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  1. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    And in my opinion that is exactly what you should do :). NOnetheless i was able to make Barbaros and Lilitu completely useless by pushing them back with reckless and Obey for a whole game in corner deployment :). It was hilarious and useful at them same time! Totally worth it. Also, she can gremlin-lure people back into the bubble, when someone tries to leave early :). See you in the Bayou
  2. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    I can totally understand you and i still have it on my list for the paint and as soon as i can, i will put some colour on it :). It is a shame i don`t use him atm
  3. What are your go to models?

    Steamfitters atm! In EVERY List. They are just incredible!
  4. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    I can asure you 200% Trixie, but fingers is not as important as people think, BUT he is in the box and for sure a very good model. Tanuki are great, but also not an evergreen. Same as golem Effigy and Mancha Roja are also very nice. I found Sammy in 100% of my lists. Sow is a nice addition.
  5. Whiskey golem gaining many reactivates?

    Jeah, i know that you can only reactivate once :). But thanks for the information.
  6. You sure will be welcome :). But we will be going on tournaments outside of Kassel for sure in January
  7. Hello guys, i read something about a 10T Brewmaster player, who tried to give reactivate to whiskey golem as often as possible each round. I just can`t remember it completely, but i think it had a terracotta warrior and charm warder? Maybe there is someone in this forum, that can explain it to me :). Thanks!
  8. Well, maybe we will meet in some time
  9. Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    Well, the whiskey golem fulfills a key role how i play itby pushing him in and charging into as much enemies as possible to then explode and spread the good stuff. But, what you can certainly do, is putting 1-2 Moon Shinobi in and let them fulfill the job. They are not as bad, as many people say and with swill on them, the become pretty decent. Just keep in mind to have some "average" card in hand to get the double minus and transfer them into double positives. With the trigger for poison they can fulfill the job as well to initiate poison on models. They are pretty fast when getting dmg from poison. Another very good option i am trying out at them moment are Tanuki. Oh boy! I love those little drunken guys and the are more resilient, than you think. They are create a minefield of drunkenness and with a Fingers or something you can lay down the scheme marker for additional poisoning, even when engaged. I would highly recommend them :). And there is of course Fingers. He is a very good model with chatty and a very good poison attack. He can really shine in some scenarios, but keep in mind he doesn`t take as many hits as the good old golem I think both are fairly nice to sue with if you don`t have acces to the whiskey golem (yet!) ;). I would recommend to have at least one tanky hitter in your crew to start a fight and let Brewie follow up. That normally leads to a dead tank, but a good position for Brewie. See you in the Bayou
  10. I think you have a very valid point here ! And in my opinion this whole confusion begins with the fact, that "conditions" can kill models, but state, that "no crew is determined for having made that kill". I think that is the part, where people start thinking about the situation and treat them as "neutral" conditions. Just as condition with no allignment or belonging. BUt as a matter of fact, we could of course backtrack them and find the source, they just don`t score for killy schemes and thats it. Maybe it should be clarified in the general rules, that the origin may be from Player B on Player A's model, but it just doesn`t count e.g. for dig their graves (because no immediate attack was involved, that is required by some schemes). Thank you all guys for this discussion :). See you in the Bayou!
  11. I did think that way at first also, but then WWHSD referred to the "timestamp" so, in this case the condition applied last ticks down first. However, it is said, that conditions just don`t count for schemes. They can be backtracked to the model that caused it however. They just don`t count for schemes. That`s all. This is the reason i think condition are tracked in a specific way sometimes and let me lean towards removing the paralyze. I would like to thank you all for the discussion. I think there is still a gap to be answered in a FAQ. Thanks guys See you in the Bayou!
