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  1. As usual, everyone can join our demos at these places "Waargh(Warpstone) and Boardgame Academy" In Bangkok Thailand We can run demo at 14:00 until close (usually 0:00) on everyday. Please call me (+66851256986) or drop a PM before you come so I can provide some Information and make appointment. Boardgame Academy's FB page>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/pg/boardgameacademy/about/?ref=page_internal Waaargh(Warpstone)'s FB page >>>>>> https://www.facebook.com/WaaaghWargamesCafe/ << map inside.
  2. This July I'm able to run Malifaux's demo every evening start at 20:00 until store close If anybody interest to join, please call me 0851256986 Niinoi before you come BG Academy's page Waaagh/Bangkae BG's page
  3. Rate Masters into tiers

    How about book4? Any opinion update for tier list?
  4. Malifaux Big Demo Day!! at Waaagh Wargame Cafe Thailand Event start 17:30 until very late night (or until dawn) this is venue FB>>>>>Waaagh Wargame Cafe venue >>>MAP Welcome everybody, we'll let you know that Thailand is a good place to play.
  5. I don't know what's the best sequence to read Malifaux story. what sequence should I read? and I want to know story summary please
  6. This months(May) June and July I'm able to run Malifaux's demo every Monday start at 14:00 until store close If anybody interest to join, please call me 0851256986 Niinoi before you come
  7. New Wyrdos

    Welcome both!!
  8. We have DEMO-SESSION!!!!! in Thailand Comic Con 21-23 April At Siam Paragon Hall Anyone live in Thailand this period plz come. Hope to see you.
  9. Greed, Do you use her (him?)

    I think "she" is quite OK and she plays cello.