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  1. green-n-dumb

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    Pick brewmaster+lucky effigy. You will get lots of positive emotions. As for me the most fun masters are Zipp and Brewie, sometimes Wong. Also im having fun with summoner Sommer but its can be pretty strange when you having fun of 6-9 dumb luck bayou gremlins.
  2. green-n-dumb

    Who can take the most beating?

    All my friends saying that its Burt Jebsen πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  3. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    I know one thing - if book 6 will be as "great" as book 5 - we will be officialy considered as fun faction. Competitive part of gremlins will be dead, may be only Zipp will be fine. I watched Malifaux rankings web-sites from USA, UK and Asia - gremlins and 10T are the least playable factions in this regions. Hope we wont meet the fate of other green guys from one England company about grimdark future battles.
  4. green-n-dumb

    Lucky Effigy

    Played some games as Brewie with effigy - and that was amazing. Swilled models can't say "NO". Doing easy Vendetta with 4ss model who can give some heals to master and become one more WP duel near Brewie is great.
  5. green-n-dumb

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    Im hoping that some day we will have ressurectionist themed summoner/ some control/map manipulator(except Zipp)/ straightforward mellee beater master (more close to Viks not to Mah) master. Also the mech theme would be nice - we have already lots of mech models. Some dual master with outcasts/resurs/arcanists will be nice too.
  6. green-n-dumb

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    And yes, some Ulix setup video:
  7. green-n-dumb

    Does Ulix need to go whole hog?

    Mechporkchop woul be nice for cool charges from him+old Major. You better have 1-2 warpigs (9ss summon model is great) and they are pretty cheap - bought mine from players that recieved them from mysteryboxes as warrabits. IMO you need to have slop hauler(healing)+Merris(3 scheme markers each turn for summoning and scheme running) and may be Burt/Tawish(because you have him) as all-around tool. So if id started Ulix from zero (already have everything for him) i'd bought: box of piglets, 1-2warpigs, Meris, slops and Burt. If you have Mei Feng then 6ss mechporkchop is also amazing thing. I think it will be enough for lots and lots games when you will understand what to do next.
  8. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    Watching the recent video of Alex Schmid - amazing competetive player. And after big tournament his thoughts about our "out-loved" models are pretty same: lots of cuddles 2017, cost rised of key models and some decreased cost good models but other factions have nice decrease too. And wave 5 is not gamechanging at all.
  9. Ressers: McMourning, Seamus, Molly, Niko. Arcanists: MeiFeng, Marcus. Neverborn: Lynch. Whole Guild. Ramos, Rasputina, Sandeep. Zoraida (as gremlin player i hate her allegiance to gremlins 😠). Leveticus, Jack Daw and all that guro stuff like Yin (its realy disgusting).
  10. green-n-dumb

    Backdraft box models

    Im very interested in that too. Very strange that we haven't seen cards yet and release was planned as april. Wave 5 models stats cards was clear very soon after anouncing.
  11. green-n-dumb

    M2e Kaeris

    Is there any way to build Kaeris on a budget for a new player? Or she needs like emissary+railgolem to work?
  12. green-n-dumb

    The New Seamus

    Hello! Can you please advice the budget start for Seamus? Don't have any ressurectionisis models.
  13. green-n-dumb

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Played game with Ulix and Whisperer this weekend. All game haven't 5 masks for casting reactivate. So he is OP onlyon Somer double warpig lists which are pretty rare.
  14. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    But bayou bash will just give us alt Mc Tawish/Rooster/Waldgeist/ War Pig. Its board game and its not bringing us new models. Our new release till GenCon is backdraft but i dont belive too much that it can help Brewmaster with his lackluster. Ok, i have three questions. First - whats your faction? Second - what models and masters you are considering like "aggresive"? Third - if gremlins are aggressive then what master are Rasputina/Perdita/Viks? Turboaggressive? Gigaaggressive?
  15. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    Nice assumption. But if you read the topic you may know that gremlins don't get aggressive models for years and old one get nerfed. Looks like even developers these days don't clearly know what our faction road is - its clearly seen at book 5.