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  1. Not at all what I was picturing when you posted that name, I pictured a slightly overweight guy in an Elvis costume.
  2. As I am getting back into the game after a 6 yr absence, I need help figuring out what master to work with next. I have Victoria, Misaki and Parker (preordered) the ones I am bouncing back and forth between are Leveticus, Terra and Jack Daw. Suggests and reasons for getting that box.
  3. hodgepodge emmisarry

    yeah, I am stuck on the arms and legs right now, everything else is pretty strait forward
  4. thank you both
  5. hodgepodge emmisarry

    that does not bode well
  6. hodgepodge emmisarry

    doesn't give a good look at the rider, just the bags and the donkey
  7. Not sure if this is the correct place, but... I am having the devil's time putting the rider together for the Hodgepodge Emissary. Any tips or pclose picks would be helpful and appreciated
  8. IN Pittsburgh, PA USA
  9. I'm getting back into the game and have the metal models for the Viktorias except the Student. Card not needed, but would prefer. Am willing to discuss trades but would prefer to buy. Thanks