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  1. don't work only tri-chi recive reactive
  2. i think he need change "respect for art" ability that he can not target already activated this turn with attack actions. With this change "don't come after me" it is not useless and then this ability need wording "once per turn" to be balanced.
  3. Nikodem can spend ss to ad suit for summon; rasty alice with that upgrade cost 12ss +8 for marlena is 20 and with rasty alice with that same upgrade and joss it is only 2 stone more 3 if count pariah upgrade. still that is only barely playable in levi and what about the other masters ?
  4. with good student and master upgrade she will cost 9-10 ss and still she will do nothing: -if u want cast sister in fury play it on ashe and cast it form child (4ss). -in parker she can take highwayman or blackmarket (9ss) is ok i think -in von shiel she can take (engage at will) (9ss) i think it is not worth it -in tara i don't see any upgrade she can take it -Jack i think 1 curse more is fine i guess -Hamelin -? -levi. if u take alredy take 1 pariah upgrade u do not need the other 1. creative salvage - i see that can help in levi but only levi remember u nead a 7+ mask on hand to make doll; is it worth it ?
  5. I tried her in most of outcast masters (except hamelin and Jack) and i was dissappointed. Pay 8ss 4 only thread action if y alredy hav hard to kill from upgrade; is better to hire libra instead. I think there are 3 ways to make her playable: 1. give her ill omen ability 2.give her restricted upgrade to each master ( like emisary) e.g for viktorias: This model raceive sister characteristic This model can target soul thethre ability frendliy sister after succeeding transfer all thered condytion to frendly leder. 3. Make her henchmen and give her +1MI and Ca for attack action Sorry for my english.
  6. I think they should hav: 'don't mind me' ability or " pan for soulstnoe" should work with "Appraise" action.