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    Our Worst Models

    Mounted Guards have the unique movement trick for supporting non-master beaters. They may seem, however, a bit costly and less flexible when compare to Investigator. But still Lucius, McCabe and Nellie would love to have one of them in the crew.
  2. Date : 03th/06/2018 Location : Miniatures Warroom, Hong Kong Game Size : 20ss Henchman Hardcore, unlimit slot All players, from brand new to veteran, are welcome to join us. Please refer to the following link for more details. https://goo.gl/forms/Brwxlu0I1PoUb5Ur1
  3. Rufess

    The AWESOME Colette (Nop)

    What made the prompt so bad? I always consider the action as an alternative version of Lucius's Issue Command. In most situation the 2 actions have similar value.
  4. Rufess

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I am a bit confuse about this part. I think it is a one-off draw engine that gives him a large hand size in the first turn then have to discard into the start of the second turn. While this give me a idea to play against with this crew (with idea how the crew running, though). Nellie can use all her hand to pass activation and wait for Somer to start the drawing engine. After Somer draw half of his deck, Nellie can than fall back to keep Somer's hand consume as low as possible. Which means at the second turn Somer can only keep 6 best card in his hand and others are in the discard pool.
  5. Rufess

    Our worst models

    Some random thought here. Sure the quantity is the one of default characteristics and strengths of gremlin. The nerf to stuffed piglets was obviously not because the power of the model, but because of the power for easily accessing to over-activation with all master in the faction. So maybe we should focus on the game mechanism more than the "problematic" model. For example put the activation passing to the base rule instead of just a single ability. Put a limit on available pass per turn to protect the strength of quantity crew and the original passing ability.
  6. Rufess

    Lady J Proxy or Alt Sculpts

    My idea is simply turn the lady's head to the direction that the blade is pointing to, which will make it a more common fighting pose (at least for the upper body...). The hair may need some modify. Well, she did have her hair cut in the book 5. I do not have any spear model so cannot try it by myself. Looking forward if someone actually makes one.
  7. I have not yet played a single game with Sonnia since book 5 was out(too busy with Lady's new upgrade) but I heard lots of comments with Puriflying Frame as a blast anchor with the new sommon and chain activation upgrade. Also you may want to try out investigator to push Sonnia around, instead of the traditional Master Queeg, as well as running and anti-running scheme. And yes the Effigy is considered nearly auto-include with Sonnia for the potential multi card draw in a single turn.
  8. An improvement idea for developers regrad on the UX aspect. Add a new button or a new section in every models and upgrades pages to show all related entries (other models and upgrades), and allow user to redirect to the specific page by clicking the entry name, just like a hyper link. Related Entries: -All summonable models of the viewing model/upgrade -Summoner of the viewing model (eg. All normal summoner, Rat King -> Rat) -Models that mentioned in the ability/action of the viewing model (eg. A&D, Mr. Graves <-> Mr.Tannen, Baby Kade -> Teddy) -Models with the keyword(s) mentioned in the ability/action of the viewing model (eg. Infiltration) -All restriction upgrades of the view model -Conflux upgrade of the master -All related upgrades of the model (Hodgepodge E. -> Trinket Upgrades, Hoffman -> Modification & Cybord Upgrades) -All upgrades that mentioned in the ability/action of the view upgrade (eg. Yin <-> Yang) There will be a huge amount of works to be done so I do not expect we can see this feature coming in next few versions. But I do think it will be a great boost to UX and looking forward we can have it at the future.
  9. Rufess

    Our worst models

    You guys stole our airship first.
  10. Rufess

    Who's the best dog in Malifaux?

