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  1. How do your Errata?

    Desperate merc:- 3ss and give him +1 on sh or ml freikorpsmann- build in ml attack and in sh bishop +1 rg Taelor: 1 option: change hard to wound in impasible to wound 2 option give her +1 df and 0 action discard a card to heal 1/2/3 3 change her 0 "Until this models next activation" and give her personal upgrade 1ss "good lady" wenn this model atack model onther that declared faction this model can add any suit to the action's final duel. Student of Conflict: drop mercenary and Insignificant Malifaux chaild +1 ss Firekorps Specialist: Ad 0 action discrad a card to push this model 4 in any direction. Ronin 1option: add Sister characteristic 2option +1Df, ML and SH survivalist: cut to heal or +1ss tally sheet: add after damaging an enemy model with an attack action this model heal 1 damage. Sorry for bad english