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  1. dannydb

    Fan-made Future Model Concepts/Ideas

    a hydra seems a great idea!! and yes a lion tamer would be great- i'd love it to have some kind of obey/prompt action it could use on beasts, but if you black joker it, the beast charges the lion tamer (trigger BJ,- One lash to many: has to be declared, target beast charges lion tamer)
  2. yep i guess the reason you take performers is for the lure and the blowing up of scheme markers. however cojo/carlos can also blow up scheme markers
  3. dannydb

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    this is what you get for trying to do things from memory and not reading
  4. dannydb

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    a nurse with the new necromancer can also have a quite effective heal!
  5. dannydb

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    well being my first event it was realy realy good, very well ran, and realy enjoyable the only complaint was the fact i ended up with 2 byes (one due to uneven teams, one for facing the team with 4) but thats not something that could have been avoided realy
  6. dannydb

    Seize the Day @ The Outpost Sheffield 24/06/18

    Glad I'm not the only one! can we reserve tickets at while this is being sorted?
  7. dannydb

    Building a "Blue Deck" Crew

    I think the funniest control build i've seen is ramos with vox populi, child, lazarus, and amina nadu... you drop 3 strike markers a turn and turn 2 models in to peons... no idea if its good
  8. dannydb

    Fan-made Future Model Concepts/Ideas

    having been thinking on this earlier, i've come up with a couple of options- some kind of beasts with regen- maybe some kind of actual scorpion or lizard showing its regrowing of limbs- you could even have it that if it takes a certain amount of damage the limb drops off as a scrap marker! also more beast henchmen, especially someone with poison synergies, lastly some kind of melee focused M&SU model, i guess its the miner but they just feel a bit meh
  9. dannydb

    M2e Kaeris

    so heat wave.... how are people getting this to work? does she get instinctual from emmy then swoop in, flare attack a few times with flaming halo and then heat stroke? seems more complicated than grabbing and droping
  10. dannydb

    Tournament advice

    i much prefer challange the crowd over imbued protection, does the same job but a lot better IMO
  11. is there prizes for doing an iron scorpius (playing 5 different masters?)... if not is there anyone planning on joining me to do 5 different masters over the course of it? also are people planning on droping in on friday afternoon evening.... might be tempted to pop down to meet some of the guys and maybe even get a game?
  12. as for masters i'd like to play there mostly ressers atm i'm mostly an arcanists but a beast heavy mcmorning build, either a showgirl or heavy terror inducing sheamus build, a Tara burying slingshot guild and a Reva flaming death pony build all seem fun for me! sadly i hardly get enough play from my arcanist models to make buying a 2nd faction worth while
  13. dannydb

    Who can take the most beating?

    fill the rest of the gang with steamfitters to weld metal plates to joss, maybe have a tool kit for joss to kill to generate scrap as well to give 3 of the steamfitters chance to give joss +3 armour
  14. dannydb

    M2E Marcus

    has anyone experience with a more controlling marcus build- the gods path etc.... what would you suggest going with him
  15. dannydb

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    The main issue i have with Sandeep is the fact he is so go in melee in my mind, lower his Gada stat and get rid of impossible to wound (maybe make his arcane shield to show his magic prowess, maybe -2 rather than -1 to compensate) yer maybe make beacon only minions and academics only (would make tuterlage a better option)