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  1. New to Malifaux - Need some starter advise

    I'm guessing Specialist will get changed with the January errata. Ideally, I'd like to see him changed to Df 5, and either get an increase in range to his gun and/or a (0) action that gives him a 4in push. Along with a decrease in his SS cost to 7
  2. ok thats what I figured. Just wasn't sure if you had some secret tech/play with him for the strat. Honestly, I find him viable in any strat/scheme pool that doesn't contain A Quick Murder.
  3. What are about Guard the Stash do you find A&D good for? Like, is there something in addition to it being an amazing all around model?
  4. I think for cuddles, either remove the no charge clause OR remove condition immunities. I would also say maybe modify his resummon that it can't happen the same turn he is broken? That one I'm less sure on. As for crews, I've had decent success with Von Schill crews, using him as a hyper aggressive flank beater, while the rest of my crew runs the center or other flank. The main problem is VS gets out activated and has only expensive models to buy, so even though A&D is a great model, only having 6-7 models really doesn't do much. In my Levi crews, he's an almost auto-take staple. Paired with Levi's ability to sacrifice undead/constructs for either placement effect or cards, you can either run him up and split him by jumping, placing Levi in an aggressive spot, or split him for cards, gain 2 extra activations, and then just reform him at the end of the round. I like tossing Scramble on him to let him charge through severe terrain, effectively giving him a 15-16in threat range turn one (don't remember the exact number off the top of my head). He can summon on a kill with a trigger, which is a nice little boost, since Levi can then sac the aboms for cards or jumping and the aboms generate card draw themselves. Also, if you need, you sac him and split the Core and Storm far apart, using the Storm as a sudden schemer or, better yet, surprising counter schemer who murders everything that moves on the opposite flank - normally I use this to counter Leave Your Mark or Covert Breakthrough or assist with my own completion of those schemes
  5. Hannah vs Lazarus

    That does seems interesting. My main hesitation is paying 2ss for in essence a single inch of Cg and Wk. And while getting him up the board super fast is really cool, he doesn't necessarily do enough damage - even with the Cyberarm through and resulting shot, he's mostly likely still just doing 4 damage over those 2 attacks. Moreover, Von Schill can't stand up against an entire crew, and since he suffers so hard from being out-activated, throwing him in early is gonna wind up with a dead master, for minimum gain.
  6. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Not worth it on Von Schill, since he already ignores terrain. I find its the best on either Johan or Ashes 'N Dust.
  7. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Eh, scramble's strongest perk is the unimpeded (in my opinion). Being able to ignore terrain on a charge is amazing - its the main saving grace of Von Schill. Paying 1SS to get +1 to Wk and Cg is pretty meh
  8. Hannah vs Lazarus

    I think Scramble is fine @ 2ss, it is very powerful to have unimpeded charging, along with a + to Wk and Cg. But taking it is certainly based on the board type you're facing. Anything that is even sorta empty, you're better off taking something else. But if theres a somewhat sizable amount of severe terrain, I've found it well worth it. I personally really like Scramble on A&D in my Levi list, since it gives him a Wk6, Cg 8 (if i remember correctly) and an insane threat range to get into your opponent face turn one, potentally killing something turn one, or being set to murder turn 2. Additionally, having A&D being unimpeded is gross as hell.
  9. Hannah vs Lazarus

    Fair point. I'm just not a fan of Wk 4, but the extra AP does balance it out a ton
  10. Hannah vs Lazarus

    I haven't tried Bishop yet, but he seems interesting. My main hesitation is Wk 4, and no armor to support him. I'm a huge fan of Strongarm Suit and in comparing the 2, I can't really see a reason to take Bishop over him. How do you normally use Bishop?
  11. Hannah vs Lazarus

    I think the librarian, trapper, steam trunk is kinda standard, along with Strongarm Suit (I personally perfer him over Hananh). That leaves you roughly 25-30 stones to play with for models/upgrades. The Specialist is not worth the stones, even for a fully thematic crew. I recommend swapping him out for Sue, who is an absolute monster at damge (built in ram crit strike, along with auto positives on the attack, plus really good utility tools. As for the question between Laz or Hannah, Hannah is better in my opinion, due to the extra card, her stripping of buit-in suits, and her copy of CA's. That being said, she is a 10ss Henchie, for a master with only a cache of 1, and normally a very low stone total in game, while having a Df of 5. She drops really really fast, unless you're spending all kinds of AP/0's to heal her. She's also pretty slow, with an unimpressive charge, even w/reach 3in. Strongarm Suit is just a stronger version, much greater threat range, strong attacks, and more survivable.
  12. Competitive Leveticus lists

    That I don't agree with. Like, its a good model, don't get me wrong. But it really doesn't do a ton of damage and does drop really fast if attacked. Its a paradox - if you want to kill something, you must go with him first, but then he'll get dropped. And if he gets engaged, you're wasting valuable AP disengaging instead of doing things. I've found his power is projecting/threatening/schemeing, not actually killing things. There are tons of "stronger" models than him - he's very situtaional, based on the schemes and strat, and opposition.
  13. Competitive Leveticus lists

    That being said, punks are great schemer models. For deep pushed models, Ashes & Dust is always good. I've been finding Midnight Stalker is decent, along with Peacekeeper or Strongarm Suit
  14. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I like the changes to Move or Burn. It synergies really well with Von Schill's new upgrade to shoot things off the push
  15. Competitive Leveticus lists

    I've found much the same - playing him riskier, throwing him up forward to start attacking things generally pays off. You can *generally* kill a model, summon an abom all in one activation. Which is a huge physiological hit to your opponent. But you must be willing to lose at least 1 waif to do so. Understand that it comes with a give and take. If your playing him with a Hamelin playstyle, of course he's not going to be better then hamelin. Do things with Levi which only Levi can do. Such as tie up the enemy turn 1 and waste his resources and then explode and dont care about dying. I haven't tried the new upgrades a ton, but I've found them less then useful. Iron, in my opinion is a must, since it opens up such a MASSIVE hiring pool (my favorites being Necropunks for Scheming, Terracota because obviously, and PEacekeeper cause only crap min 4 dmg is nice, backed by armor +2). Positoning is key. The goal is never to have to walk him more than once, ideally not at all, so you can get 2 focused shots off each activation. Or you use his other (0) to sac and jump to a friendly construct a- total of 10in place and nuke whatever you can.