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  1. Von Schill starter

    Yea, The Ambidextrous ability might be one of the coolest, most unique abilities in the game. It's so much fun to use it to ignore disguised
  2. Riders

    Nothing Beast hits Willpower, so the damage reduction doesn't apply. All you need is to stone for a + and then you're beating on him @ CA7 min 3 (always take Bigger They Are ) he'll drop pretty fast. And since he's an Incorporeal Henchie, he survives the counter punch really well
  3. Von Schill starter

    I've tried the Rusty Alyce summon engine. Its not bad, though card intensive. She's quite strong, with Wk 7, and her no charge aura is really nice. I've been thinking about using her as a counter to Visk - basically build a wall of disguised/ anti-charge aura and then punch back with Levi
  4. Von Schill starter

    I've been thinking about using Bishop as well, 1) cause having him be Fast for a 4th AP is gross 2) cause having him take 4 attacks on positives #flurry +swift is insane, especially if you declare auto-crit strike
  5. Leveticus in General

    True true. I guess I just view Aboms as summons, not hired models. I'd recommend also using them as sac-jump points for Levi, can get real scary real fast doing that
  6. Leveticus in General

    I'd recommend dropping the 2 aboms for a single more beefer model. I think you should create Stalker as a stable (cause let's be real, he's insane and at worse is counter-scheming the hell out of your opponent) and use those 8SS as your swing slot. I recommend maybe Hans + Scout the Field, librarian, or trapper or 2 void wretches (slightly better scheme runners) or necropunks (much better scheme runners) Granted, if you're just using them for card draw/jump-placepoints for Levi than ignore me
  7. Looking for some clarification. The Freikorps Engineer has a (0) action - Strengthen Armor which allows you to give out Armor+1 to "target Construct or model with Armor+1" Can this (0) action be used on a construct, ex. Peacekeeper, which already has Armor +2? My understanding is The Engineer cannot us Strengthen Armor on the Strongarm Suit, since his Armor +2 is seen as a "different" condition than Armor +1. So, does the wording allowing it to be used on a Construct trump the limitation of Armor+1? Please and thank you.
  8. Von Schill starter

    Ahhh, I guess I just assumed the Armor +1 restriction clause applied to all models. Welp. I suppose that creates some interesting interactions with big beefy models like Peacekeeper...giving him Obscured would be pretty nice, even if it means discarding acard to do so
  9. Von Schill starter

    I thought the wording on the Enginner's Armor ability prevented it from being used on any model with greater than Armor + 1
  10. Von Schill starter

    I agree, while its super cute to make the Freikorpsmann min 4 (+Ram, Reference the field guide, and a Ram on the attack) it gets so card intensive its just not worth it. I've found that the Obscured condition is more useful on VS or Specialist (if for some reason you're bringing him) since it keeps them alive even more so. The Ram is nice for damage, but I find the survivability is the true strength of it. Admittedly though, I'm not a fan of the model sculpt and am planning on using some The OTher Side models as proxies
  11. Von Schill starter

    The card draw is rather nice
  12. Von Schill starter

    The Wave 5 upgrades for VS are your single largest priority to get. Honestly, without them, he's not worth it. I'm partial to using Nythera Aftermath along side Anna to push things, plus strongarm suit, along with the Effigy, an armymann, and the trunk. Librarians are also nice. Hans I think has replaced the trapper, since he has more overall threat (Range 36 is nice)
  13. Leveticus in General

    I've found him surprisingly decent in both Supply Wagons and Public Execution. In Supply Wagons, if you take a construct heavy crew along with Vanessa, you can have the marker over the line turn 1 by obeying A&D, which frees you up to only play denial game. In Public Execution, the rest of your crew can be getting the conditions off the kills (Peacekeepr, Hooded/Pale/Mech Riders) while Levi plays the denial game of killing whatever has the conditions of your opponents.
  14. Tara Matchups?

    Generally, since Casters attack Willpower, models that have a high stat in that are good. The Freikorps under Von Schill all have really nice Willpower, though on the whole VS is rather outclassed by other masters
  15. Talos: Where does he fit?

    Oh...now I'm sad Ok, welp that somewhat scraps my idea. Oh well. Maybe I'll try Anious with him