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  1. Hey, so after playing Neverborn for a year, I've filtered which masters I want to play in the faction and I've figures I fancy a change. So I bought myself Asami, with some Jorogumo and Obisian Oni, here's a list of what I own in total. Asami's Crew + Summons Jakob Lynch's Crew Mr Graves Mr Tannen Bunraku Any advice of what to buy next? Thanks for any responses.
  2. INXVI

    Pull My Finger WIKI closure...

    A few months ago, a mate of mine got together q group of people to start re-constructing the articles, not sure what state it is in at the moment, I think they were using a blog site like Wordpress at the time. That being said, it is a good oppurtunity to update the information, since new scheme, synergies, waves have arisen since then so less accurate representations of models are shown.
  3. INXVI

    Starting Asami, What To Buy.

    Thanks for the advice, I'm not too bothered about the Yasunori right now. My meta has started playing competitively, but I'm playing Neverborn (specifically Collodi and Lilith) competitively, so Asami will be for fun, for now then competitive later on. I mainly picked up Asami because I love pushes and buffs, Collodi opened that up for me, pushes are probably one of my favourite aspects of Malifaux as weird as it sounds. The fact she can push, place, summon, assist models (charge for 1 ap) she's the kind of master I want, it's the style I love. I have a good mate who plays 10T, and he'll happily let me lend some stuff for some trial games I forgot Yamaziko is mod 3, I really need to stop trying to remember things off the top of my head for models I don't own. I'll definitely try out Samurai after all the advice and see if I like them
  4. INXVI

    Starting Asami, What To Buy.

    I've been thinking about Yamaziko and wasn't sure about getting her, but at 6ss, 3/4/4 is pretty nice, think I'll grab some Ten Thunders Brothers as well and Low River Monks. Thankfully, 2 of my mates have the Emissary so hopefully I could trial run it. I'll read up about the Charm Warders when I get home. I'll definitely try out a Samurai, I wasn't a fan when I first saw them, but having the positive flips and ignores armour will be nice, thanks for the advice.
  5. INXVI

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Hey, so recently in 'The Wyrd Place' Facebook group, there was a tier list released, it will be subjective as tier lists usually are, but the one thing that caught my eye was the placement of The Dreamer. It seems like The Dreamer might not live up to his previous standards and I'm wondering why? I started playing Malifaux about a year and a month ago, and recently have started participating in tournaments, mainly favouring Lilith and now Collodi, I want to add The Dreamer to this trio, but is he competitively viable, or a situational drop? The fact that he can be suited up as a summoner means surely he should be able to complete a variety of schemes? Or are the resources required a struggle to bypass? I never played him pre-daydream nerf, but with him being my first and only summoning master to date, excluding Woe Pandora and Collodi's summoning action I've barely ever used, it can sometimes be a struggle. With summoning still holding strong viability in GG18, does The Dreamer still remain in the higher tiers, or is he struggling? Maybe the other variants are more prominent now, or maybe I haven't played him enough, but I would really like to be able to drop him in a competitive meta, we aren't highly competitive as of right now, but we are beginning to go to different tournaments, and be able to at least put up a good fight. I really like his play style, managing waking is cool and I love Neverborn for the pushes and placements, so this just adds to that. I guess a way to summarise the above is, do you ever bring The Dreamer to an event, does he still hold a strong grip on GG18 like in previous years, or has he rapidly dropped, now overshadowed by our other masters? The secondary reason to me playing him, is because I won the large mystery box at a local tournament and it was the translucent pink Dreamer crew Hope this all made sense, thank you to anyone who replies.
  6. INXVI

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Stitched are pretty insane, especially with The Dreamer, as if you drop them onto their HtK and can't finish them off, they can heal back up from reactivating within 6. They caused anarchy in my game last Monday, summoned 3 turn 1, pushed them up with Daydreams and caused a tonne of damage. To be fair though, I must have casted at least 10 times and didn't fail once, my drawing and card cycling luck was incredible.
  7. Vasilisa 1ss Upgrade - Old Strings, New Tricks This model gains the following ability: This model may discard a card to add a mask to its next duel. This allows Vasilisa to add a mask to her obey, DF & WP. Could potentially work well, as it counters the thirst for masks which Collodi probably wants more.
  8. INXVI

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I've recently picked up Collodi again after a fixed master tournament (somehow managed to come 2nd) so I'm thinking about adding to his crew. So what are your opinions on Coryphee and Mannequins? I bought some Coryphee after the tournament, and wouldn't mind some Mannequins but I'd like to hear your thoughts beforehand. I know they have been touched upon somewhere within this large thread, but with new models, new schemes, strats etc do these models find a place for you and why?
  9. INXVI

