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  1. I'll be running a shifting loyalties campaign in Christchurch. 4 campaign weeks of 2 calendar weeks each. Weekly events will be drawn at the start of each campaign week, 6:30pm at the CWC Thursday club night, starting Thursday 24th of May. Contact me here or look for the Christchurch Malifaux Crew on Facebook.
  2. emiba

    New player, what to buy?

    It was less questioning and more asking as I'm learning to play her myself. ☺️ I would love to hear which out of faction models are good for her. Apart from nurses. I should probably learn to read more carefully... Still, even if it's about joining a group and get to 50 stones quickly, I still think Mr. Graves, doppelganger, Nekima is a good start. I like Waldgeists as well, they're really durable for their cost. Rougarou might be a nice addition if he's getting Titania or Lelu and Lilitu.
  3. emiba

    New player, what to buy?

    Which out of faction models do you consider Zoraida to need? Important to remember is that if you're both starting out, you don't need all the "must have" models at once. You maybe won't even be playing 50 stone games in the beginning and bringing in 13 stones of Nekima then becomes a huge point sink. I would definitely get Mr. Graves and the doppelganger, (although I haven't used her much lately) and primordial magic if you're getting Titania our Lilith. With Lilith you will want to play her cherub in scheme heavy pools but the primordial in others. With Titania you probably want the primordial. If you go Zoraida you'll want will o'the wisps (always) and Waldgeists if you do swampfiends or stitched together, Iggy and wicked dolls (comes in Collodi's box as well) if you don't care so much for Bad Juju. If you think you'll get up to 50 stone games quickly I might have gone with Nekima. I sometimes found myself out-beatered in Neverborn, Nekima helps with that. When I started Neverborn a little under a year ago I got Lilith and Lynch, then soon after Titania and Zoraida. I don't know which I've played the most but probably Titania and lately Zoraida. The one I'm least enamored with is Lynch, and I don't really use anything from his box, though Mr. Graves often sees play as a budget beater and utility piece with his push. Lately I've been playing Zoraida a lot with puppets, so stitched together and wicked dolls, which is a great lead in to Collodi which will probably be my next master.
  4. Positive flips to attacks doesn't counter proper manners, but it does counter the effect of proper manners, bringing it back to straight flips and thus, cheatable.
  5. emiba

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    You will flip and can cheat to fail it. However, if the terrifying model is from your opponents crew, I'm uncertain if it triggers the horror duel as I think it's still friendly to the rest of it's crew.
  6. emiba

    Changelings as scheme runners

    Thanks! So when I hear people say "I prefer Changelings over terror tots", I should be hearing "I prefer flexibility over mad running skills" rather than "Changelings are great scheme runners"?
  7. What the title says basically. It annoys me that they're insignificant. I'd gladly pay another stone if they were significant.
  8. So, what am I missing? Why are Changelings good as scheme runners? Sure, they can pseudo leap, but they have to end in base contact with another model. So do you always run them with a baby sitter?
  9. emiba

    Another reason Marcus is #1

    I'm no expert but I'd assume yes, the ability would come into effect. It only says "another model" and nothing about a trigger or anything. You'd still have the option to cheat a non tome card though I guess.
  10. emiba

    March Newsletter

    My point wasn't that the Viktorias shouldn't have been made or that Malifaux is sexist. I love it, play it, and promote it. I wouldn't if I thought it was. I know women who don't mind the models and I know women who do. I guess what caused me to post is that I feel that we are mature enough as a community to be able to hold the discussion. Not everyone has to agree with everyone, we're never going to reach there, but if I'm done with a discussion; I just don't participate in it. I don't tell others to stop discussing it. I just want people to be able to speak their minds without being stamped with the PC-stamp. Finally, with zombie prostitutes, murderous (and murdered) children, I don't think Malifaux is "politically correct" by any stretch of the word. ;-) And I don't mind.
  11. emiba

    March Newsletter

    Sure, but then again, what's the ratio of men to women in the hobby? To me the problem doesn't have anything to do with morality policing. To me the problem is that it doesn't make sense. Undead streetwalkers, burlesque showgirls and demons of temptation? Makes sense they show off. Sword wielding mercenaries, blind sword wielding leaders of law enforcement and murderous demons with man-sized swords? Now we're starting to head into darker parts of the gray spectrum for me. I won't make a claim to speak for all women (or any woman for that matter) but I think that if you tried to sell Malifaux to women outside of the hobby as a less sexist game than others and showed them the Viktorias, that you'd be faced with quite a few raised eye brows. I will say though that there are quite a few other female models in the Wyrd range that stand out as good examples as less/non-sexist.
  12. emiba


    If someone find a jaw lying around, I dropped mine...
  13. emiba

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    Late to the party but worth to note is that only Lilith's illusionary forest actually block line of sight. The Waldgeist's trees are only severe and soft cover.
  14. emiba

    Vs. Guild Henchman Hardcore

    Bad Juju only has 2 AP.