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  1. Cadaver_Junkie

    Misaki, Wokou Raider, Crime Boss and Prospector

    I'll be giving it a shot in my next game methinks. Alternatively, how about the Bayou Smuggler? Perhaps the synergy is easier here. You just activate the Smuggler last, moving all those markers around for free and generating more card draw (as part of a walk action). Plus, this doesn't require destruction of enemy scheme markers like the Prospector. The Swap action is probably reasonable when your opponent only has one or two cards left in their hand. Sure, it's giving them a card cycle, but you are one card up overall (at least). Up Sheet's Creek could be useful against summoners especially with a large hand at the end of turn. And with the card advantage you should already have, your opponent would be hesitant to attack the Smuggler due to the Buy Low, Sell High front of card ability giving you even more cards. Sensei Yu is a clear synergy, however I'm not sure about buying the box set just yet. EDIT: Card Draw Mechanisms; Crime Boss: Each enemy activation in 2" Crime Boss: Each normal enemy scheme marker placement within 6" Wokou Raider + Crime Boss: Inbuilt scheme marker placement with each attack Wokou Raider + Crime Boss: A New Horizon, swapping low Tombs for a new card Sensei Yu: Card draw for every enemy scheme marker moved Bayou Smuggler: Free card(s) draw when taking Walk actions due to Wokou Raider's enemy scheme marker placement Bayou Smuggler: Card draw with 'even' result from The Swap Bayou Smuggler + Crime Boss: Card draw with 'odd' result from The Swap Prospector: Appraise, draw a card on a 6+ Did I miss anything?
  2. Cadaver_Junkie

    Prospector in neverborn

    Sorry mate, game didn't happen
  3. Cadaver_Junkie

    Alcohol poisoning and soulstones

    I thought you couldn't prevent poison damage? "During the Upkeep Step, any model with the Poison Condition suffers 1 damage that may not be reduced or negated"
  4. Cadaver_Junkie

    Changelings as scheme runners

    I'll pretty much require them to be scheme runners in my Titania crew (summoned by the Emissary). Mostly because I think I have too many beaters, not enough to actually score VP's
  5. Like the title says. Misaki + Wokou Raider(s) + Crime Boss(es) + Prospector(s). Seems like a crazy amount of synergy there. What do you guys think? This has already been discussed, I'm really just looking at adding the Prospectors. Would you run two of any of the above? I'd maybe go two raiders. Would you run none?
  6. Cadaver_Junkie

    Prospector in neverborn

    Will do! Maybe I'll fit a game in next week.
  7. Cadaver_Junkie

    Prospector in neverborn

    Nice! I have one waiting just now for a good use idea, and here you've gone and provided it! Looking forward to running one with Titania, definitely.
  8. Cadaver_Junkie

    Our worst models

    I kinda disagree. I win far more tournament games than I lose with Brewmaster. I think he's a fantastic support master. Just don't rely on his bubble.
  9. Cadaver_Junkie

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    I do already have Misaki and Brewmaster however, so I'm not so sure I need a third master at the moment Maybe once I've finished painting everything. Trying to be good! I'll definitely consider it. As for the combo, I'll be running 2x Wokou Raiders also (in a Misaki list) for supplying the enemy scheme markers At least, on paper. Hence my trepidation Maybe I'll just have to proxy it myself and report back to the team!
  10. Cadaver_Junkie

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Has anyone tried Mighty Gust with Crime Boss yet? Easy or hard to do? I'm trying to decide if I purchase Sensei Yu - I just don't want the full box set at this time.
  11. Cadaver_Junkie

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    The bubble is a mistake for rookie Brewmaster players though- I rarely use the bubble, it’s often not as good as his other zero action, at least that’s what I find.
  12. Cadaver_Junkie

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Misaki can take Wokou Raiders, which can generate card draw alongside the Crime Boss zero action. Wandering River Style "Mighty Gust" on Sensei Yu or Shenlong in conjunction with Crime Boss can draw up to 3 cards for a (1) action. Probably great against Titania especially. You could use it to draw 6 or 9 cards in one activation if you really wanted to.
  13. Cadaver_Junkie

    Rank the TT starters

    This is exactly why I'm building a Misaki crew right now for my next master. I cut my teeth on a complex Brewmaster gremlin crew, evolved my gremlins into a complex Zipp lineup also, but now? I just wanna paint some dynamic ninjas jumping all over the shop and not stress too much how to use the crew.
  14. Cadaver_Junkie

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    I like it enough to give it a shot I think, depending on terrain. Two free pushes like that at the start of a game would be a great tactical advantage in some circumstances. Doesn't require a suit like misdirection. Risk & reward is tricky to me, at least on paper - does it actually work well for you?
  15. Cadaver_Junkie

    New Master - Misaki Synergy (Brainstorm)

    Isn't that push difficult to manage, as you have to push in a straight line directly away from the original target? (i.e. they'll push out in a circle, not straight up the board) I can see it being useful for the first push, not sure sure about the second? Edit: Maybe I'm wrong about that, I suppose if the models are all very close together - and smaller bases. I'll have to test it out