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  1. Through the Breach FAQ and Errata

    A fate master creates a Construct with Anror Training and the Fated find a way to tame it maybe?
  2. Self Loathing vs Kentaurinoi and more

    In this case, kentaurioni’s lance would deal 1/2/3 damage because it didn’t charge itself. Answering the second question, it the creature being tergeted by self loathing is itself a beast, it should deal the damage it would vs. Beasts. Otherwise, it should be the normal damage.
  3. Curator - Advanced Pursuit

    Looks interesting, I’ll definitely add it to my collection to keep my collection safe from Guild malware.
  4. Starting Tinkerer Construct?

    That being said, can a character not change their magical theory over time?
  5. Starting Tinkerer Construct?

    You don’t “have” to use the Darlin Theories. It certainly helps but is not required.
  6. Starting Tinkerer Construct?

    The Winchester A quadruped construct that is characterized by its (rather useful) pneumatic winch. It’s winch is rather useful since it has a hook attachment and the ability to shoot the hook for distance essentially creating a grappling hook with a retraction mechanism. Cost: 24 Scrip Base: 10 Scrip AG Harpoon Gun: +14 Scrip If you’re willing to pay out of you miscellaneous starting scrip, you can also add a +2 Archery for another 5 Scrip, but that’s optional.
  7. Doll maker- basic pursuit

    I took some time to refine this into something more refined. I've included flavour text and did some editing to make the talents a little more suited to the theme of the puppet master. It is fundamentally the same pursuit listed above, but again, more refined. Doll Maker Dolls with creepy movements, disturbing deformities, or dolls that come to life often seeking vengeance because they were possessed by some form of poltergeist are common ideas in the horror genre. To some, the creation and manipulation of dolls is a far more innocent pastime then their sinister counterparts. These people simply enjoy constructing dolls and using them to entertain others, mainly children. Unfortunately for the innocent doll makers, the advent of Collodi’s arrival made it difficult for honest puppeteers to make a living performing for the children of Malifaux. The Doll Makers specialize in the creation and use of various dolls, mainly marionettes, but others do exist. Doll Makers are often in the form of street puppeteers entertaining children, Collodi, skilled seamstresses creating toys for their children, or simply people with an unusual affinity for literally pulling strings. Starting: A Doll Maker begins the game with a Rank 3 Marionette as a subordinate character. On the Pursuit: Pulling the Strings Whenever this character fails an Artefacting or Stitching duel, he may draw a card. During the epilogue, a character on this Pursuit may advance in any Magical Skill in addition to the options presented by the Fatemaster. Advancement: At each step, a Doll Maker gains the Talent listed below. Step Talent 0 Puppeteer 1 Ventriloquism 2 General Talent 3 Tripping Hazard or Extra Control Bar 4 General Talent 5 Wicked Friends or Child’s Play 6 General Talent 7 Life Like or Special Effects 8 General Talent 9 Master of Puppets 10 No Strings Attached Puppeteer Manipulating a doll is simultaneously a simple, yet tricky process. To some, this comes far more naturally than others, and some simply cheat their way through this and use a little magic. This character is always treated as having the Animate Construct Magia in her active Grimoire. Additionally, if this character doesn’t already have one, she gains "Imagination" as a Magical Theory (Listed Above) Ventriloquism A ventriloquist is a master of an incredibly specific form of misdirection, in that he can make it seem like a puppet is talking for him. The catch here is that some ventriloquists actually are speaking for their puppets, but some puppets speak DO for their ventriloquists. The Doll Maker may discard a card to make any subordinate Doll in his control speak for him for the remainder of the scene. The Doll Maker does not need to be in contact with the doll to do this. Tripping Hazard Something that inhibits doll based performances are the restrictions put in place by strings that make the puppet move. Many find this inherent flaw inhibiting to their performances. That being said, strings are certainly good for other things. Whenever an enemy character without the Flight or Incorporeal ability comes between the Doll Maker and a subordinate Doll, they must pass a TN 10 Acrobatics Duel or fall prone. Extra Control Bar Some thing that makes puppet shows far more entertaining are the scenes where one puppet interacts with another, this is simply just the puppeteer operating a second control bar but it still makes show far more interesting to watch. When the Doll Maker gives an order to a subordinate Doll, he may also give an order to a second subordinate Doll as a (0) action. Wicked Friends No matter how innocent they may seem, when placed in a dark, scary environment, the most innocent of dolls becomes associated with terror. Some dolls even live up to this reputation, gaining a semblance of life, and a chaotic nature. The Doll Maker gains 2 Wicked Dolls as subordinate characters and may construct more should any of them be destroyed. Child’s Play Virtually indestructible is a term that’s often placed on toys to allow parents to know that they are unlikely going to need to get a replacement. When it comes to the Doll Maker’s puppets however, indestructible becomes a term that is more true than some like to admit. The Doll Maker may cast Animate Construct on an already active Doll to heal 1/2/3 damage on it. Life Like Artists often strive for life like art. This is mainly because it sells better, and for more as well as strengthening the artist’s belief in his own skills. For puppeteers, this is no different, puppeteering is an art, and one that the Doll Maker strives to master. Dolls animated by this character’s Animate Construct Magia now remain active for a number of hours equal to the number of completed steps in this pursuit. Special Effects Theatrical performances become much more grand with the addition of special effects. The magically adept find this to be an incredibly simple process, but those lacking magical skills can still replicate impressive special effects with just a little craftiness. Any conditions both beneficial and harmful that effect this character’s subordinate Dolls have their duration doubled. However, spells with the Alter Duration Immuto will not work on this character’s subordinate Dolls. Master of Puppets This character is quickly becoming the undisputed master of puppets. Controlling dolls is now something this character can do with both hands literally tied behind his back. Potentially magical in nature, the Doll Maker’s control over his puppets is like that of a general and his army. Whenever this character uses the Order action, he may control two subordinate Dolls instead of one. No Strings Attached The power this character has over his dolls is almost psychic in nature, every little movement is executed with perfect elegance and grace. Watching the puppeteer’s shows is like watching a ballet in an incredibly expensive theatre, yet it is reproduced with simple puppets. Once per session, the Doll Maker may transfer his consciousness into one of his subordinate Dolls. This can last until the end of the session. The Doll replaces all of its Mental Aspects with those of the Doll Maker, but Physical Aspects are unaffected. Should the Doll be destroyed, the Doll Maker’s consciousness is returned to his own body. The Doll Maker must then make a TN 12 Horror Duel due to fact that the Doll Maker had just experienced death (and that is not a pleasant experience to most).
  8. Differences between event adventures and Penny Dreadfuls

