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  1. Gary's Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public!

    I've had these Grimoires laying around from a previous adventure. Thought I'd put them here. Maguamahato’s Mask -A mask depicting an Oni from three kingdoms folklore. It’s orange in colour with large pointed teeth. Holding the thing gives the holder an ominous feeling… Magia: Physical Enhancement (Self Only), Elemental Engulf. Immuto: Fire[Locked], Focus Object (Oni Mask), Genus(Oni) Special: Casting a spell from this grimoire inflicts the Haunted+1 condition on the caster. If the caster would be possessed, he is instead possessed by the Oni Magumahato. If a character gets possessed by Maguamahato, it gains the Oni Characteristic, the Smoldering Heart Talent, and the Saracaner’s Plight Talent while Maguamahato is in control. Characters possessed by Maguamahato will occasionally lose control of themselves, and will instead be under the full control of Maguamahato. This is not a good thing. Abandoned Snow Globe -A glass sphere filled with water and a miniature wooden house covered with “artificial” snow. The snow globe is incredibly cold to the touch and has no paper trail. Magia: Elemental Projectile, Elemental Strike. Immuto: Ice[Locked], Increased Damage, Decrease Damage. Special: The Snow Globe counts as a Negligible(1) character with the Construct characteristic and Frozen Heart talent. Red Beard’s Telescope -A long metal rod used to magnify distant locations. The distinct smell of salt and gunpowder coat the telescope. The name Red Beard is inscribed on the side. Magia: Divination Immuto: Alter Range, Reduce AP, Increased Duration. Special: Looking though the telescope causes the user to automatically cast Divination on wherever they’re looking at. Divination can only be used on a location which the Telescope can see. Cloudy Crystal Ball -A cloudy sphere in which you can almost see images. Looking too deep into the crystal… wait, what am I doing here? Magia: Forget, Immuto: Additional Suit, Special: The Crystal Ball can store 5 memories that are lost. Whenever the Crystal exceeds 5 memories, the oldest one is lost. Any character may attempt a TN 8 Necromancy/Tenacity Duel to look into the Crystal Ball. On a success, the character can access one of the memories. Causing a Margin of Failure causes the Crystal Ball to cast Forget on the Character. The Crystal Ball’s AV for the Forget Spell is 3(10) Bramble Crown -A crown made with dried twigs and leaves weaved into a Celtic pattern, masterful craftsmanship. Magia: Summon Gamin, Elemental Weapon Immuto: Natural[Locked], Delay, Increase AP Special: Character’s attuned to this Grimoire permanently gain the Fae characteristic. The longer any character is attuned to this Grimoire, the more faerie like they become, potentially causing more dramatic changes, like sprouting fairy wings, or having flowers grow where ever they go. Undertaker’s Shovel -A shovel that is well loved, no amount of cleaning can remove the grave dirt. Magia: Bury Immuto: Genus(Living) Special: The target of the Bury spell must be standing on soft ground for the spell to work. Special: The Undertaker’s shovel can be used as a melee weapon that deals 2/2/3 damage as has the following trigger: C: Literally Touched Death: After damaging, the target gains Infection+1. Impossible Geometry -A totem made up of geometry that is mathematically impossible, but still exists. Mathematicians are horribly confused by the totem’s very existence. Magia: Elemental Retribution, Elemental Weapon Immuto: Increase AP, Madness, Maddening[Locked] Special: Any character casting a spell from this grimoire may use the Madness immuto, doing so reduces the TN by 4 but causes the caster to gain the following condition “Madness+1: This character suffers -1 to all mental aspects, reduce the value of this condition by 1 every hour until at 0.” Immuto: Maddening: "Elemental Immuto, after damaging, the Target gains the Crazy+1 Condition."
  2. The Villians Coffee Shop

    Priscilla: When residing near an area with a lot of water, keep an ear out for the sounds of a dog’s barking. Be equally aware of an unaccompanied child, lest it be Priscilla. Priscilla is the childish alter ego of this Neverborn, she often uses her hounds to attract “heroes” to save her, then she would lure them to a source of water where she would reveal her true nature. Her true nature is that of Scylla, a Greek monster that according to the Oddessy, lived near a whirlpool opposite to Charybdis. In the oddessy, Scylla was responsible for the brutal deaths of 6 of Odysseus’s crew. Priscilla is the Neverborn that inspired this part of the story and is a Neverborn that should not be taken lightly. Her monstrous form appears like a little girl standing atop a 12 foot tall beast with countless biting heads. The beast is covered in a dog’s pelt and eyes of the heads glow an eerie green colour. Her favored method of killing is luring victims to a water source, entrapping them within a whirlpool, then devouring them with her monstrous form. Association: Neverborn
  3. Differences

    Through the Breach uses the same basic mechanics as M2E, though it is less tactical and more narrative driven. The 2nd edition book refined the rules from the original books and adds a lot more lore (or so I'm told).
  4. New careers

    I've been working on a Bayou Mushroom farmer. Guess what they do!
  5. Through the Breach Playtesting!

