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  1. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    No need for intellectual dishonesty. You know very well that he's not suggesting people are putting a gun to a developers head and "forcing" them. He's suggesting people are attempting to cohere designers to do something that they may not want to do for the purpose of pleasing a select few. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Some are just here to point out that the wheel doesn't need greasing.
  2. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    . . . very cool
  3. Broken Clock

    TTB Core Rules Discussion

    I'm still new to this game. What is in this book? Are the rules all new or something? Will they be available online? Is my regular manual outdated now?
  4. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    I didn't say people can't want more diversity. If I did, by all means, quote the passage that states that idea. You're not engaging with the strongest form of my argument. You're strawmanning. My reference to homosexual characters within popular culture that were likely produced on the foundation of "let's make a gay!" is indeed relevant to my previous points. Again, I would ask that you engage with me honestly or not at all. Thank you.
  5. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    I did not say anything about fan opinions of character traits are horrid. That's not the question that was asked. I did not say preferences could not be discussed. Please engage with me honestly. I was broadening the discussion to cultural artifacts that extend beyond miniatures. I'd apologize for not making that clearer, but I think you know that's what I was doing.
  6. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    Why is it bad to ask artists to jam politically motivated requests into a miniatures game? 1) Maybe I don't like the idea of someone sitting down and thinking to themselves: "man, this game needs more gays! I'm going to make a gay character!".Do you know that feeling you get when you see a stock photo? That perfectly orchestrated mix of genders and races that in no way looks natural? Makes you cringe a little, doesn't it? Well it makes me sick to my stomach because I know a person was behind that photo saying "We need more blacks in our photo. Get me a black!". There is something insidiously racist with fulfilling racial quotas. 2) A character's sexuality is not really the best launching point for character development of a miniature. Face it, more often than not characters created from this foundation are typically boring and borderline ridiculous, since the genitals they love (something that doesn't matter at all) becomes the focal point of their character. Often times the creator will avoid giving the character flaws or making the character villainous, for fear of insulting people. You end up with a whole mess of constraints, all for the purpose of establishing a character on one of the weakest and most unimportant characteristics imaginable. An agenda doesn't necessarily have to be sinister. Make no mistake, the frequent occurrence of homosexual characters across every artistic medium is indeed an agenda. Nobody can deny the fact that there are likely far more homosexual characters in movies and television than there are in reality (in relation to their corresponding percentage within the general population). As a minority, I find agendas like these deeply racist/sexist/homophobic because inherent in the request for diversity is the belief that individuals like myself are in dire need of representation, as if I'm so weak and simple that I need a fictitious character to attach myself to or that the primary thing I find important about myself is my sexuality/race. Listen, I'm far more attached to a character who believes in honor and a strong family than I am in a character that likes dick. Those attributes represent me much better. I think you're attempting to "invent reasons to back up your original gut reaction of" wanting to be inclusive. Homosexuals are not sidelined by society. Homosexuality is very prevalent in popular culture and denying that fact seems very strange. But, whatever, social justice seems to have permeated into the artifacts I love. Shame.
  7. Broken Clock

    LGBT characters?

    Yes, let us jam homosexuality into Malifaux. "Progressiveness" has worked wonders for Marvel! Their sales are record breaking! I'm sorry, but the sexuality of a character largely isn't important, both in terms of mechanics and lore. If your primary attribute that you feel makes you interesting is what genitals you're attracted to, you're a boring person. The VAST majority of characters in this game do not have any indication of their sexuality. Homosexuals make up 4 percent (if not less) of the population. How many models actually have lore that give a clear indication that their exclusively heterosexual? Five? Six? Adding explicitly gay characters would result in an over-representation and for what? I hear about how inclusiveness is somehow good but the arguments largely rests on moral platitudes and virtue signaling. I don't give a crap if my gender or race or age is represented in a bloody miniatures game. It's meaningless. And, to be perfectly honest, when a white person demands my race be represented in a given cultural artifact I find it insidiously racist. You're free to make whatever character you want gay for whatever reason. Pretend Big Jake is gay. He's got sex appeal and he's native! Very progressive!
  8. Broken Clock

    Basing for Ten Thunders?

    I gave up on creating unison on my Ten Thunders completely and I'm happy about it. I simply read the lore for each figure and create a base that best fits that figure and the tone for that character. Obsidian Oni come from some sort of fire area and so they get a lava base Misaki's crew are all near a riverbed Jorogumo are in a dark forest covered in webs and spider eggs Snipers are in some hills surrounded by dense forest The Lone Samurai stands in a snow and arrow covered battlefield with flecks of cherry blossom scatter (beauty and war) Asami and gang are all on a rocky coast Oiran are inside on traditional japanese flooring Nuts to unification. This isn't a sports team! Every base and figure should tell a story.
  9. Broken Clock

    MeepleFaux 2017

    That's REALLY close to MeepleMart's anniversary! Let's see some Malifaux sales!!!! I'd love to give MeepleMart my entire tax refund!
  10. Broken Clock

    Trying to convince my friend to play

    "Perdita and her lot are Neverborn-slayers and folk heroes to boot. They're about as good as it seems to get". Yes, good old Perdita! Nothing says goodness like genocide and slavery! So, "kill all Neverborn" is good and worthy of folk hero status, while "kill all humans" is problematic and evil. Genocide is okay, so long as you don't belong to the group being exterminated? Okay.
  11. Broken Clock

    Completely New: Dreamer advice

    I can't even find the damn Dreamer to buy him!
  12. So many times THIS! I could get this game played A LOT more if 3-4 player stuff was implemented.
  13. Broken Clock

    Malifaux Counters Required

    Wow! That's a lot of stuff! I was crossing my fingers and wishing I could just order them all from that site but I guess if scrap and corpse size are important than the ones that site offers might not be adequate. I too don't write on my cards. I love status tokens and extra game bling! I was okay spending the cash on tokens, since I'm used to ordering dice and tokens for each individual team in Guild Ball.
  14. Broken Clock

    Malifaux Counters Required

    I'm new to the game and I'm looking to dive in deep! I know I need counters for this game but I don't know what I need. I have a few tokens from this site: http://www.brokenegggames.com/enhancements/elite-gaming-tokens.html?p=2 I use them for Guild Ball. I was wondering what I would need for Malifaux. I'd like to place an order from that site to get the same style of tokens, so I can use them for both games! I just can't seem to find a list of every token I need and how many I need (I'll be buying enough for two players to play). If someone could list off the tokens I should order and how many, that would be great. They have corpse and scrap tokens. I know I need those in Malifaux. Does the size matter?