    It’s sitting on my bookshelf right now.
  9. Enhanced Physical/mental

    Another option is to just have it improve a single aspect each time it’s cast, or have it only effect a single aspect based on the grimoire. Example, a “strong man”s” belt buckle improves strength while a dilettante’s suit improves charm. Just ideas.
  10. Tarot sized character sheets?

    Alright, done. The instructions are simple. Just print the file on standard printing paper (the same dimensions used for the TTB Books) and just cut it out. Wherever there is an arrow indicates the line between card faces. Then just glue or tape to Bicycle Cards or other forms of thick paper. Tarot Card Character Sheets.docx
  11. Tarot sized character sheets?

    I can do it on 3 cards.
  12. Tarot sized character sheets?

    Challenge accepted, I’m thinking of making a printout that can just be glued or taped to cheap bicycle cards, construction paper or something of similar size.
  13. How to reveal Fate steps

    I don’t even tell them until after it passes, makes them wonder who’s coming next, and when.
  14. Starting TTB - some Beginner questions

    I don't use the miniatures at all, and combat is really quite simple, just keep track of approximately where things are relative to the Fated. Say the Fated have a range of 12 with all of their weapons because they somehow have the exact same model of pistol. The monster they are hunting is 16 yards away, so they take a Walk action and close the gap by 5 meaning that the monster is now within range. This means that the Fated are 11 yards away. Say the monster has a Walk aspect of 4, and no athletic skill. This means that the monster will have to make 3 walk actions and will have a single AP left over (unless it charges). This gets even easier with melee on melee since the two only need to reach each other to get to fighting. Say both characters have Walk and Charge 4 or Speed 0 in this case. The Player and monster are 12 yards away from one another. The Fated takes his Walk actions and closes the gap by 2 meters because he wants to Charge when the monster is in range. The monster not knowing this, takes his Walk Actions and reduces the distance by 8 leaving the distance at 4. When the initiative cycle comes back around, the Fated charges. This is a simple example of running an encounter with out miniatures.
  15. Phantasm - Razorspine Rattler

    If the Terror immuto is also used, then definitely, otherwise, it should still scare people, by not in such a way that it petrifies them.