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  1. GenCon news update

    I had a friend buy me some of the new figs and the books a the con, but the other figure I told him to get was not avail on site. If I get it through the Web store and show both receipts can I still get the alt Taelor fig?
  2. Misaki upgrade combos

    Try her with Disguised, Survivalist and Cut Purse, between her, Ziko and Pride watch the cards and stones vanish, then Misaki start killing them all.
  3. Misaki upgrade combos

    I use her more as a fouling master. She is great at stopping your opponent from scoring by stripping cards and stones from your opponent. Using Orian as scheme runners and Smoke and shadow's to drop Jorogumo in there face off of Trackers
  4. How to use Jack Daw competitive??

    Jack is a beat stick. He has so many movement options and Pushes. I like to take one Guilty, Lust, a Nurse, Emissary, Johan, Either a Drowned or a Crooked man depending on the enemy faction and a Child. Movement tricks galore
  5. Parker plays

    He does it's on one of his limiteds. Highway man it allows a model you control to take a shooting action and discard the upgrade if it's not a bandit .
  6. Misaki upgrade combos

    I Use stalking, Oathkeeper and Survivalist. I use Pride to get them to chuck cards and activate her later in the turn so I can max her Assassinate trigger. So either way I'm doing damage.
  7. Parker plays

    I like Dead outlaws and you were told to duck. use the dead outlaws to tie up enemy models, then have Paker shoot into the melee . If he hits the enemy it drops a scheme marker that the Dead outlaw uses to heal the damage that Parker just dealt.
  8. Looking for a Freikorps Trapper and Librarian. Buy or trade
  9. Looking for a Freikorps Trapper and Librarian. Buy or trade
  10. Looking for a Freikorps Trapper and Librarian. Buy or trade
  11. Bandidos Question

    I find that for one SS more you get better attacks, Harder to take down, Point denial, self heal and a lock down on your opponents AP is better served. There is nothing that Bandidos do that Void Wretches, for one less SS do just as well.
  12. Bandidos Question

    Good call, they also work well in Jack Daw as they are tormented as well
  13. Returning buy list

    If you get Parker, all the models in wave four work really well with him. Wokou Raiders give him MI options, are good at locking down models in MI for a few turns, get team up MI attacks have some movement tricks. and can move Scheme markers. Dead outlaws Eat enemy Scheme markers to heal, are Hard to wound, can cause enemy models to be only able to walk and interact actions, can dish out slow and can drop enemy scheme markers . Aionus is good with Tara as he does extra dmg to fast or slow targets, dishes out slow, move scheme markers, can give your models fast as an aura, and generates extra AP
  14. How you use Specialist?

    He is amazing in Jack as Jack gets around his mobility issues and he works well with the Nurses. Gives Jack a solid way to keep Ressurs at bay
  15. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    I take Vanessa in all my Vik builds. Her Three card look can set the Vik of Blood up for a big attack or two. or get the Big Heal.