  12. Hello everyone, there was a question regarding Warding Runes and a condition received while the model was not in range of the blood ward aura. Example: A model with Warding Runes receives paralyze while outside of the Blood Ward. Later on (before the paralyzed model activates) the Ox-Mages comes in range again. The question now is: What happens? I think there are two outcomes possible. The Blood Ward says: This model is immune to conditions from enemies. A ) The model still has the condition, but is immune to it and therefore removed. B ) The condition still remains, but per se has no allignment if enemy or friendly. Therefore the model stays paralyzed. I know this topic came up two times before, but there was no clear ruling and i would highly appreciate if we could clear it out. Thanks mates! See you in the Bayou :).
  13. that was a great explanation! thank you Adran!
  14. I just read it again and i have to correct you Adran. You flip the cards, chose the card according to the rules and then place them into the discard pile you want to do it, which makes steamfitters even better! It is in the general rules under "discard pile". I just read it again, after you both answered in another way. So,WWHSD was correct :). That`s even better!
  15. I like eating corpse markers and i got some math going on for summoning an ice golem on turn 1 and for the ongoing turns it depends, what you can store in your hand etc. Here is the math i made: (AR = Arcane Reservoir, DP = Decembers Pawn, IE = Imbued Energies, stone for cards = Spend 1 Soulstone and draw 2 additional cards and then discard 2 cards) With some games under my belt with Ironsides and my new favourite Minion called Steamfitter, i wanted to get back to one of my most beloved crews and try them out with frozen servants giving raspy new spice and things to do in turn 1! In this case, it is summoning! :D. So, i tried to work things out for you all and calculate which probabilites we got to get the big guy on the table :). Raspy's probabilities: Summoning an Ice Golem: 38,5% with Arcane Reservoir: 43,6% without Arcane Reservoir but stone for cards: 48,4% mit AR und Stone: 52,9% with DP: Ice Golem: 45,9% mit AR: 51,5% Stone for cards without AR: 56,7% Stone and AR: 61,4% With each Action you can do in Turn 1 to see an additional card, the Steamfitters ability allows us to use those cards, as if they were „drawn“. In my theory you just keep skipping those cards, until the right one appears. Also keep in mind, that you should only do actions, that flip a single card, because i am not quite certain about in which order you resolve multiple flips (is there any rule how to stack them after flipping? Is the used card on top or are they just flipped and in the order flipped put on the discard pile?). So in this case i also suppose we flip single cards AND we only have to flip a maximum of 1 card in our enemies turn. I will start with the highest count, which is AR + Stone for 2 more cards which is 9 cards deep: Without DP (also usable for Ramos and summoning 3 spiders): 9: 52,9% 10: 57,1% 11: 60,1% 12: 64,1% 13: 68% 14: 71,1% 15: 74% 16: 76,7% With DP: 9: 61,4% 10: 65,7% 11: 69,6% 12: 73,1% 13: 76,3% 14: 79,2% 15: 81,8% 16: 84,1% I will end this calculation here at around 16, because i don`t think there is a way to see that many cards and still have a „realistic“ scenario. This scenario can be approached via Myranda getting a blessed of december with imbued energies and maybe snowstorm casting 1 spell on his own minions just to push them and dealing no damage at all with a defense flip. If you plan to use ice pillars, the wendigo will add another card to your discard pile, but keep in mind, that decembers pawn could be one of those upgrades. Myrandas IE 4 + Snow Storm casting 1 + defense 1 + ice pillars of wendigo 1 = 13 cards (14 with Arcane Reservoir/ 15 without AR but Stone for cards / 16 with stone for cards and AR). So, in this case you can pretty clearly see what difference it can make, if you decide to pick up decembers pawn, not mentioning the anxiety you avoid knowing either joker is GREAT! So, in this case, we can be pretty sure, to have an ice golem on turn 2 at least. Given the new option of the steamfitter and the possibilities it gives you, makes it a pretty viable minion in a raspy crew and should be considered to be taken, even though it has no particular synergy with them not being gifted with a frozen heart :). I know this isn`t the most exciting thing to talk about, but i wanted to show you guys the options and maybe make some new decisions based on this information :). See you in the Bayou