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  1. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    Actually, he still would be able to shoot. As long as the enemy model is at the edge of her 3in engagement, he can still shoot it. You only randomize if the models are engaged and within two inches of each other. Placing the model @ 3in will still grant the shot
  2. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    I honestly hadn't thought to stack Oathkeeper on jsut VS to just focus on giving him the positives. I'm gonna havce to try that. Also, for some reason didn't realize Lazarius was Frekiorps...might have to go pick him up... Von Schill, while might not be strong/competitive, is still my favorite master to play. I think he's very active and requires some good thought and understanding of the game. And he is a good pick into Gremlins and NEverborn, I think. I also find him to do very well against Arcanist. My VS enjoys making cannon fodder out of mages. Yes, Hamlin, Vikies, and Tara are all more competivie and strunk. But VS does a good job with what he has available to him and can givce other masters a real hard time
  3. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    I think with Interference he's nice. And most scheme he can do, either through killing which he's strong at, or his massive hiring pool for the more "schemey" stuff, or summoning off kills. Levi is certainly kinda awkward though. Sicne Hamlin is the crazy strong Tyrant he is , if you have both, its a hard call to choose Levi instead. Whereas for me, I only have Levi an Von Schill, so its picking Von Schill is the hard call instead of Levi.
  4. Master Breakdown Scheme Pool Edition

    VS is really good with Extraction and Guard the Stash. Bubbling up and holding a point is his bread and butter, with his ghetto hard to wound, healing, and new throw. Since he and Strongarm Suit can charge while engaged, they can bounce around while the rest of your core lock down the objective. For schemes, Show of Force is an autotake, since he wants to be in the center. I also find Dig their Graves is strong for him, along with Undercover Entourage
  5. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    That's my feeling. While tossing out 3 is really good, its really not a ton of gain, unless VS is dealing out damage to apply Priority Target. So he has to be forward, while throwing oathkeeper, which just becomes a moving parts machine
  6. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    So do you jut spend the the first 1-2 rounds of VS throwing Oathkeepers onto everything that moves?
  7. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Oh, I see a lot of Gremlin and 10T, which have a ton of models, all who have high wounds - (Gremlins I face don't run byuos). The trappers can DO WORK but they generally are only getting off 1 shot a turn, which even at min 3, isn't enough steady damage for what I face.
  8. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I think its strong, its jsut that with those 4 models you're at 33 stones, not counting upgrades. which means you're crew is at most 7 models. And being outactivated by 2-3 is crippling. Even though you'll get a couple really good shots with your insane buffed models, you're setting yourself up to start in a hole and have to claw back right away or you're gonna have one hell of a time
  9. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    I'll give you that, Strongarm with fast+fast+fast is gross. I agree completely, against Neverborn VS and the Korp is great. He's almost an autotake for me, though I also run Levi who handles them well, if I think they're gonna drop incorparal stuff
  10. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    I've been playing VS for about a year now and love the new upgrades. My only hesitation is with Oath of the Freikrops, since it really requires you to run a full Freikorps crew, which I feel isn't that strong, sicne at most we're talking 7 models, which in this era of Malifaux, is no where near enough. Outactivation is such a crucial thing that the full freikorps is just to expensive. That being said, I absolutely love Aftermath. Its sooo satisfying to throw models and then push and attack a different model after the charge. I find my lists with VS are mostly trunk, Suit/Ashes n' Dust, Librarian, and Sue. And then I play around with the remaining stones as I need. The VS ball of death is very fun for extraction and can grind out a lot of opponnets. MY complaint with Oath is that you need a lot of Freikorps to make it worthwhile, but also you're trading a master's AP for a lower model. Which is nice if you get the buff next turn with Prority Target, but I found that you often end up having to burn oathkeeper to get in postion in the first place. And since you can only give it to freikirops models, which are either expsneive or not strong (lookin' at you specialist) it becomes kinda a waste. I like the fluff value of it and do enjoy playing it in more casual games, but I've mostly abandoned it for tournament play. Though, I hadn't thought of jsut using Prority Target on VS, and send him in as a 1-man killing machine.
  11. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    After looking through all of this, I think Nimble, Df +1, and Reference the Field Guide are probably the best combo to buff him into 8SS status. I find VS's Oath of the Freikorps isn't that useful, outside a full thematic Freikorps list, which generally isn't strong. Aftermath is a more useful upgrae I've found and for the most part, you don't want to run a full Freikorps crew. At most, you're running 3 i find (trapper, libraian, and then eiher Hannah/Anna/Suit and MAYBE a freikorpsmann instead of a trapper.maybe)
  12. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    I never thought of that dropping him in status. I still don't think he'd be worth it without a stats change. He'd basically gonna feed Hunting Party points or REckoning without a Df icnrease
  13. Ok, so I know this is a topic that has been beat to death, but I'd like to hear people's thoughts on how they would buff the specialist. I think with the rise of Azura Rotten's zombie spam (I haven't seen it but I've heard the horror stories) and Nicodem's return, Specialist should see more play, cause he can remove corpse markers, EXCEPT he's literally a waste of soulstones right now. So I want to see in what ways we could make him playable and help counter the rising tide of Ressers. I've always thought it was a cool model (I mean, its a dude with a flamethrower, come on) but obviously it suffers from a ton of problems. Its Wk & Df are to low for its cost, its range is only 10, and @ 8ss, its damage profil of 2/3blast/4blast is on the weak side. It did get a small buff from engineer, but its highly card intensive and requires a ton of set up for a single good punch. So, my thoughts: Change to Wk 5, Df 5 OR drop the SS cost Increase the range of his gun to 12 Give him a zero action that lets him push/place within 4 OR give him Reference the Field Guide so you can ensure you hit his suits for the not-builtin triggers/increase his dmg profile Give him built-in Scout the Field so he gets a free walk at the beginning of the game (or each turn but that seems a wee to powerful) Thought? Suggestions?
  14. Undercover Entourage

    I think this would be a great idea. It makes it potentially not an autotake and makes bluffing it take actual thought. Provides more dimension to the game and creates more counterplay within each game.
  15. How do you use the Midnight Stalker

    Yea, I find him strong with Levi, he can work as a far advanced anchor or just counter schemer. And provides depth with a slower Peacekeeper and A&D who is menacing the other flank