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  1. Gremlin and Neverborn Relations

    While I was watching a M2E battle report, and interesting question came to mind. What is the relationship like between the Gremlins and Neverborn? The Gremlins, like the Neverborn are natives to Malifaux. Do the two factions get along because they're both natives? Or do the Neverborn resent the Gremlins because of how much they've adapted from human civilization. I feel this is going to spark an interesting conversation, and answers and opinions will be appreciated.
  2. No Love for TTB Core?

    I already have all the major TTB books (FA, FMA, ITS, UQ, ITB) and I don't want to buy 2E just for revamped pursuits and some more lore.
  3. Von Schill typo

    ... Von Schill "IS" a Master... and Hannah is his Henchman...
  4. Undead station

    Of course I started my players on the basics, but Into The Steam and Under Quarantine does make things more interesting.
  5. The Villians Coffee Shop

    The Master of Disguise The Maaster of Disguise takes many, many different forms. One day, he is a low level gangster in Malifaux city. The next, he's a high ranking Arcanist. Only the most powerful of individuals can see through his disguise, but doing is can provoke insanity from those who cannot accept the truth. The truth is that the Master of Disguise is actually a giant chicken, literally. This would be a great villain to use to add comic relief to a TTB session. The players would be forced to firstly hunt down this "man" only to possibly find the giant chicken. Mechanically, this should function just like a Bayou Chicken, but add the following ability: Master of Disguise: While wearing a hat, this character seamlessly blends into what ever role is appropriate for the hat. A sombrero would likely make this character appear as an Ortega whilst wearing a fancy top hat will make this character appear as a high class gentleman. Other characters must pass a TN:15 willpower check to see through the disguise. Associations: Outcast/Gremlin
  6. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    If any did that, they would have been the drunkest of all gremlins. Perhaps more drunk than even the great Somer "Teeth" Jones!
  7. Undead station

    Firstly: the undead station states that the parents were undead, not the fated. That being said, a station card is best used to generate a backstory from. Perhaps the parents were killed by a thing and then a resurrectionist brought them back early in the Fated's life. Another idea is to switch to the lifeline tarot (Under Quarantine) if you have access to it.
  8. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    I think it's something like 2 scrip for every pair of gremlin ears retrieved.
  9. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    There is a bounty for every gremlin corpse brought in, and there are stories about gremlin attacks in the northern hills as well as on Latigo specifically to get Perdita's hat which will likely make the Guild see them as a threat, if not a small one.
  10. Embraced and Forsaken Characters

    I'm just starting a game of Vampire the Masquerade and then the the idea to create world of darkness Fated came to mind.
  11. Embraced and Forsaken Characters

    I have finally gotten around to it, I now proudly present: The Forsaken Fated. Forsaken Characters Within the deepest depths of the Malifaux wilderness; twisted feral animals run rampant. Many people are aware of the Twisted animals that inhabit the Northern Hills, but no-one knows the truth about the Twisted people of the Northern Hills. These people are often referred to as the Forsaken, the people who have been damned by the horrible natural forces in Malifaux. The Forsaken have been influenced by the power that lurks within Malifaux’s twin moons Delios and Illios. People have tried to harness to powers that may lurk within the twin moons, but it ended in a catastrophe. Rather than controlling the power, they were afflicted with a lycanthropic curse. Again, ONTO THE RULES. Playing a Forsaken A Forsaken character has little difference from a standard living Fated, with the exception of the fact they have access to the power of the twin moons. To create a Forsaken, simply use the same methods as creating a vampire, except the extra card represents your character’s Illios Wolf sire rather than a vampire sire. Another method of becoming an Forsaken is the following Supernatural Disease which can be spread by Illios Wolves. Lycanthropy Value and Symptoms · 0: None: Not infected · 1-4: Silver Sensitivity: While silver is nice and all, there’s something that this character SIMPLY CANNOT STAND ABOUT GODDAMNED SILVER! While in direct contact with silver, this character suffers -2 on all flips. · 5-8: Claustrophobe: Something about the walls and ceiling of a building, it just makes this character feel extremely uncomfortable. Looking out a window, this character feels a sense of imprisonment, like they need to be on the other side of the window. Every hour spent indoors, this character must pass a TN:8 centering check or gain the following condition: “Claustrophobia+1: This character suffers -1 to her final duel totals. For every 10 minutes spent outside, reduce the value of this condition by 1.” If this character is indoors against their will (imprisonment for example), inflict Claustrophobia+2 instead. · 9-12: Lunar Blackouts: The twin moons of Malifaux: Delios and Illios, begin to cause unusual effects on this character. After Illios rises, this character must pass a TN:8 centering check or forget everything that happens after Illios rises the following morning. People would often associate this behaviour with “gremlin like drinking habits”. · 13: Forsaken: The curse of Illios and Delios has finalized its grasp on this character. This character becomes a Forsaken Fated character. Forsaken Rules -Any character who begins the game Forsaken must have their defining suit be Rams. -Whenever a Forsaken character is damaged with a silver weapon, the damage flip gains and if the Black Joker comes up, replace with another card. Forsaken characters also suffer from Silver Sensitivity as noted above. -Whenever Illios rises, the Forsaken must pass a TN:12 centering check or transform into an Illios Wolf, notes for Illios Wolves are noted below. Whilst in human form, this character must pass this check again every hour to avoid transforming. Illios Wolf Form: · This character gains +2 Might, Speed, and Tenacity. · This character loses -2 Charm, Grace, and Intellect. · This character increases their height value by 1. · This character gains the Beast Characteristic. · This character gains the following ability: “Rampaging: This character must kill the closest Living character, after that’s done, this character moves onto the next. · This character cannot use any equipment they own, they however gain the following weapon: Seven Inch Claws Acting Value: Melee + Might Range: 2 Resist: Defense Damage: 2/3/5 Special: This weapon’s acting value cannot be exchanged for any other skill or aspect by any means. Ill be working on general talents and perhaps an advanced pursuit sometime reletively soon, till then, enjoy this.
  12. Through the Breach FAQ and Errata (4/27/16)

    They're should be immune to poison. However, there are some general talents that allow poisons and other concoctions to affect Invested and Stitched characters listed in Under Quarantine.
  13. Breach side over seas

    There could be a sea beyond the grasslands. Though it is possible that a sea could be anywhere. Perhaps even beyond the badlands or fortune falls.
  14. Breach side over seas

    According to the bayou map, the other side of the bayou relative to malifaux city appears to be a grassland rather than a sea. Though I am also curious as to what actually lies beyond these regions.
  15. Faction idea

    Even better idea, the totem could be a wood chipper, it doesn't attack on its own, but if a model is pushed into it...