    The Dreamer in GG18

    I had a game on Saturday, running 5 AP Dreamer, which was a lot of fun. The Dreamer having so much AP makes him feel like he can do a lot, even if you give out Fast to a model then summon a daydream for example, he still has 1 AP and a Shot Expert and Melee Expert. I love the trigger on his bat, it just allows him to get in there, and if things don't go your way, he can get out of there and drop a nightmare in there to tie models up, or help beaters get into position. Plus, there is the added ability to drop Chompy in 1 turn, as discussed above. I managed to pull it off, (however it was turn 3) but it did eat my hand, I still managed to drop one model in the process, then Chompy cleaned up the Swine Cursed nearby. The Nightmare Illuminated were good, it didn't help that one got RJ'd on damage and insta-killed, but the other tanked a couple of hits from the Dreamer, then proceeded to heal back up to full and kill a model for Dig Their Graves, I'll probably experiment a bit to see just how useful it is, or if The Dreamer doesn't need protecting to that extent. Onto tomorrow, I'm having another game, running Summoning Dreamer. The pool is Public Executions, but I'm going to run him anyway, so I can focus upon placement and resources, these are essential anyway, but I have a tendency to struggle with card efficiency with The Dreamer at the moment. I'm going to try out the Card Cycling list, at first I saw it and thought nothing of it, but I really like the idea now, and might as well give it a shot. My thought process is, before killing Serena, a Daydream sacrifices itself to give the Dreamer a mask, he then proceeds to do a 1 ap action, using the mask to summon a Stitched Together or something, then another daydream goes, sacrifices itself and then the dreamer goes and summons again, regardless of the suit in hand. Sure that is 2 daydreams lost turn 1, but it means the crew is less hungry for masks, and the card cycling now allows for a random 9 or 10 to be used by the Dreamer, if no masks are available. The Dreamer could then summon 2 daydreams for example, or another model if a mask is in hand, and throw out Chompy turn 1. The only issue then, is the lack of healing for the summons, but Chompy can always activate before the summons and bring The Dreamer back into play, that way he is no waking and allows for a nice healing of 3. But then again, my focus is summoning Stitched Together, I used to use them a lot with Collodi and high risk, high reward is good fun, so summoning, say 3 of them with the Dreamer, potentially leading to 4 ap a turn (summoned without slow, heal up then damaged down to reactivate) could be devastating, so I'm looking forward to trying it.
  10. INXVI

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Thanks for the replies, it does make a lot of sense that he has lost some strength but still holds up. I'm planning on putting Lilith and Collodi aside and running Dreamer in the next tournament or 2. The first few times I played him, it was Symbols with me choosing Breakthrough, he scores it pretty easy so I'm guessing I just need to experiment with schemes and figure out what type of build is best suited. I've been playing around with the idea of just dropping models like Nekima and Rider in with him, rather than looking at Serena dishing out Warped Reality, only taking her when I really need to. I've been playing Collodi a lot recently so my ability to value pushes and healing will help when playing Dreamer. The tier list threw me off a bit, which is why I wanted to ask, it makes more sense that it's scheme viability rather than master power in general, not it's down to figuring out what The Dreamer can do best and adding to his arsenal. One thing I do want to try though is The Dreamer and 2 Illuminated, they could be given Warped Reality but it isn't compulsory, that way they can heal a tonne, do good damage and Dreamer can push them around and cause extra damage, bonus points if the target has brilliance on them. He probably only struggles with Ours, and he doesn't necessarily need to summon, I'll definitely try him some more as he can probably score a variety of schemes, now it's just figuring out what clicks
  11. INXVI

    Where do hunters fit in your lists?

    I think the hunter pushing the Supply Wagon is a great idea, somebody like Langston or the Peacekeeper could do it for example, but they could be out threatening the enemies crew and potentially stopping their wagon instead. If Hoffman gave the Hunter nimble, or interacting as a 0, the Hunter could push, walk, push turn 1. Preferably, you'd push the wagon 3' turn 1 so The Hunter can prowl into base contact at the end of the turn and repeat.
  12. INXVI

    Supply Wagons

    Wait, so you can't interact regardless of where you deploy if you have 'From The Shadows'? Damn, doesn't really make sense as the whole point was for the Nightmare keyword. Guess I won't be using that again.
  13. INXVI