    I am so surprised that you have not include the cutest dog in the game, alley cat, into the potions.
  11. Rufess

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    When I pick Mr. Graves I always pick for his pushing. Other than this ability, or maybe the no-charging aura, I do not think he is outshining our models. If we want a beater we always have access to Frans, Jury or thrall. If we want a tank Phiona or Judge maybe a better choice.
  12. Rufess

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    It seems that we have a new great topic to discuss in the general forum: What is a well balance map to all kind of crew? I know there is already some similar threads in both general forum and pull my finger, however the pics were out of function now. So maybe it is a good time to build a new thread to discuss the map and terrain under current meta and GG2018.
  13. Rufess

    3rd Edition - My Thoughts and Prayers

    I think the vantage can simply become adding X" to the model's height. Combine with some fix on height and LoS then it will be fine. think the climble trait also should be changed from 2x of movement to 1x (and flying and incorporeal can go to the top by 0" movement) to encourage playing around buliding more frequencily. And I think we may have a activation-passing mechanism to help against out-activation crew. There should be a limit of "pass" to maintain the advantages of the out-activating. For example, at the begining of every turn, the player with least model count in the board gains several "passing tokens". The number of "passing tokens" equals to the model count different between the player's crew and opponent's crew, at most of 3 (or any number). Speaking of TOS, I would love to see triggers of value different appear in malifaux as well.
  14. Rufess

    Advice (new player)

    Brutal Effigy does play a critical role to Sonnia (or all our offensive master). He can help sonnia, with correct set up, to draw more than 1 hand in a turn. Card is one of the most important resource in the game lining up with SS and AP. Also I find that Sonnia really wants all her AP using in blasting damage instead of walking into position. So Master Queeg or Nurse Heartsband can move her around in cost of few wound. Fransicso and Papa Loco from Perdita's box, as mentioned above, can both buff Sonnia to a greater level. However beware of taking too much support piece at the same time. 1~2 model from above can have the job done well. Then you can fill some scheme runner, front liner and flanker with the remaining SS. You should try out some game to find out your most favorite options. I believe most, if not all, players do welcome using proxy model in causal game.
  15. Rufess

    Lucius, Queeg, and Witchling Thralls?

    The thrall is more duration then you may imagine. If you are worrying about beating power, than you may want Monster Hunter as mentioned above, or replace Master Queed with Mr. Graves for a beat-stick with pushing and tanky abilities. May you share more experience with Ferdinand? I really love the models while feeling difficult to find synergy with others of the crew. Censure is great and laws of nature looks fun but the requirement of mask makes it hard to put off.
  16. I had a game last weekend. It is a killy pool(Public Execution, Eliminated Leadership and Dig Their Graves) so I picked Lady Justice. My opponent was playing Viktoria. Lady Justice -Swordfigter -Ashwood Coffin Francisco -Lead Lined Coat -Wade In The Jury -A Debt to the Guild -Lead Lined Coat Master Queed -Lead Lined Coat -Promiss Death Mashral Recruiter Brutal Effigy Field Reporter Scales of Justice I had charged Lady Justice into opponent's Big Jake too early in the turn1 and failed to remove him. Then the Lady was counter charged by one of the Viktoria and Bishop but still survived at 1 wound. It was my first time playing recruiter so I totally forgot the no-dying aura before I wasted 2ss to protect the Lady. The turn 2 I had won the initial flip so the Lady can finished Bishop and healed up to half wound. My opponent charged another Vik into the Lady but failed to kill her even without the recruiter's aura. The recruiter then counter charged Vik can finished her with the help of the Lady. Francisco walked and jumped to the first Vik and pushed the Lady 0" to stay in engagement for preventing shooting from other enemies, which I completely forgot later in the turn. Opponent shot the Lady with Desperate Mercenary and flip red joker for attack and 11 for damage! What a kill stealer! To revenge Francisco flurried Vik and finished her, and Recruiter shot the mercenary to death. While Hans had killed the Jury and Queed at the same turn. And this was the turn that dusts had been settled. My opponent made a mistake at the last move when killing Francisco and unabled to score from the execution strategy, so I won at 6-5. This was a very fast game that 2 crews just rushed to engage and kill each others. I realized that I tended to put as many buffs into the Lady as I can, El Mayor, promises arua, fear not the sword and the no-dying arua. Which made my struggle a lot for activation order. Also I was keeping them so close to the Lady such that they could not do much outside of babysitting. The Jury only healed 3 times before she was shot off from the table, and Master Queed was too busy to push my own guys that unable to engage oppoent shooting models. Maybe I sould switch them out for more self-satisfying flanker to disturb opponent's concentration from the Lady.
  17. Maybe this would be the most fair way to play with chess clock instead of instantly death. The player who ran out of clock can finish the current action (not activation) and then immediately end the activation. The player can not active any model, nor take any action, nor cheating fate in the rest of the game. The player still have to flip in any opposite duel. Such that the player with time advantage can do whatever want to do. However the time-over player may (arguable) still use soulstone and earn VP to represent the advantages he or she gained from the early game.
  18. Rufess

