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  1. Thoughts on HH list

    I also really like running lists similar to these: Hannah + I Pay Better (2ss) freikrop librarian (7ss) 1 friekorpsmann (5ss) 1 trapper (6ss) or Rusty Aylice OR Hannah + I pay better Strongarm Suit (10ss) Johan (6ss) or trapper (6ss) abomination or void wretch
  2. Thoughts on HH list

    I think it's a fine list, though somewhat lacking in range. If possible, I'd switch out johan for something like a frikorpsmann or two, which are decent range or melee. But that's not a hard change. i would highly recommend putting return fire on Sue though. It's a Df/Wp trigger that lets him take a Sh action whenever someone hits him. His gun is both range and melee which makes him a monster if anyone tries to hit him. And his gun hits like a bloody truck
  3. How you use Specialist?

    She still hits like a truck, and the extra CA is great. I run Levi and Von Schill, so I don't know how she plays in Daw, but I find her a great utility model. The extra card is wonderul and you can get a 3rd Librarian heal from her. AND with I Pay Better, you have a nice focus engine and a good way to deal out blast damage.
  4. Outcasts and Headhunter

    This phrase makes me happy.
  5. Outcasts and Headhunter

    Levi with a belle or 2 can pull a single target close and then you beatstick onto it. Levi also provides natural activation control, and actually has almost all his models can interact with markers, whereas Hamlins's peons can't. Having pushes is always nice, as well as large engagement areas to deny your opponent picking up heads. Also, as much as killing models early is really good for activation control, you need to wait until you can either pick up heads or deny them. Or gun down the far off scheme runners, not stuff thats clustered in the center
  6. How you use Specialist?

    Can Hannah give out paralyze through take your meds? Her "Make a New Entry" Cannot declare triggers, so its my understanding she could not be able to give out paralyze (or any of the other conditions) from "Take Your Meds", because they all relay on triggers.
  7. Fighting Jack Daw

    Hannah is not a Construct, fyi. Though the nether flux is really nice, its saved me more times than I can count against other masters/models. I've never faced Daw but I'd imagine its useful to strip all of his builtin, cause in looking at his card, his attacks really aren'tgood without the triggers/suits.
  8. How you use Specialist?

    You don't. He seems like a really cool model, cause let's be real, flamethrowers are kickass, but as a utility piece, he's not worth it. Df 4 makes him absurdly easy to put down and Wk 4 means he's to slow to keep up with the fight. Outcasts don't have efficient pushes so at a certain point he's just an 8SS model doing nothing. You can fix that by giving him Scramble, but then his a 10SS Df 4 that will die right away. His attack is cool, but doesn't do enough dmg to truly be work it - compare him to Sue and Sue's dmg and utility is much better. His removal of scrape and (potentially) scheme markers is good but its hard to actually make it work. I think hiring him in a TT crew that has lots of free pushes/focuses could work, but within Outcast no. His ability to remove slow/para is good, but I've never found a use for it. I suppose you combo it with a nurse to get a free full heal and then remove the paralyze, but I'd rather use the 8SS on something else. I wish he was a playable model. I love the Freikorps and Von Schill is my main master, but Specialist just isn't worth it. No matter how cool he is.
  9. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    That's basically my thinking. Seems like a good utility piece at the very least. If facing something with low Willpower, see gets selected over Sue. That being said, Sue is still one of my favorite models.
  10. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    In the comparison, I do like Sue more - he winds up in almost every list I play, but Vanessa seems cool. And the card manipulation seems handy, along with the obey. Thin I'll grab her, if only cause I have instore credit at the local, I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for her.
  11. Thoughts on Scorpious

    Hey y'all, I'm an Outcast player looking to expand my Levi Construct list. What are your thoughts on Scorpious in general, and would you think it would work within a Levi crew?
  12. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    I'm building my Levi Construct list and am wondering if Vanessa is worth picking up. I have no real interest in the Viks as a whole, but her construct synergy seems interesting
  13. Hollow Waif Anchors

    Trappers are super easy and convenient, since they should be far enough back that they can be defended easily. I really like a librarian, since the heals are nice in general and can hold their own against standard models. I also really like either A&D or Strongarm Suit, since either one works well forward in an aggressive zone, and you can do all kinds of fun things with A&D+Levi. Johan is also a decent pick, cause a 6SS hard to kill, relic hammer is crazy efficient
  14. Levi Construct Crew: What Models?

    The Mobile Toolkit won't work on A&D. It counts as a condition when whatever the buff is granted, and A&D is immune.
  15. Levi Construct Crew: What Models?

    Seems cool. I don't think Lazarus is that good though. I prefer Strongarm Suit over him in a heartbeat - I'm a big Von Schill player (my first master).