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  1. I have to agree. Wesley is just too good. The debuff is also very, very nice
  2. Hey waffle, thank you very much for your response. Now i can see your point a bit better and i have to partially agree. Sammy really is worth her points and the only one that gives some kind of card/suit manipulation. So what i thought was, that maybe wesley isn`t totally necessary and could be replaced with a totem that helps Brewie with some kind of card manipulation. Maybe Old Cranky is an option here, but i find it too good to have the chance for a 2nd Brewie. I dont see any other option to be honest. Anyone else got some idea?
  3. Hey epicwaffle, i don't quite see your point i must admit. In this crew you really only want to be "obey" succesful. Everything else is a nice bonus. If i compare this setup to a standard wong setup...i burn cards like hell with wong and it is not unusual to be through my entire deck within 1 round. The Sow has enough opportunities with smell fear. The Whiskey golem, Mancha and Burt got a decent hit count and the brewmaster doenst need anything except obey. Wesley is a passive debuff and crackerjack is on the opponent to fulfill. It is even better for us: We dont burn many cards but the opponent has to caused by all those triggers and WP Duels. So i have to disagree here, although i really liked that you responded :). And yes, Francois could be a nice addition to it. Maybe with Old Cranky inseatd of wesley to keep the attacks going for him :D. See you in the Bayou!
  4. I just released a Crew Setup for Brewie. Maybe you can take a look and find some fun in playing him
  5. Hello folks and Bayou inhabitants, so this is my first „experimental“ build, that doens not contain a typical formation that is recommended from the sources we got like pullmyfinger. It is called: Pub fight! And here is the Setup: The Brewmaster Binge Apprentice Wesley Mancha Roja Dirty Cheater Mud Toss Whiskey Golem The Sow Sammy Lacroix Hold their hair back Burt Jebsen This brings us to a total of 50 Soulstones and the plan is clear: Creat a pub-like environment around the Brewmaster and hit the guys with your melee hard hitters. So, why did we choose the models we got here? The Brewmaster: He is one of the more resilient masters and essential for this setup because he is giving out free drinks that heal models! WOW! Your opponents should appreciate that a little bit more than they usually do. Okay, they get the poison condition and are forced to do it on their turn, if they don`t succeed, but hey...free drinks are free drinks right? Binge: I find this card crazy good, because your enemy will pretty early run out of cards early, if you assemble your „Pub“ constellation. Every card hurts them. And sometimes they only got a good suit, we want. In this build, we will mainly use the drinking contest of course and try to give out some swill, while obeying the enemy model in your Pub-Zone. The drinking contest only has a TN of 12, but with an ongoing game, it will get better and better while draining cards out of the enemy hand he sure has a possibility to fail and even more so with lowering their WP. This will be our main goal and we even got some models, that can help us with. Dont forget to Obey your own minions, doing a nice little hit or taking a run on an objective! Apprentice Wesley He is the best totem for Brewmaster. 2nd chances? I like 2nd chances, and here we got one. Plus he can mimic Brewmasters casts and give -1 WP per Poison also, which is pretty nice. Keep him alive! That is why we got some heavy hitters that will protect him! Mancha Roja Why would u add a Mancha in this list? Because a Wrestler in a Pub fight, should give you an edge! He is a solid fighter with the great Upgrade of mud toss, because we dont want any paralyze or slow on our Ball of drinking fighters. He really shines, when we come to the Challenge ability. This will protect your other models and make sure everyone has to do a willpower duel if targeting another model. But what for? Well, what about a little piggy that can smell fear with its three heads? We will come to that later :D. Nevertheless, if the enemy uses coordinated attacks on Mancha, even a wrestler will go down after some time. But, we even got something for that! Do you guys remember when in wrestling some of the contestants went under the ring to get a chair? Well, Mancha also got a chair and folks will call him a Dirty Cheater! So here it is where dirty cheater comes in. We need some more resilience, even though we can heal from the Barkeeper (Brewmaster) and cheating is also nice, so lets also heal when we do this. The Whiskey Golem A never ending source of moonshine in a pub? Well, thats quite good for sure! He is the poison spreading machine we want to take the enemy very fast to a low WP level. This one is built to go in deal huge amounts of dmg and poison and go out with a great explosion of moonshine. We want this model to be hit! He even spills some moonshine, when getting attacked AND forces the attacking model to pass a WP 15 duel or end it turn immediately plus getting poison. If this giant construct of moonshine doesnt give out poison, it sure will drain some nice cards out of the opponents hand. The only downside is, that he cannot be healed by a slop hauler. But nevermind...because he has some self-healing that can be used :). The Sow Another heavy hitter you will think, right? But this one is an exclusive hitter, that will give your opponent bad dreams at night (even dreamer will have them!). This little piggy can smell fear and that is an incredible good aility to have in a pub. The Sow takes an extra melee attack whenever a WP Duel is lost. Herself bringing a solid terrify all with TN 12 to the pub, is now surrounded by big hitters that give out good dmg or heavy poison. You only need to bring the Sow to the enemy and in a position you deny the enemy more options. Be sure she will have at least one attack when Mancha challenges while Brewmaster giving out free stuff again. I reccommend activating her last, because your opponent won`t this little piggy near to any of his models and it will surely become a high priority target (no worries, mancha will challenge this :)). Another upside is her ability to drop scheme markers for some piglets. The only way we can interact with that kinda stuff and getting any benefit. Dont underestimate that. By the way, she can heal also, but be careful. With DF4 The Sow will drop very fast if you opponent can reach her without any danger. Sammy LaCroix This little gremlin is one of the funniest and most annoying your opponent can face. Even though her