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  1. [Germany] Vik-tory day has cometh!

    Date: 18.03.2018 Format: 50 Stones, fixed faction Strats: Self-made from GG18 (Schemes will differ from round to round in a random manner) Location: Kassel spielt ev., An der Fuldabrücke 6, 34125 Kassel Entry Fee: 11€ Prizes: 1 Mystery box (due to shortage) and other prizes (Single miniatures, fate deck, markers etc.) Open: 08:45 a.m. Check-In: 09:00 – 09:30 a.m. Timeline: 09:45-10:00Uhr: Preparation Round 1 10:00-12:30Uhr: Round 1 12:30-13:30Uhr: Lunch Break 13:30-13:45Uhr: Preparation Round 2 13:45-16:15Uhr: Round 2 16:15-16:30Uhr: Preparation Round 3 16:30-19:00Uhr: Round 3 19:00-19:30Uhr: Ceremony
  2. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Jeah, well...but that is only possible, when you win the flip for it ^^.
  3. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    That is some help i appreciate :). Thanks for the insight
  4. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Yes, i thought that this argument would come up, but with snipers having fromthe shadows you can cover nearly the entire board and still be in that aura of shenlong.
  5. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Hello everyone, i organized a tournament yesterday and witnessed a player playing Shenling, Emissary, low river monk, 2 katanaka Sniper, Hans and a Freikorps Trapper... Well it was a disgusting list that shot the dreamer opponent from nearly all angles but staying in the 6' to abuse the focus. It was slaughter! At the beginning of turn 3 the opponent conceded. In round 3 he added a Kang, facing molly. It was a fixed master tournament and the opponent just didn`t want to run into it, so took cover behind a tree and stood there for 5 rounds after 2 models were obliterated by those snipers with kang buff. It went 1-3, because the resser player was smart enough not to play this game. My question to you: How could you face this list, when you don`t know what to expect? It was kinda ridiculous to even watch it and i was thinking about counters and plays all the time with a "normal" list. Any help appreciated :).
  6. The Road to McCabe

    And here we go! Now it is time to get some games in 😁 Road to McCabe part 6. https://imgur.com/gallery/vkL1B
  7. The Road to McCabe

    Thank you very much Carecalmo :). Now i think it is time to finish Yamaziko and both McCabe models :). I think i got a playable crew rdy then and have to start thinking about the base colors :). Before those Ten Thunders i only painted gremlins and it was so much green and dirt ^^ :D. I am happy to to paint some models very colorful models
  8. The Road to McCabe

    Thank you very much! I really like him also. Illuminated are dreams as minions. They have everything you can wish for and i think they are great with McCabe.
  9. The Road to McCabe

    My first big model ever. Took me quite some time, but i really love it. If you are interested, read the couple of sentences below the pics. Have fun. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/nAZEB
  10. The Road to McCabe

    And another daily update: https://imgur.com/gallery/P4JZE Maybe the brushes will rest for the weekend :-)
  11. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Aha, i see you also make use of the good ol' "Thumb-palette" :). It is a classic and everyone can tell when i was busy again painting things :). Also got this raspy in my "shelf of shame" with other models i should paint :-/. A beautiful model and i like to see your approach on it :).
  12. The Road to McCabe

    and another quick update for you guys: today's totems! https://imgur.com/gallery/R7ZvS
  13. The Road to McCabe

    Oh and a little thing to add: Of course the Low River Monks are in blue-colors and the bases are primed, but only assembled with the models, after i am done with all of them :). So, sorry for the bad bases for now ^^
  14. The Road to McCabe

    i may present the first results! I always like having a backstory behind my models, so check out the description for every model :). https://imgur.com/gallery/sa77M
  15. Wishlisting for 10T

    Hard to kill on Sidir would be aweome and finally fill the gap between usefulness and his cost. However, we found him SUPER useful against alpha strike lists! This man can change the plans of the opponents wuite destinctively