    Supply Wagons

    For pushing my own Wagon, I've been using The Hooded Rider with The Cherub. 1st turn, the rider pushes (interacting as a 0) then walks and pushes again. The Wagon provides some cover for him and he is a pretty strong unit to protect the Wagon for a few turns and then potentially counter the enemies push, or complete other schemes. I also did a similar thing with The Dreamer (using Serena to give Warped Reality to him, then targetting the Rider and hoping to drop fast on him) In terms of denial, I had a really good game using Lilith, turn 1 I rooted both 50mm models my opponent had set up for the push, meaning he didn't pass over the centreline until turn 4 (as I continued to do this) then tangle shadowed in The Doppelganger (for recover evidence) so Lilith could remove McCabe from the situation. When I rooted the Mounted Guard on turn 1, it had been given reactive too, which made it even better.
  14. INXVI

    Unique Levi combos

    @Davos that's what I was thinking, the Bunraku is only 5ss now due to the errata, I've been trying to figure it out for a while in the hope something clicks, so thought I'd suggest it and see what happens, it's just too many resources. If only we could make it happen in a Collodi crew, giving him Reactivate would be a little too crazy though 😂
  15. INXVI

    Unique Levi combos

    Recently had another idea, but trying to make it efficient is difficult. What I have so far is, Levi hires in a Bunraku (construct) and Rusty Alyce uses Burnout to give it reactivate. You then proceed to kill the Bunraku, which triggers 'Retract', allowing the Reactivate to be passed onto a friendly puppet or minion within 6'. The Bunraku then drops a scrap marker, so an abomination can be summoned later, to try and add back to the activations. No idea if it is viable, just thought I'd share. If you hire in some Aboms, they could damage the Bunraku for cards too, that way it feels less of a waste, it helps for card cycling and you don't have to worry about healing the Bunraku up.
  16. INXVI

    Prospector in neverborn

    Just read their card, I like the sound of them. "I've struck Soulstone!" sounds great, dropping a scheme marker and causing the enemy model to get pushed and triggering Pounce on a Rougarou for example will be cool. Combining Talking About Shafts with Titania's auras would be cool, 2/3/4 from the Tactical Action, then a WP from Titania's card or suffer damage could double up nicely. Worth dropping Tooth and trying her out, or keeping them both in and see how they size up.
  17. INXVI

    Wave 5 models

    Released: Cyclops, Grootslang, Serena Bowman Not Released: Adze (Originally April I think, but potentially May) Bultingun (No News) Hinamatsu (No News) I guess it is just a hit or miss if the products are released on time. Can't wait for the Hinamatsu, and hopefully Gwyneth Maddox drops this month for the Lynch players in here 😊
  18. INXVI

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    The Conflux Of Fate. 0 Action - Lets you discard a card to look at the top 4 cards of your deck, draw one, then placed the cards onto either the top, or bottom of your deck.
  19. INXVI

    Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    If you find room to drop in Serena, the Rider can become a nightmare, so dropping fast on him and giving it access to even more pushes, the threat range gets even better. I've also used him to tank a few hits for the Dreamer, as he is durable and thr healing only adds to the potential survivability of the pair. Using his 0 to carry the Dreamer about too is cool, that way he can save his AP for other actions. I've been using him throughout a lot of my crews recently, he seems to grab me late VP, especially in symbols. Teddy isn't a bad hire, however I've always found that he attracts a lot of fire he can't withstand, this was a while back when I was just starting Pandora, so maybe it works out differently taken with the Dreamer.
  20. INXVI

    Getting Into Neverborn

    Lilith is amazing, I started with Lynch and grabbed a bundle early on, Lilith went has quickly become my go to master and has stole the top spot from Lynch as my favourite 😂 Angelshard has given some good examples so far, I definitely second the Waldgeist, they are solid minions who provide cover, whats not to love? Also, maybe grab the Hooded Rider, turn 3, he is Min damage 4 and virtually has Armor +2, many games he's managed to rush for a marker, or drop a model, far away for Shed Blood, he is great. I used to use Doppelganger + Graves, double push combo a lot, it's really good and I enjoy the movement style shenanigans we have as a faction. On that note, Lilitu is also a great addition, an 18' lure at CA 7, means you're at the advantage, and luring a model closer to your beaters, or into the Null Zone for Ours, away from a marker, or if you simply wish to get some extra movement from slow models, like Waldgeist. The Primordial Magic is well valued in Neverborn, ability to pass out Insignificant and that nice +1 card draw (followed by a discard) but the Cherub is equally as amazing, Sh 5, 1/3/4 with a built in Slow and trigger to push the model 5' in any direction is insane, especially for a 3 stone model, and that's before considering the interact bubble. Nekima is an awesome beater, insane damage, high ML, flight, melee expert, she does attract a lot of fire at times, but she is pretty good at tanking hits. The Tooth is also a model I've come to value a lot, she isn't essential, but I like the built in scheme marker placement, and Armor +1, HtW she can take hits and the push on her melee attack is another thing I love about Neverborn. The Emmissary works for a lot of master too, built in condition removal for Ply and Public executions, whilst a trigger to remove all scheme, corpse and scrap markers is great, especially when the opponent has Set Up, Search The Ruins etc. The Effigy is also good, solid stats for a 4ss model, she gives out 'Rapid Acceleration' to give a 3' push after resolving and enemy attack action, whilst helps reduce the chance of getting Flurried or charged. There's a lot more models she works with and new combinations we've probably not tried out, hope you enjoy playing Neverborn mate 😊
  21. INXVI

