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  1. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    i just cant understand why i should play Ophelia. she has nice shots? take Somer with +flip upgrade, take student of conflict and summon 9 bayous - Ophelia will cry from that rams dmg output and card cycling with only 18ss investment.
  2. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    So may be post your rosters and thoughts to Ophelia tactica guide? It can be useful for lots of players and breaking some predjudice about her. She was on the shelf near 3 years for me and i didnt want to play her - why should you play Ophelia when you have Somer? Then i tried her at 35cc teaching game and i haven't changed my mind - why should i take her? Def of the crew is a joke, her only tricks are some pushes and trash markers.
  3. green-n-dumb

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    yup, but looks like we will get it near 2020.
  4. green-n-dumb

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    But why hog whisprer if old major and gracie can reactivate by themselves?
  5. green-n-dumb

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    Sad thing in HH that we dont have durable henchman in fraction. All our models are pretty sqwishy.
  6. green-n-dumb

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    Hello! While playing gremlins i got some ideas for new models that i want to share with you. Don't think they are super or will be read by Wyrd (as far i know Wyrd dont use fans concepts) but it can be some fun. May be you want to share your concepts or vision of models too. So first idea - Bayou Knights crew bow looking like medieval knight order of Bayou with mix of heavy knights armor and Gracie-like armor. The main idea of box is pure melee crew that won't play carefully like Mah's gameplay but will be straifghtforward running to enemy and charging them them like Toni or Viks. Also have idea for leader of the crew to work with his lmited upgrades which he can attach as casting (0) or just attach when hiring to bayou-gators, rooster riders and war pigs and ignore all uprgrades restrict. The upgrades will fix bad sides of gators, roosters and warpigs givind them surviveability/boost/armor and saying thet it becoming part of chivaliry knight order. Also it would be nice idea for gators/rooster nightmare version with armored gremlin riders on them. Second idea - gremlin Darwinist/Scientist/Evolutionist. He found book with works of Darwin and get it wrong. 7-9ss very squishy model with (2) tactical action: Sacrifice friendly model in 6' and summon friendly model with ss cost +1 in base contact with target model before removing it from play. This action cant break rare restricitons (you cant have 3 Burts on the table). It can be fun to flexible transform your models for your needs: bayou gremlin to surviver to bushwhacker to Pere and so on.
  7. green-n-dumb

    Alpha Strike Titania

    May be better to pick Nekima instead?
  8. Looks like ToS development took all resources from Malifaux.
  9. green-n-dumb

    Schemes & Stones Mah Tucket Crew Spotlight

    Great! But IMO that 3 minutes intro is too long.
  10. green-n-dumb

    Updated Release Schedule

    I understand that delays happening but it's very sad that we hadn't see story box cards yet.
  11. green-n-dumb

    Balanced Errata chat

    Hope that June arrata will touch Niko and Sandeep. Its realy dusgusting to play against Sandeep theese days.
  12. green-n-dumb

    Starting Lynch

    Is there a real difference between 10T and Neverborn Lynch? Who is cheaper to play as a new player? Am i getting right that Tannen, Graves, Depleted and Beckoners are core and duo-fraction models and suitinig well for both 10T and Neverborn side?
  13. green-n-dumb

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    Pick brewmaster+lucky effigy. You will get lots of positive emotions. As for me the most fun masters are Zipp and Brewie, sometimes Wong. Also im having fun with summoner Sommer but its can be pretty strange when you having fun of 6-9 dumb luck bayou gremlins.
  14. green-n-dumb

    Who can take the most beating?

    All my friends saying that its Burt Jebsen 😀😀😀
  15. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    I know one thing - if book 6 will be as "great" as book 5 - we will be officialy considered as fun faction. Competitive part of gremlins will be dead, may be only Zipp will be fine. I watched Malifaux rankings web-sites from USA, UK and Asia - gremlins and 10T are the least playable factions in this regions. Hope we wont meet the fate of other green guys from one England company about grimdark future battles.