    How to expand Lady J starter

    (0)Welcome to Malifaux and the Guild office. Yes the Lady Justice is a straight forward while, especially with the new upgrades, still powerful master to start the game. She can have a lot job done, as long as you can provider her the support she needed. Francisco is the most important model for the Lady that always describe as auto include since he can buff her defense status to help her alive . However Francisco only come with the Perdita's crew box, so you may have to purchase another box or have other way to get a single Francisco model. Brutal Effigy is the second thing you would like to have. This little guy can as well help the Lady stand in the field and gain extra card. If you are purchasing Perdita's box then she will love the effigy too. Beside this I would say other things are optional. You may purchase the above list and have some games first before you are buying more. ---------- A bit off topic here. I was always curious why we do not have master specified tactics thread like other faction forum has. I myself have not enough experience to write such thread so I can only wait and hope for someone else...
  19. Rufess

    Trouble with Zoraida and Dreamer

    I have played a lot against the most active player in my group. He is an Neverborn and mainly playing Dreamer and Zoraida as well so I believe I share similar experience with you. I would love to recommend you the Queller. the suppression marker is really gold to shut down those action with built in suit, obey, lure, summon and etc. You have to practice to know where to place the marker though. Do NOT expect the marker can protect you for all game long, however, you should make use of the marker to force opponent consume AP to walk out range and move close to you.
  20. Rufess

    Death Marshalls

    I was running the marshal with Lucius, right after I start playing, to answer opponent's flanker and arch threat. However the more games I played, the less I would like to fit them into my list. I think, as you have mentioned, fragileness is their main weakness. HtW is not able to do much for their Df5 and Wd6. I cannot recall how many time they were shot off from the table before able to reach any valuable target. So if I would take the marshal for the pine-box to temporarily remove enemy model from table, why not have the reporter instead. The slows and pushes can keep enemy beat-stick away from you for a turn. Or the monster hunter could be remove the threat temporarily. The only utilities the marshal can bring which unique from other models are, as far as I can think of, pine-box express and providing extra wounds by burying friendly models when they are in danger.
  21. Date Time : 12:00am 05/11/2017 Location : Miniatures Warroom, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong Game Size : 35ss + 50ss Restrict List All players are welcome to join us. Please refer to the following link for more details. https://goo.gl/forms/PqIrdvqdZtXgAkKA2
  22. Rufess

    Lucius - advice for tournament

    Totally agree. Their only drawback with Lucius is they are not Guardsman.
  23. Rufess

    The lone marshall

    Do you guys think the lone marshal will have more table time in the upcoming GG2018? I as a relatively new player have not yet tested GG2018 nor the lone marshal himself. However I think he may be good at "Symbol of Authority". His decent speed and durability allow him, as his name suggested, to frank alone. At the same time he can still shoot to the middle field to fire support the crew. Also the long distance walk/push and large base size can help with "Hold Up Their Force" as well.
  24. Rufess

    Malifaux App Road Map

    I hope I can view to all available upgrades of the select faction, as well as all related upgrades to the select model. Such as all upgrades that directly restrict to the model, emissary conflux of the master, and something like Modifications and Cyborg of Hoffman. Also I would like to have a option to hide the own/paint/fav bar below the model to make more simplify view.
  25. Rufess

    Why are austringers so good?

    I usually hire them for the following: 1.) Attack that ignores LoS, cover and engagement means you can freely target whoever in range. 2.) High accuracy from decent Sh 7. 3.) Deliver Orders to help "schemeing" and disengaging. And because my local meta is full of summoner, the discard trigger really help when against them and the damage is good enough to finish the summoned model. I would be more prefer Monster Hunter if here is more heavy beater and elite crew.