scheme marker interaction requires some work, her melee attack is superb, giving out poison and an okay spread on the dmg. The ability to use an upgrade from the brewmaster is the main factor we play her. With the ability to „hold their hair back“ we free up AP for Brewie and give her a chance to paralyze someone on a bit more range. Great for us in those situations and giving out more poison is just awesome! Burt Jebsen Burt is a gremlin of all trades and i found him awesome in nearly EVERY setup i played him in. In this case someone could ask what he dies for the crew, because he isnt a melee hitter and he has no poison...so why is he in there anyway? First of all, he is a fast gremlin using reckless to get 3 AP per turn. 2nd he is heavy hitter, but on range, which can be useful when the opponent doesnt want to come in our nice pub. 3rd he has got the crackerjack timing, giving us more options to drain some enemy models in. Ever used Obey to let the enemy walk to our pub and then use crackerjack to let the party follow? It is great! Oh and btw, is it even another willpower trigger we got here? The answer is: Yes, it is! So the Sow is even happier about that! And there is our 4th reason: If we dmg the opponent we can call the Sow from waaaay back to immediately hit and bite the opponent. That will let us keep her safe for a long time to then Pig-Rush in and deal huge amounts of dmg! Burt does so much, he doesnt even need to have an upgrade or poison to justify his place in the crew. Options: Lucky Effigy The Lucky effigy frees Up some Soulstones and also has a challenge action, that can help protect your important models. Also it has some nice upside your opponent won`t count on when facing a gremlin crew. Overall a little less wounds and neither gremlin nor pig, but if you want more soulstones to spread obe, this can be a fine replacement. First Mate Slow, Paralyze and the ability to rag more into the bubble of free moonshine? Well, the first mate has seen some crazy things out on the water and is happy to have someone to talk to in the pub. He also synergizes very well with our wrestling buddy and giving out more and more conditions can help you getting the edge before the opponent`s crew is that drunk, that they won't have the chance to do anything. I will try him out in this setup for sure! Lenny I mean...it is lenny...lenny is always good and can be in any gremlin crew. He will give some more resilience to your whole crew and give out trigger for mancha. He is also defended by them and can take one or two hits, before going down. He is a solid choice, but i think the other options are better in general because this is a very synergetic build. Pros and Cons So, what are we good at? We are pretty resilient and can deny a LOT of Actions when we can have the pub filled with their and our models. After a while it doesnt matter anymore who is close to Brewie, because no one has any willpower high enough to do anything. This is the state, where it is totally fine to have no whiskey golem anymore or a defeated mancha. As long as the bubble stands, it is also okay to lose wesley due to his own vanishing and becoming the new Brewie or because he was defeated in any way. We can control a certain field on the map and bring the opponent to the edge of going crazy because he can`t do anything. This will probably cost a friendship, but hey you are a gremolin now anyway! And you got new friends in the pub! If we get the Turf War, this will be a very nice vrew to have. A Line in the Sand, cursed object or other things that require your opponent to spend AP on anything will be great for your crew. Even breakthrough is managable. With this crew it is superb to take a prisoner, because you dont want to kill anything at all means. It is just enough to make them unable to do anything else. What we are not good at We lack ranged attacks and by that i mean Burt is the ONLY one with a decent range attack. We dont want to face snipers or even worse...Belles (in any living or non-living form). Try to get them out with obey or just let the whiskey golem rush in and do as much damage as he can, before exploding in a great wave of moonshine. That gives us the opportunity to follow up with the Brewmaster. Those crews tend to be in one place in order to receive the most benefits from they synergetic crews. This is the upside we got here. If we reach them in their starting zone, they will probably stay there forever, I call this tactic „house party!“, because obviously we are bringing the drinks. Another difficult task is to face AoE damage. Burts of any kind can be negated by the healing provided by Brewie, but it will cost AP to do so, which we lack later to get scheme markers or other things like Posion spreading. While mitigating most bursts because we also got quite a good Wd pool around, constant AoE dmg can overwhelm us after some time. One of the nastiest things we can face is a Black Blood crew or a Pandora with ghosts in place. They dont have to do anything then sticking around and spread their triggers. This is where our heavy hitter team comes in and smack them to eternity. If they surive it is even worse playing against black blood, because every poison dmg will trigger it. Get those guys out of your bubble asap! So, we got a possible solution for that, too. What we do not have is a solution for heavy AoE Dmg like Wong or Kaeris can do. If they blast us...the party will be over in no time. This is the fun police we will have a hard time with. What can we do about it? Remember the Burt trick with the Sow? Try that to get those models in a melee fight and follow it up with obey or something else that bring them out of safety and to our pub-area. Mancha has also quite a good charge when stand next to certain terrain, but that is everything we got here...no fun if we face them. Strategy So this is where your strategy gaming comes in. You have many heavy hitters and you CAN smack your opponents, but you are not forced to do so to win! This crew will just try to survive and score point after point in each round your opponent doesnt deny them, which is preeeeety difficult when it requires running into the „Pub-area“. So this is the place to be! What we dont want is a strategy that forces us to spread, because for a gremlin Crew we dont have that many models. Narrow terrain placement can favour us quite a lot, but be careful how you stack your models. Yes, mistakes were made :D. So, i hope you find this little guide interesting and inspirational and i hope you will discuss that list, because i am quite sure i missed some things you sure will point me to :). Thanks for the time and See You in the Bayou!