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  1. PetitDalek

    Loyal's gremlin gang

    Very nice! I am a big fan of your bright green skintones
  2. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Here's my Wendigo for 3 SS, which means that I finished my first Malifaux crewbox πŸ˜€ I am really happy with how he turned out.
  3. PetitDalek

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    I saw a great conversion on A Wyrd Place FB group. Pukey worm was converted into a branch on a tree. It looked really good. Another one I liked used a transparent third-party mini, but it could be done with the official one too. It was a water elemental coming out of a stone well. Or you could put tentacles all around, making it look like a creepy octopus.
  4. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    I finally finished my Coraline Candy for 9 stones! I painted her like she was wearing a yellow raincoat and boots with jeans. I am quite happy with the Kill Bill blood effect πŸ˜€ I have a hard time taking photos with my phone, I'll try to take pics of the two terrain pieces I made (a fountain and a clock tower) with my partner's phone later. And here she is! Innocence incarnated: I also started Wendigo,which was my only unpainted creature mini, but forgot about the deadline like so many others. However, I wouldn't have painted him without the contest and he only needs highlights, so it was still good to try to participate πŸ˜† @Chou you have quite a lot of minis going on! They all look very promising, Ama with her vibrant colours is my favourite.
  5. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    C'est tellement beau que je veux habiter dedans 😍
  6. PetitDalek

    Pantoporos Aporos' painted minis

    They are adorable! Tiny balls of rage 😍 Your weathering is top notch.
  7. Tara for her model and Lovecraftian feel. I am severely tempted to embrace the void. Ulix for a board full of pigs: tiny pigs, huge pigs, flying pigs, dead pigs... Reva, because she has a pony. *Clippity-clop-clippity-clop* Kirai, or more specifically her TOS version. Such a nice mini!
  8. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    There is a technique for preserving moss and lichen by cooking them in a glycerine solution and then letting them dry. Glycerine should let them keep their elasticity, so they wouldn't dry out and and break. I wanted to try last summer, but never got down to it. @Caedrus I am a fan of your Raspy crew. The colour scheme is limited, but contrasted enough to make the minis pop. I can't believe you painted them so fast 😲
  9. PetitDalek

    Alternative Emissary model for nightmare Rasputina?

    You could make a huge snowman from green stuff. It would fit the theme perfectly
  10. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    Terrain wise, I want to paint a clock tower and finish my fountain. Maybe try making some water/mud difficult terrain piece with leftover epoxy. And if the fate smiles on me, I'll base and finish my December Acolytes. I swear those minis are cursed, waiting for months and months πŸ˜ƒ
  11. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    @Piccio You are a wizard! I'd have needed days and she wouldn't be be half as good. Great job 😲 @Boomstick They are really cute and the different colours in their fur make them stand out. @Joachim Great detail on the book. I also like the trim on the coat, it adds a nice pop of colour to it. @Aa7 Wonderful choice. Always love to see my fav ice witch 😍 @Burnin' Coal Those wings are so lifelike! If you are willing to share more details on how you painted the veins, I am sure we'd be all ears
  12. PetitDalek

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    I finished two houses for 10 SS. My fountain project with resin pour went horribly wrong when adding the last finishing touch at midnight a few days ago. Don't work on your stuff at night, go to bed and save yourself lots of grief, fellow hobbyists! I managed to salvage it, but there are things I'll need to repair. Wet gel medium and freshly cured resin aren't friends. Live and learn. At least my houses turned out OK, an old distillery selling questionable liquor and a red downtown house. I am pretty happy with the distillery, it was a lot of fun to put together. I guess I might need Brewmaster now though ;)
  13. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    That base! I've only just noticed the hand I really like your style, it looks like watercolours. I'd like to learn to paint like ths one day.
  14. PetitDalek

    Purple Mist's Crews

    The orange pumpkins contrast nicely with teal and your dirty snow bases are top notch. Looking forward to seeing the complete crew!
  15. PetitDalek

    Monthly painting challenge - February

    I am not a fan of these sculpts, but you made them interesting with tartan and the belly stamp. Really great job, if I ever get them, I'll try to do something similar.