    Unique Levi combos

    @Davos He'll probably have to trial the statue a few times, I'm sure we can find a work around, maybe a lure of some sort, or push, sadly they aren't as common as they are in my faction. Maybe the Rider could carry the Obsidian Statue about, it's only a 6, but that is only from turn 3 onwards. I second the use of the Rider though, I've been taking him a lot in Neverborn recently, and he's only died once (Levi bomb Killjoy), but other than that, he gets the job done. I'll get my brother to try him more often, as long as I'm not using him first 😂😂
  22. INXVI

    Unique Levi combos

    Me and my brother have been thinking of some tactics recently (he's the Outcast player so I have no idea if it would work), but I was thinking about the Obsidian Statue. When he takes damage, it drops a scrap marker, for Ashes and Dust's 0, Rusty's summoning, decent damage spread of 3/4/5 and ML 6, and the markers it drops provide a +1 damage to CA actions, to enemies within 3' aura. This boosts Levi's Unmaking CA 7, with a 3/4/5 damage spread, which is pretty nice. Decent durability, but a Low DF, could work. The guardian is also pretty good, a long melee range, great durability with 'Grind To A Halt' and a support action in the form of dishing out DF +2 and a potential push is pretty good. The watcher's 3' aura of 'Always Watching' would allow Rusty to drop a rapid fire into an awkwardly positioned, or hiding model, and cause some potential damage. Peacekeeper, Oath Keeper, Flurry, Min Damage 4, potential Min 5, Armor 2+, Harpoon for potential displacement.
  23. INXVI

    How to deal with Sandeep

    I second the Tangle Shadows, I used the action against Myranda on a tournament on Sunday, sure Myranda is now next to Lilith, but DF 7, a potential nearby beater and ML 7 on Lilith herself is she needs to put on some damage is great. Needing the masks really put me off for a while, but I was still learning about card and stone efficiency, now I use it a lot. It also helps that Sandeep is quite card hungry as a crew, so even hitting the 9 of masks TN isn't impossible. I'm not familiar with how Mages work, like the upgrades for example, but dropping Aeslin in, with Malifaux Provides or FGF could work, drop the 0 to cause a Neg to CA actions and cause a bit of damage where neccessary.
  24. INXVI

    How to deal with Sandeep

    I think you're being too critical mate, the other two have raised some really good points. Firstly, who's to say Collodi needs to kill the crew? Built in slow, ability to steal AP, turn his crew against him, dictate his crews efficiency. Plus, doing damage overtime is still effective, just because Collodi might not outright kill 2 models or even 1 model a turn, he can still cause a lot of damage. It seems like dropping Sandeep is strong, if summoning is the problem, remove them from the equation. Sure Nekima will die, but it will take a dedicated attack, save a high card and a stone to help out. As you say, killing the Gamin will use up AP, but so will killing Nekima, apply early pressure and soak up his hand, a good hand can only get you so far, it's how you spend those cards that counts. In terms of Pandora, CA6/7 against WP 5/4, means that even something like a 10 of crows could lead to a paralyzed enemy model. If Pandora needs a model paralyzed, she can stone, shutting a key model down for a turn is worth it.
  25. INXVI

    Pandora Tactica

    Just thought I'd do a quick overview of a tournament game I had today. So, the tournament rules restricted us to Wave 1 models only, but any upgrades from any Wave could be used. It was great, without Nekima, Lilitu, Hooded Rider etc, to see how other models faired up. I decided to run summoning Pandora (with the stratergy of Ply) and it was crazy! Bad Juju had already tied up a good few models, before Pandora dropped 2 sorrows and a poltergeist just before, into a mass of models. At that point, my opponents crew had lost a lot, passing a WP 7 VS WP duel on a negative, or suffer 3 damage, is difficult to take. It was surprising how little the reliance on conditions is, when Ply is in the pool. Even Baby Kade pulled his weight, dropping Fingers from full wounds, to just 1 left (he was the entourage target too) and even though his lure is only CA 5, the added WP Duel and placement shenanigans, it went pretty well. I guess the experience, not only made me value Wave 1 models a lot more, Silurids and Beckoners are great in the right scenario, but Pandora's summoning engine doesn't even need a WP based or condition based crew, to get started.