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  1. Hoffman competitive

    How about a list with OSA in the arcanist assets slot? I ask because...I dont have the M&SU box...
  2. Nico starting idea...

    I'd say you need Phillip and the Nanny more than three different corpse marker generators. You can't summon efficently without a nice hand, and Phillip is a deck filtering machine. He's in Molly's box. Not sure who I'd cut between Asura or the Emissary myself, as I havent played with Asura yet. I'd stick with Mortimer, as he is in the box already and gives you the burst start to get your engine rolling. The Emissary is a strong utility piece, but he is quite fragile and needs to be quiite close to the action if you want to get the most out of him. Asura is the new hotness and is apparently very powerful, but I have no experience with her on the table. I cant wait to try her though.
  3. Malifaux International Competitive Extravaganza - May 2017

    There's a hat museum ...