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  1. @LunaticTuna I'm near Paris. I'm sure you will finish to fall in the Viks and another neverborn box ^^
  2. LunaticTuna Yes I'm french and it seem, neverborn is lot of played here and in uk. beginner like you, put my order yesterday so will have it... when it come from uk ;p
  3. @Angelshard that's why I ask if it's viable and ask advices for found a way to play it the most in a malifaux way. (and if something similar wasn't already done, just don't found it) Some minis look more easy to set in a draft way than others. I already read Schemes and Stones plenty times, was very helpfull for budget and synergies. (PMF too) My group is boardgamers, and before they buy I must give them an idea on it, love on it. in same time they like draft things. expecting that will help them to go in an english game. I have buy what to go with 3 teams (Sommer / Ophélia / Viks + plenty things around) , what we will try too. and what to do a 4 players draft easily. but this cube draft sound another way, that's sure it's different but people can pick what they look good for their eyes and can maybe be more attractive for a beginner who unknow the game. (yes some folks never heard a word about Malifaux here ^^) I was considerating but put out the starter box + 1 addon way, as box aren't of same power at all after my reads/vision (not in SS points and not in synergies) in same time that give them more idea of some gameplay of different units. knowing the fact some minis will have a lack of synergies depending the pool. (I buy kinda versatiles ones for moment and only in the masters factions) I will get a try on that when I receive my minis. but sure, I plan to play normal format too (the aim). and as say I have see some minis looking so good in others factions, I want paint them, and draft play look to me a way to use them. I'm here for learn
  4. I was on same, Viks was what I want for the look, liking the outcast lore, and as I go Gremlins too, they was part of Outcast in past so it's linked. will try play Viks as a full girl crew, I can add Vanessa, Johanna (Johan alt fig), Hannah, Ama no Zako and will look for the others girls for what I can do. want play this thematic. I read they was a bit one way, but great minis are great minis And make them playable in a different way will be a kind of challenge. seem lot of people play neverborn, that's maybe a point for you if you don't like have same thing than others. like you I was on Outcast or Neverborn in more than gremlins. and in outcast I'm looking about Leveticus et jack daw too which have a strong thematic for futur. In neverborn I was looking on Pandora, dreamer, collodi, and Titania, changeling, dopleanger, effigy (face crew). maybe a day ^^ Sound to me have 2 factions is also a nice way, a friend can play one against you, you can have different gameplay. that's not a problem if you pick a part in outcast and a part in neverborn (except price). you will certainely finish with 3 masters in each. just go with what you like the most, if you love also to have tricky, take viks and another master tricky and more versatile in neverborn. easy
  5. Hi, I'm totaly new in game and I tryed to search about a draft rule for Malifaux, for have a pool and pick on them, but don't found that and try to make this viable and need advice from experimented players. I know it's not Lore/fluff ! That's for solve a probelm I have with this game as I have nobody who know this game around me in France and the community seem so small. So I was on found a solution for play this game and seem a draft sytem can be a key. maybe it can be a different way to play also for others and try plenty minis they never play. what I want to do is this : ¤ A pool with minis of different factions with : - X Masters, where X is number of players +2 - X henchamn, where X is number of players x2 - X enforcers, where X is number of players x2+2 - X minions/peons, where X is number of players x3 for 2 players = 20 minis in the pool, for 4 players = 36 ¤ format 25SS (for be abble to play tag play too without change) - only one master / player (henchman hardcore sound nice, but I want be abble to play masters too) - master cost is 10 - cache - a player must have at least 4 minis and a maximum of 5 - no mercenary uppercost - you can cast but you can never have more than 5 on the ground, if for a reason you have more the less old is exiled in instant. (giving a way to use caster) - strategy is turf war like in henchmen hardcore - schemes are sames than henchmen hardcore + the two of GC17 wich are always in the pool in GC17 - Close deplyment in 1 vs 1, and aleatory between close deployment and corner deployment if it's a 2vs2. ¤ Draft rules - you make piles of minis cars by master / henchman / minions / peon, schuffle them by group and draw the number above. - you settup the pool by master / henchman / enforcers / minions / peon on the table - each player flip a fate deck card to know who begin, reflip if eguality between concerned - players look at the pool and each team can ban one minis for counter an imba combo/synergy - players draft 1 minis by 1, alternatively (player 1 take one, player 2 take one, player 2 take one, player 1 take one, player 1 take one ....) - if it's a team game, you draft in Z ( player A team 1, player A team 2, player B team team 1, player B team 2 for fist turn. and in reverse for second turn, B team 2, B team 1, A team 2, A team 1, and back like first turn) - they must begin by the master - in no way they can go upper than 25SS, if you have SS left they go in cache. - masters add cache too - if you haven't 4 minis and can't buy to have 4, the oponnent select one mini (expect master), remove it and you regain the SS to spend for have at least 4 minis same rules as malifaux for play. if you have a master giving something to his faction, that work only for a mini which is his faction in his team (or tag team) ---- I know problems must be around masters casters or like collodi, but I think that let them viable. maybe the number of minis in pool is a few large than need, but was for try make all viable. I'm really interested if you see issues, something better to do. another time, it's not fluff, you will have a master from one faction, minis from plenty (or strategicly try have some in same faction of your master, if this is more interesting, depending the pool) that for help players know the game without they buy, giving one starting vision, and always be able to play it without have one player mastering a team and the other beginer suffer all the game. and in another way, that will give me a way to buy some fantastic minis in others factions than I project to be sorry for my english if that hurt yours eyes (what I can understand)
  6. LTH

    French Translation

    Hi, I'm a futur beginer in Malifaux, I look at this game from years and that's sure the lack of a french version is the point. My principal problem is the slow community and the difficulty to make some players agree to use English rules. As I love the minis and finally take time to read rules, forums, pullmyfinger, S&U, S&S, I will go in. I know since 2 years all is ready for a french, german and spanish version with a company doing it, with all translation given by the community. Seem the isue is with this company. and I understand Wyrd can do nothing if they are linked in law. Now, isn't possible to put the free rules in the 3 languages ready ? can be a first step, and agreed with the spanish company as it will enlarge the players who want also have all the lore. I think have this free rules, with the English terms linked will help a lot to have players jump in it as they will just have to go with English cards to translate themself. for my concern, it seem the community in France and in Spain is killed. this lack of native language rules is a point, and second one is the lack of provider. in France we have no provider for wyrd products, so we can't have a physical shop, they recive products late. I know Wyrd try his best to help physical shop, that's great. but in same time in France we haven't physical shop, so we can only buy online. and the biggest online shop in France have big difficulties to have wyrd products, and at big prices (25% more, when some uk online shop do 20% off, so around 50% to 100% more if we buy to them). maybe Wyrd can help online shop with promos & co in counties where the game is bad setted, and where no physical shop exist. maybe we don't need all translated, but at least the free rules, a little change in politic for specified countries, with little effort for make that businessable. I know the online shop (orange one), provide a translated card for other English only game with agreement of the company and distributor. So players/customers can buy a box without change the packaging and recive in same time a little pack of few pack translated outside the box. I think plenty things can be done without big engagement money and risk on return of Investment. or maybe let just the community do it. give us right to publish this free rules and FAQ translated. or/and say us when the link law with the spanish copany is breack. I know it's difficult, but I'm sure we all want have more players for this very nice game. seen from a futur beginner player without all informations but spending plenty plenty time for found informations about this game and breaking the language problem. have fun in Malifaux, especialy to Gremlins and Outcast players as I tend to go on that ;p