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  1. Sold

    My purchases arrived today, thanks a lot. It was great buying from you. Although now I'm tempted to pick up some more stuff....
  2. Help choosing a model to complete an order.

    Thanks pyrflamme! I went with toshiro and I'll admit I didn't look at his card before tossing him out of the running to begin to start. Thanks for the advice, now I just gotta decide how I want to paint him.
  3. Hi, so I've recently switched over to TT and found a old gift card in a drawer, and was trying to figure out the last model to fill out an order. The models the store has / I don't have are: Izumu Queeg Sue Toshiro Yin Shadow Effigy And since I'm toying with the idea of getting some Gremlins Gracie Burt I've been playing mainly Lynch or McCabe, and I'm interested in Brewmaster. I also Yan Lo / Mei Feng but they're not a priority since I'd play the other 3. I already picked up a decent number of TT models (TT brothers, tengu, yokai, jorogumo, samurai, low river monks, shadow emissary, terracotta warriors, etc), so a lot of bases are already covered. I was thinking Sue or Yin, but I'm not sure if one makes more sense than the other, or if there's a different option for those 3 masters that I'm overlooking.
  4. Hi, I was looking for an unpainted plastic Cassandra to go with an incomplete Colette set I picked up. If anyone has one that they'd like to get rid of, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. Easter Sale is Live!

    I just looked at the sale and can't seem to find the translucent lime 'No Shelter Here' Pandora set that was in the preview post, is that going to be added later?