ... Sry?! :-). I would highly recommend porkchop in any case! Sparks is a bit difficult. He is a very controlling model and helps buffing, but is not as punchy like some premium constructs from the arcanists. Raily was underwhelming for me till now, because he is so card hungry. But with sparks armor 3 and meis new upgrade to bring him with her, he can wreck havoc amongst the enemy. I still have to play him more often. Anyway, sure buy iy the porkchop. The others are not necessary but can be good.
  10. Lokibri

    Rank Our Masters

    I think she can do pretty well in arcanists too, but her playstyle changes a lot. With the effigy we have a very good instrument to get burning down on models and receive additional burning for +flips for dmg. Also, we have premium constructs like howard and joss. Those make some good initial attackers for mei to rail into and finish them off. Gunsmith do a very nice job in addition and can profit a lot from burning. Also protected oxfordian mages are very nice turrets, protected from mei. Playing mei in arcanists is more leaned towards getting the burning condition on them while protecting your own stuff until they can either flurry or charge in and follow up with mei to push them around to create space again or finish them off.
  11. Lokibri

    Rank Our Masters

    i explained it here in more detail :). I don`t just wanna copy and paste it here
  12. Lokibri

    Rank Our Masters

    I agree that she has a strange playstyle, but didn't sge win GenCon? So, she can't ve that bad right? And many masters and models got Ca/Sh Actions! Would you rate her higher in 10T?
  13. Lokibri

    Rank Our Masters

    S: Sandeep , Marcus A+:Ironsides B: Ramos, Mei Feng C+: Rasputina C : Colette 😄 D:Kaeris Okay guys...why do you vote mei feng down so much? She is a pretty defensive master, but i think especially in gg18 she is a pretty decent master.
  14. Lokibri

    unstopable industry - protect and produce!

