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  1. The Mobile Toolkit won't work on A&D. It counts as a condition when whatever the buff is granted, and A&D is immune.
  2. Seems cool. I don't think Lazarus is that good though. I prefer Strongarm Suit over him in a heartbeat - I'm a big Von Schill player (my first master).
  3. What is the mobile toolkit? I remember the name, just not the model. Arcanist right?
  4. Mech Rider is the top of my buy list. I *should* have Joss on his way - got the alt-sculpt from the Guilder Store, just hasn't arrived yet. Been like 2 something weeks now.
  5. Hey y'all, I'm trying to train up my Levi game and am wondering which constructs you recommend taking? I feel that Pariah of Iron is stronger and want to try some construct synergy lists. As far as out of faction constructs, I have Necropunks, and then Hoffman's box set (got it for free and Hunter seems good). What others do y'all recommend? I already have A&D. Cheers!
  6. Hey fellow Outcasters. Hoping you can provide some advice. I've been looking at the Emissary and think it could be a strong addition for my masters (Von Schill and Levi). That being said, in my Von Schill lists I'm already very starved for stones, so. What does your list for Von Schill, running Emissary, look like? Then, I think the synergy with Levi could be really interesting, since Levi runs a lot of hired out of faction minions, the generic Emissary upgrade works well. Then, I think giving Ashes & Dust the trinket that grants him Don't Mind Me makes Dig your Graves a Joke to complete. What other models would you run in a Levi/A&D/Emissary list? Cheers
  7. Hello all! I'm seeking some help understanding how Stitched Together function. A friend of mine uses them with Collodi constantly (I'm an Outcast player) and tells me how he gets 4 uninteruptered attacks with it in a row, or multiple double focused attacks in a row (as in ++ flips per attack). He hasn't dropped them against me (he moved), but I'm confused on how all this is possible. I'm aware of some of the combos, Collodi/Vasillista Strum, Stiched's Reactive, etc, but not how the entire thing works. Would anyone be able to explain? I keep hearing how he slaughtered masters turn 1 (McCabe & Asami being the most recent) off a 6AP attack run and I don't want to fall victim to this. Thanks.
  8. I'm not a fan of Lazarus. I think at 10ss cost I think you're much better off running Hannah or Strongarm Suit. Hannah is a great melee beater, can copy CA actions, and provides an extra card in hand. Strongarm has an equally strong melee (better actually in my opinion) and a equally strong SH, trading out blasts to be able to target Willpower, which is a great way to slip in damage under the radar on your opponent. Also, his zero actions can increase his melee dmg OR and this is where I think he becomes truely better, bring his SH to a bleeding 7 value (again, against Willpower). Lastly, augmented jump lets him tear around the field and murder things, all while he's hiding behind the same Armor +2
  9. I like him a lot for interference, since he and Strongarm Suit can bounce around the board so much. In Collect the Bounty, he is great at killing things, but also since you can produce a disgusting amount of healing if needed. Between Librarian, Steam Trunk, and Hannah's Make a New Entry, and Von Schill's personal Heal Upgrade, your crew can be very hard to put down. Coupled with Sue for his "Hurt" ability (lets him draw a card) and Hannah's arcane reservoir (+1 card to hand) you have a crazy amount of resources to do said healing with. Lastly, I think he's great with Squatter's Rights since his crew can be so resistant and can hold area well. Most of the Strats I think he is playable on, its schemes where he has issues, since his crews generally fight for AP and scheme running is difficult for him (in my opinion). I think Frame for Murder is easy along with Quick Murder, Last Stand since most of your crew is enforcers or henchmen anyway, and your opponents are most likely bringing 3-4 more models than you. Dig your graves can sometimes work, since you're good at killing,but getting the markers out is somewhat challenging. Elim Leader works, since Von Schill kills things like a champ (to save nothing of his other Friekorps models and other outcasts you can bring in). Show of Force since again, like Last Stand you're running enforcers and henchmen with upgrades and resistant to death. Hunting Party if your opponent has a lot of minions, lastly, Search the Ruins can be do able, since in most games anyway, you want center board presence and you can bluff Claim Jump or Dig your Graves (if possible).
  10. Since I started playing Malifaux, my main master has been Von Schill (master I learned with). I'm wanting some more ideas for crew lists with him. My standard list I'm currently running is something like: 1) Von Schill +Oathkeeper & Shirt Comes Off 2) Hannah + I Pay Better 3) Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper 4) Freikorps Trapper 5) Sue + Return Fire. 6) Freikorps Librarian. After that, I play mostly to the Schemes and Strat, with Freikorpsmann, Johan, and/or Steam Trunk, swapping models out as needed. What do people normally bring with Von Schill? What are your "auto includes" and then what do you bring to address the various Schemes and Strats?
  11. I agree completely, Return Fire on Sue is great. As long as the incoming attack is within range (which is 12) you get the response attack. Great utility added to an already high value model, and makes people second guess if they really want to attack him.
  12. Suit (I think) works really well. I'm playing in my first HH tomorrow and am expecting on a Hannah + Suit combo to wreck my opponents. The 0-action sharing also is crazy handing, either for extra damage or for counter Ml damage.
  13. I've play both and have generally found trapper the more viable of the two. Trapper Steve (as I've affectionately taken to calling him) Has greater overall utility with the built in +, From the Shadows, and Crit Strike, along with his Re position Trigger. Most things the Hans could kill in one shot, Trapper can as well. That being said, Hans' various triggers are handy at times, and the Scout the Field combo turn one is a really nice way to tilt your opponent early. Something that I don't think was mentioned yet, is that Hans does not randomize, so I find I like him in Interference, where I can throw my heavy beater Freikorps models into my opponents, soften them up, and then have Hans finish them off, granting me the Interference zone.
  14. I had never thought of using Hannah with reference the field guide, I normally use make a new entry for Librarian's healing, but thinking about it, it could be really strong, ensuring you get the horror duel on her attack. I generally find Freikorpsmann not worth their cost, but I'm gonna have to check that out, thanks!
  15. I agree, Von Schill is amazing against Arcanists. I've play Von Schill almost exclusively against Arcanists and he works like a dream. Von Schill, the Legend himself, works crazy well against them, since he ignores armor and can crack things to soften them up. Moreover, with Augmented Jump, he can charge into the backline, then flounce around dealing merry death to all the soft squishy things (here's looking at you mages). Then, his crew is great, strongarm suit is roughly a mini-Von Schill. Then, Trappers are AMAZING and picking off or pinging down models (again, those pesky mages). Lastly, Hannah, with her counterspell/flux can shut down Howard Langston's execute trigger (though you'll need a lot stones to prevent on her), then couple her with a librarian and trunk and BOOM she's back to full and ready to punch somestuff. If you can eat the first round of attacks from Howard and survive, it's fairly easy to put him down.