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  1. New to Malifaux - Need some starter advise

    no, no not kidding at all
  2. New to Malifaux - Need some starter advise

    Right now I would say Tara, Her themed crew is fantastic. for a 50 SS game all you need is another box of Wretches, the Scion and maybe Talos. The Nothing Beast is a solid Beater, the wretches are good a minions for the cost and teaches how fast and slow work. Von Schill is a = box you're going to want to buy any way as two of the best outcast models (trapper and Librarian) are in there. He's also a really good master to learn the game as his box is pretty strait forward. It's also one of the best starter boxed point for point out there. Hamlin is good as well but needs at least one brotherhood of the Rat box to go along. He is a NPE though for a newer player so not so fun to play against. Jack and the Viks are fun, Both good, but have terrible starting boxes. Vick is an alpha stike crew that needs a little outside love. Jack is a sniper that needs a lot of other models to play with as the other in his box are not optimal Parker is fun, fluffy, but is very hard to play and has a weak starter bx as well. Levi has a good box but needs a lot of other pricey boxes to really click Avoid Misaki for now, she isn't as good as the Viks, and is a lot better in Ten Thunders
  3. Wrong Victim

    the Midnight Stalker stalks the wrong victim
  4. can anyone give me a ride home from this I live in the South Hills in Overbrook. or at the lease a T stop?
  5. Round Three Voting - Information

    I've been quiet on this but here is my 2 cents. This is a FREE contest, for pretty good prizes. the rules were laid out up front. there are threads from previous years to view as well. If you were blindsided then you didn't read the rules well enough. But to complain about something Free for pretty good prizes is kind of lame. Enjoy the artwork and keep trying if you ask for tips, people will give them.
  6. Round Three Voting - Information

    I feel that way as well, not like I would have made it past this round
  7. Von Schill

    I see him getting much better in GG18, His wave 5 upgrades and the engineers help a lot.
  8. I see the Nothing Beat was popular this time around
  9. Von Schill

    He's better than people think, the big thing with him is Started box vs Started box he has one of the best. Not a lot of holes and answers for most things. Forgiving to mistakes because of Armour and not effected by blasts. Marker removal, healing and one of the top 3 snipers in the game. on top of that it's a 7 model box unlike most that are 6 models
  10. Which new master to pick up?

    Void spam is not something you play for fun, it's like playing the Rat engine for fun. It's effective, and it wins, and it will still be good in GG18 as it is not a summoning list.
  11. Which new master to pick up?

    I've had great success with the Emissary as a scheme runner with her as it gets two 4 inch moves one of which drops a marker so that 3 markers a turn, plus the trinkets so you can really combo with Raiders. Ziko is also a nice to have for her Def abilities plus card dis card.
  12. Soulstone use for Parker

    I have to agree with every one else. Damage prevent and Bonus flips to henchmen.
  13. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    didn't think of that. Dang
  14. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    I had time issues for rd 2 my family and I were on a Vacation. Hard to paint while on a cruise