    Well, hello and welcome to part II of this little blog-ish thread, to ignite the spark of being interested in playing Mei Feng again :-). I am happy to see your responses, questions and help. I want to be as much of a help as possible. So, first let's take a look on a list i have been working on and then see if there are questions left, that want to be answered. So, after the sealed event, i went back to the drawing board and tried to figure out a list that is good in GG18. Interestingly enough GG 18 has 2 strats, where you have to interact with your opponent, which forces your opponent to come to your crew and interact if he wants to score full points. That is a huge advantage for a crew that relies on defensive mechanism that are based on Auras and areas around models, instead of single buffs. Symbols is a semi centered strat and as i play it, i normally give up 1 marker and try to protect 2 as long as possible. The incredible mobility of mei allows her in crucial situations to switch her playstyle and pick up a marker or kill a lone model and go back. This is also incredibly useful when playing Ours and things do not go as planned and you have to be anywhere on the board to swap it in your favor with 10 very mobile points. So, all of those strat benefit a defensive playstyle with models surviving and doing their thing instead of outactivating and scoring via many ap as it was in gg17. So, without further ado, here is the list we are talking about. Declared Faction: TenThunders Crew Name: my mei 50ss Leader: Mei Feng - Soulstones:(5) Seismic Claws 1ss Vapormancy 1ss Hard Worker 1ss Toshiro The Daimyo 9ss Command the Graves 1ss Smoke Grenades 1ss Sparks 7ss False Target 0ss Yamaziko 6ss Death Contract 1ss The Peaceful Waters 0ss Shadow Emissary 10ss (with Meis conflux) Mechanized Porkchop 6ss Monk of Low River 4ss This lists general idea is to stay defensive, slowly but securely making its way towards the enemy while denying most actions against your crew. Also, Sparks ist just pure pain for your opponent, if he is well positioned. So, let's take a look on the individual models. Shadow Emissary: There is not much to add about this model in general as it is one of the best (if not the best) emissary in the game. Nevertheless, we have a little twist here with mei Feng. As usual you can use Rite of Strenght to push and give essentually whoever needs fast, but most of the time especially in turn 1 and 2 it will be Toshiro. But, here is the little twist. You can push the emissary and place a scrap marker. That doesn't sound like much, but those 3' often allows the emissary to use the double focus and attack without spending another ap on moving and getting in range. Additionally this scrap marker is an auto-railwalk needing any 1 or higher. Mechanized Porkchop: this little piggy is incredibly awesome with mei. It produces scrap outta nowhere and allows all, i repeat, because this is sick, ALL models to take 1 dmg and charge in with + on Attacks! This is so sweet, that you really don't want to miss out on that one. Especially on 6 stones it is a bargain. It is kinda squishy, so try to keep it safe. Good thing is he got bayou two cards, which is nice. Toshiro: oh boy! If anyone would earn the "Employee of the month"-Badge, this one and a half eyed Damiyo would get it within a heartbeat! He is an idol on the working bench getting 2 komainu per round on the field and even giving out fast to some. This bad boy is also pretty hard to killand with his glorious intestines falling out motivating all minions to get plus flips. Add that to the porkchop and you are able to charge a midnight stalker with a relatively high chance to succeed with a hit. He is working overtime for mei and not even tagged as a foundry model. What a shame! Monk of Low River: i love models with condition removal and this one also gives a heal. Removing slow or healing are his options and both are good! He is just sanding out those little dents and bits toshiro left while hammering together those komainus. Yamaziko: Now we arrive at the flex slots for this list. Yamaziko is one of those Henchman which can excell on what she does or fail miserably! However, she is nimble with a walk of 4 not the fastest model, but a range of 3 can make up for it. The main reason i put her in my list was her ability to "Brace Yari" and give those charging models a harsh entry! A thing to note: this action protects all models in aura 3, which is incredibly good, because you can cover her with expandable komainus. The good thing here is, that it is very unlikely, that she will lose her brace yari due to very high WP and the steam venting through the air! I also love her ability against masters to discard 2 cards, for each unrevealed schemes. The good thing is: if your opponent doesn't want to lose cards, he needs to cheat in a high card. If he wants to deny that, he has to reveal his schemes very early, which gives you more information. The psychological effect is incredible and she is a model people want to get rid of very fast, but in this case, will have to pay a huge price with death contract and brace yari. Sparks: Another flex slot and i decided to try him out a bit. At first glance he is an okay-ish model. The real value is generated with scrap marker giving out armor and the construct characteristic (careful! Johan is waiting for just that!). Everything that is a construct, can be made fast and if you have ever seen a fast izamu with Armor 3, you will know what i am talking about! Same counts for a rail golem btw. This model is similar to Mechanized McPorkchop, fragile, but good! He is also a henchman, which increases his survivability a bit. You can swap the false target and death contract with each other, because Sparks will also be a thorn in your opponents foot or eye! The hostile work environment denies another angle your opponent could use against you. There are plenty of models that target other friendly models. Let this be an obey, a heal, a buff or anything else that manipulates models and their actions. If it is in 8 to sparks and LoS, it is denied! Mei Feng is used very defensively and is just giving out some kicks and punches if necessary. Normally i spend 1-2 turns just venting steam, before she goes to full action. I have to agree that she is no vik with min dmg 5, but hitting burning targets, can hurt a lot. Charging in while near a porkchop is also fun! The real value is the combination of attacks, that hit multiple targets and push models around. Even though it is pretty difficult, she can dish out some dmg though. Komainus are the back of this crew. They are expandable, peetty tough, punish the opponent for casting and deliver burning or slow. Those boys are awesome and the reason why your important models survive. The 0 to place is the haymaker when scoring hold up! Flex slots: the flex slots can be filled with a little bit more hard hitting models like lone swordsman with recalled training or an izamu or rail golem. If you want to go crazy, add a hans or 2 katanaka sniper using the advantage to shoot and summon models while your opponent is not able to hit back from distance. So, this is it for the Moment and a battle report will follow in a few days! If you like it, leave me a thumbs up and i hope i could help a bit 🙂 If you got questions, feel free to ask!