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  1. I've got something for our (really late but possibly still valid). For a Neverborn henchman, how about something inspired by Edgar Poe? We could call him "The Morbid Poet". His abilities would likely include spreading misery and sorrow to nearby models while a raven in his control would attack things for him. This would thematically suit Pandora rather well. How this would manifest could perhaps be the following ability. Miserable Aura: Enemy models within 6 suffer a -2 penalty to all WP duels and gains the tormented characteristic. If The Morbid Poet was a mercenary model, this theme could also pair well with Jack Daw. And don't even get me started on Lovecraft...
  2. Technically, the Dreamer would still be the leader, but in order to get to him, your opponent will have to defeat lord chompy bits. I own the box so I know that that is NOT an easy feat.
  3. The mining arm This is nothing more than a pneumatic arm with a hammer instead of a hand. Stars wise, treat this like a rail hammer using the pneumatics skill instead of heavy melee. Story wise however, it causes interesting character problems like not having both hands.
  4. Keep in mind, destiny steps are advanced if the Fated embraces or denies the destiny, thus you could have it pass without any benefit to the Fated in question. This would be harsh but logically sound (for people in control of their destinies anyways...)
  5. Though a Master for a group that is feeling cocky about their strengths would be a good way to remind them just how squishy they are... muahaha
  6. Seeing as many days have passed, I figured it would be best to actually post a villain on to this thread. That way it isn't a complete waste of time. Complete anyways... Bloody Riggy Bloody Riggy is the scourge of the eastern slums of Malifaux city. People never live on the nights she shows her head. During the day, a young baker by the name of Ellie happily bakes away in her little bakery. Business is often rather slow for her because people just keep disappearing. Spontaneous disappearance is awful for business you know. Ellie is not Riggy, Riggy however is a dormant spirit that lives in Ellie's body. Every Saturday evening however, Riggy wakes up when Ellie's asleep. On these dreadful nights, everyone within a 7 block radius perceives the twin moons as being blood red. Distorted whispers flow with breeze, haunting anyone it passes. Riggy is the reason why Ellie is constantly losing business. While Ellie is asleep, Riggy possesses her body, and goes on a rampage, anyone Riggy sees is fair game. Riggy has one boundary however. Riggy will never hurt the people that act nice towards Ellie. Riggy's appearance is haunting to the onlookers. Riggy wakes up wearing a black dress, no matter what Ellie was wearing when she went to sleep. Riggy's eyes glow a blood red like the moons that hang above casting everything into a nightmarish hue. People that are being pursued by Riggy often find themselves unable to call for help. That's because Riggy has the power of "Desolation" which makes people believe that they are all alone. When the night ends, Riggy has a body count of at least 15. This makes her one of the most terrifying of Malifaux city's urban legends. Associations: Outcast/Neverborn
  7. Soulstone a can expend a charge to add a suit and at least 1 general talent permanently adds a suit to every flip on a (Skill Name) duel.
  8. My group is likely to join the Arcanists after NA is over for my group, so there is plenty or possibilities thus forth.
  9. His name shall be "Lumbering Jack"
  10. What about an off shoot of the M&SU, specifically the lumberers. We could have a lumberjack master, a henchman that keeps his rage under control, a treant as his totem, and some other loggers as minions.
  11. Presently, my group of Fated are looking for Marcus, and based on their tendencies for violence I feel that a battle between the 2 parties is the inevitable...
  12. I'm already 4 sessions in and they can barely handle 4 crooked men (zombie miners) By session 7 I doubt my crew of 5 could take on a master or his henchman. Consider the fact that masters are RIDICULOUSLY powerful and as such should really be avoided at basically all costs. 15 sessions and things should be fine.
  13. Quick question about Masters in TTB, are they supposed to produce 3AP like the Malifaux versions, or do they only produce 2 like basically every other NPC? And answeres would be appreciated.
  14. He discards the one card, or no cards if your opponent's hand is empty.
  15. Reading through the player creations section, I've noticed a lot of Fated characters being posted. However, I have never seen a villain idea being pitched around here. To remedy that, I have created this "Coffee Shop" for anyone to post their ideas for a villain be it an extremely powerful Arcanist, or an incompetent Death Marshal. Happy posting.