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  1. Dima_v

    Total Testosterone 2018 Begins!

    what about robots and constructs? will they get some time to shine, one day or another?
  2. Dima_v

    Our worst models

    Why haven't anyone mentioned Hans? I've read a lot about how useless he is. Haven't played him much myself, though, he kinda sits in an army box, painted and all...
  3. Dima_v

    March Newsletter

    Oh well, sexist or whatever, female minis are one of the reasons I like Malifaux. Haven't heard any negative thoughts on those from my wife or a girl who regularly plays M2E in our community. Maybe I'm just on the other side of the ocean or something like that, lol
  4. Dima_v

    Freikorps theme

    Schill's new attack. Armor +2 Makes it OK for Lazarus. He can also heal himself.
  5. Dima_v

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    Paper puppets might make Collodi happy
  6. Dima_v

    Parker playable?

    On the six shooters. No + for debuffs, unfortunately
  7. Dima_v

    SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    or a legal proxy, like tortoise and the hare we'll have to wait and see I guess Oh well, those are not alts though, Mason wrote in another topic.
  8. Dima_v

    Gaining Grounds 2018

    If you're serious, score 1 victory point. If you're not, score D3 victory points instead.
  9. Dima_v

    January 2018 Errata

    Sounds pretty good all in all. @Aaron could you please confirm is this is the way the errata would be handled for now, or should we expect any kind of rules rehaul? July will be a short one again, correct?
  10. Dima_v

    A sneak peak to errata

    Well,aionus is still 12 and wokou raider 8 stones Other than that i like the changes I hope it's gonna be released "officially" soone enough
  11. Double that, would be awesome
  12. Dima_v

    Wyrd Chronicles 33

    Previous chronicles, maybe. It was also published as a separate story somewhere in the news section on the website
  13. Dima_v

    Wyrd Chronicles 33

    Exactly!! I didn't think this is how all the "one will weaken and one will perish" thingy works. Great read!
  14. Dima_v

    Flieger`s Arcanists

    Thanks for the answer! Well, will have to look for those colors, I only have dark grey and medium sea grey
  15. Dima_v


    Alt Von Schill sounds fun Alt Killjoy is good too, the original model is not for me at all. Though it doesn't that important if Carver is a legal proxy.