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  1. beergod

    New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    My advise would change as that was before wave 5, now the Hodgepodge emissary is a must have for the card draw.
  2. beergod

    What's the last list you played?

    I run Tara a lot Tara with, Survivalist, Dead of Winter, Emptiness, knowledge of Eternity and out of time, Nothing beast with Void shield and bigger they are, malifaux child, 6x wretches, and Scion of the void Wretch dish out Slow like there is no tomorrow, Tara Keeps the nothing beast Fast, and helps prevent dmg with DOW. the Kid makes things fast and if still around in later rounds copies out of time for some solid dmg. Scion does Scion things
  3. beergod

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    I find that she is less of a killing machine and more of a denier of you opponent getting points. She is the most mobile master in the faction, her upgrade for the Emissary makes him super mobile, Ziko is very Mobile even more so with Scramble, Smoke and Shadows = more mobility. She is a scalpel for taking out the mid SS cost models and finishing off the big beaters. I love her in Ours and Ply.
  4. beergod

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    I run The storm Survivalist and Risk and Reward Shang Ziko with Scramble Smoke and shadows Hodgepodge Emmasary Conflux of Thunder (because 8 inches of Push with scheme markers to boot is awesome) Jorogumo or Wokou Raider Hodgepodge Effigy Oiran and then I have some flex from there I like Sue, Big Jake and a Trapper or Hans
  5. beergod

    Benny relase

    Did Benny's release date get moved? I though he was late Jan
  6. beergod

    w Baby Kade

    looking for a Baby Kade Have $$$$ Classic McMorning Avatar Raspitina (painted) Miss Deed
  7. beergod

    Tara Matchups?

    I main run her a lot and the void spam list doesn't care if you are attacking buried models with her anymore. The 1SS drop to Scramble has solved a lot of the mobility issues. Keep the Beast close to Tara so she can dead of Winter away the dmg and keep the beast fast. Also don't forget that in 6 in of Tara fast enemy models are -2wp. and that the Nothing Beast attacks WP. The best thing is to concentrate on the big Casters and have the NB take them out first. Use the Malifaux child to heal when needed. Also don't worry about cards in your hand as this helps out your crew.
  8. beergod

    New player - Best Way to Expand (Jack / Outcasts)

    The Hanged are also nice to have avail for Jack. Void Wretches or winged plagues make fantastic scheme runners
  9. beergod

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    I like Kade at 6 pts, all you have to do is stick a rat near him for his boost.
  10. beergod

    My tomorrow's game is giving me headache

    I would go with hamlin A&D can hold up multiple models, and with his new upgrade rats can get the scheme markers to the corners.
  11. beergod

    Tara Bomb List

    The spam list works well against those masters (except Pandora). The Key is to take out the big caster. I use Talos over Scion as it hits harder. Make sure to keep Tara close to the Nothing Beast. That way when she unleashes her fast pulse he gains fast for 4 attacks per turn and anything in 6 inches of her is -2 WP if it' s fast. use survivalist and Scramble on Tara Survivalist with her new CA action that Dmg/Heals means that she is a pretty heavy hitter turns 3 onward. Scramble gives her 15 IN of movement and still have 3 AP per turn. use the Void wretches as speed bumps as against fast models as they get the +2 flips Don't be afraid to burn through cards as your Defense gets better and Tara get plus flips also don't for get her +2 DF and WP vs casting actions as that is a huge boost. Also on Tara's second activation try to bury the dangerous model as hers works on leaders as well Tara is not your disposable master anymore
  12. beergod

    Counterplaying the Viks

    As what every one else said, spread out. take out the weaker models early and keep a big beater back to counter charge to minimize the dmg. Tara with some Void Wretches and the old man on the clock wreck a buried Vik of Blood.
  13. beergod

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    do they need Spam?
  14. beergod

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    congrats to all who did all 5 rds. it was a struggle for sure and congrats to the winners. Everyone did spectacular work. See you next year
  15. beergod

    Freikorpsmann/VS Cache Suggestion

    He needs a card titled Brotha'