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  1. You're absolutely right, I admit. My last idea was Nimble, but now I'm not sure about that.
  2. Sorry, but I have to repeat my question about Over Excited's current wording. In case if Gremlin Crier draws the sixth card, does he suffer 2 damage simultaneously? What's the exact timing? Because if 1 of these 2 damage can be reduced by Lenny, it makes Crier far more powerful.
  3. Lenny, Trixie might help. But, of course, I have to admit, Ch 7 would be just fine. OR Listen, may be... MAY BE... is it worth considering the following amendment: Wrastler may perform the (2) Charge Action as a (1) Action if the target is within the engagement range of at least one other friendly model.
  4. I believe that Cg 6 is what we have to pay for Diving Charge ability. Once in battle, these guys are more mobile than it seems. My playtests showed to main points: first, there's sometimes a problem to deliver Wrastlers into combat without being killed before. Lenny is pretty reliable here. Second, you absolutely must charge with Wrastlers when the target is already engaged. I'm afraid, that's the only case when damage a Wrastler deals is worth 5ss. And, of course, two Wrastlers charging into one and the same mess of a combat make things twice better.
  5. You're not alone. The name of (0) Tactical Action 'The Same Thing We Always Do' clearly refers to the cartoon character.
  6. Do I understand it correctly that this 1 extra damage from Over Excited cannot be reduced by Lenny since these are two separate cases of damage 1, not 2 damage dealt simultaneously?
  7. Tap Out really seems solid, but not OP definitely. This feller may well die from pulses, auras, blasts, abilities (Black Blood, given his Rg1) and actions that do not target, not to mention randomizing while shooting into combat. I wonder if 'If this model suffers 3 or more damage from a single ENEMY Action' changes this ability significantly.
  8. Access to Kin upgrades and various interactions with Kin-related abilities, apparently Jug Rocket may now place him where he needs to be to protect low-Wp Enforcers and deny enemy triggers. Gremlin-See to remove an additional condition if needed. Team Work to run away from heavy-hitters since Brin has low Df. Haven't tested him so far. It's good that the first test will be with Kin trait already.
  9. 1. Please don't laugh but I've just read in this forum that there is no difference 'toward' and 'directly toward' in wording of abilities. Does it mean that if we have, say, 'the target is pushed toward this model' or 'the target is pushed directly toward this model' - it's just the same, and the target is pushed directly along the line connecting centers of the two models' bases? 2. Does Accomplice and Companion need LoS? 3. Does 'up to four models within 3' may make a healing flip' need LoS to these models? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi everyone. Had to register here just to share some first impressions about playtests of Wave 5 gremlin models. Since there are only two threads dedicated to particular abilities of Gremlin Crier, I've decided to reply here in order not to spawn unnecessary multiple threads. So far, Gremlin Crier is the only Wave 5 gremlin model I'm quite happy with as it is. Apart from Over Excited - Higher Authority combo the following things seem to be worth mentioning: Rg 8 Attack Action: has relatively low Ca but no TN, ideal to push some friendly models closer to the centre of the story after Lenny pushes the Crier. There's no 'directly toward' in the actions's wording, so no collisions ahead. Also, it's the only real gremlin lure that I can remember. Gremlin Crier has turned out to be particularly fond of Sammy Lacroix, since his Over Excited fuels her Winds of Fate and vice versa. Also, Crier somehow enhances Bayou Smuggler's Barter Economy, but this human is still not worth his 6ss. Shall we convince WG to make him gremlin?