    I'd be interested, my favourite systems are D20, White Wolf, and Malifaux, and my players have more experience than I do, but like the same systems and have played more.
  6. Immuto that alters range

    Also, Killer Bunnies, you do NOT want to get hit by one!
  7. Immuto that alters range

    Being in engagement range IS a draw back, but the spell becomes easier to cast. Example: Fated is attempting to cast Elemental Projectile (TN 3T). Because it's an Elemental Spell, the Fated adds Spirit (+4 TN, total TN 7T) However, the Fated only has a Sorcery skill of 1, meaning she needs to flip at least 6T to cast the spell. The Fated decides to remedy this by applying Alter Range to reduce the spell's range from 5 to 3and thus reduce the TN by -2 (Total TN 5T). Now the Fated only needs 4T to cast the spell making it about a 1/4 chance unless she has the card she needs in her hand. The only downside to this is that now she is at risk of getting hit by The Killer Bunny. In this scenario, the Fated is sacrificing her already limited range, to make the spell easier to cast. She could also apply Increased Damage once to increase the spell's damage to 1/2/4 but the TN returns to 7T.
  8. Fatemaster Flips

    If they wanted randomness, why would they have used cards? If you flip an 8 off the fate deck, now the players can only flip 8 three more times before it becomes impossible to do so. The point of the cards was to make the game less random.
  9. Fated Progression Questions

    Well in some cases, The IS an obvious win or lose. Example, the entire session is all about the Fated body guarding a soul stone smuggler. Here, a win would be keeping him alive, while a loss would be getting him killed.
  10. Additional Monster Pursuits

    Realistically, a Fae would just be a Natural Elemental with the Fae Characteristic instead of Gamin. Also, I've made another pursuit, this time for the inmates at Smedley's Asylum. Demented In Malifaux, there are many things that the mind was NEVER supposed to see, hear, smell, even taste just that one time. Poor Wallace, no one warned him about that cake. Anyways, Smedley’s Asylum is one of the most common places in which you’ll find the mentally broken. But many of the residents outside of Malifaux City and many residents of the Quarantine Zone are violently insane. Normally this wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but once these people develop a knack for channeling magical power, bad things happen. Using This Monster Pursuit This monster pursuit is intended to be used as a simple method of turning a normal adversary into one frothing at the mouth worshiping the great old ones at a shrine made of dirty socks. -------------------========------------------ They’re coming to take me away HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAH A AHA HHAHAH HAAHAH AH HAHAHAH -Urkel Snow, Inmate at the asylum. -------------------========------------------ Requirements The Demented Monster Pursuit is available to any character capable of its own thought. While this is typically only applicable to Living characters, it is possible for spirits, zombies, and constructs to find themselves completely insane. Advancement 1. The character in question only suffers form a minor form of mental illness. This person under most circumstances wouldn’t even be labeled as insane. Though the symptoms will come out when the time (or stars) is right. 2. The character is noticeably crazy, but is still capable of functioning within society with help. If discovered, this person would likely be dragged to an asylum, but could potentially make a relatively quick recovery. 3. This person is the type of insane that would be associated with mad kings talking to their walls, and actually getting a response. This person if admitted to the asylum, might make a recovery, but it will take a long time. 4. This person is beyond help. The voices in their heads and the phantasms in their minds are practically a force of nature. It is as if every part of this person’s brain isn’t working properly. 5. BRING ME A BUCKET AND I WILL SHOW YOU A BUCKET. YOU CAN’T KILL ME, I’M ALREADY DEAD TOMORROW. REMEMBER THAT TIME I BEAT THE DEAD HORSE AND IT JUST SPEWED OUT MONEY? THAT WAS FUNNY. Step Talent 1 Maddening Upgrade 2 Maddening Upgrade 3 Maddening Upgrade 4 Maddening Upgrade 5 Maddening Upgrade Maddening Upgrade For each instance of this talent this character gains the following condition permanently: “Crazy+1: This character suffers -1 to the final duel totals of all skill flips that use a Mental Aspect. Each time a creature gains this Talent. It gains one of the upgrades below. Unless otherwise stated, a creature may only select a given upgrade once. · Tainted Mind This character’s mind is hazardous to anyone that tried to look inside. Psychically touching this character’s mind is bound to cause psychic backlash. This character gains the following Defensive Trigger. Wp(M): Don’t Look In There!: After resolving, the attacker suffers 1/2/3 damage that ignores Armor and Hard to Wound. The Damage Flip suffers [-] and won’t cause Critical Effects. · Dementation People who spend time around this character seem to develop similar symptoms to what this character suffers from. All other characters within (X)8 of this character gain Crazy+1 every round until they match this character’s Crazy Condition. · Silence the Voices This character has a tendency to commit acts of masochism, and has become real good at it. This character gains the following ability: Silence the Voices: At the start of this character’s turn, it may suffer 1 damage to deal bonus damage equal to half of its Crazy Condition (Rounded Down, Minimum +1) on all attacks it makes this turn. · Frenzied Charge Asylum orderlies have always hated this character, primarily because he tends to rush head first into others, which in this case were asylum orderlies. This character may make a Charge Action as a (1) Action instead of a (2) Action. · Sadistic Behaviour This character, through his own pain, has learned exactly where to hit others to make them suffer like this character does, and boy do they suffer. This character gains the following Trigger on all Close Combat Actions: R: Where It Hurts: After damaging, the target gains a Minor Critical Effect. When generating the Critical, add this character’s Crazy condition to the final total. · Helpful Hallucinations While this character frequently sees things that aren’t there, whenever this character desperately tried to get away, it becomes extremely difficult to real threats to hit this character. This character gains the following Tactical Action: (0) Hallucinate: This character may discard a card to gain [+] to all Defense duels until the end of the next turn. If this character has Crazy+4, he does not have to discard a card. · Torment This character’s mind was severely damaged by external forces, and now this character’s mind is composed mostly of self-loathing and a little peanut butter (don’t ask). This character gains the Tormented Characteristic and an additional Crazy+1.
  11. Brilliance

    No matter, just lock your loved brilliance addict in their room for a week and they might be good.
  12. Halloween Adventure Group Project

    Sounds fun, I'd be interested. Also, I may already have an idea.
  13. Brilliance

    Either bribes or not enough evidence.
  14. Additional Monster Pursuits

    Alright, let's do this once again! Elemental When in Malifaux, expect to see weird things. This is a world where nightmares personify themselves, puppets come to life, and little green people suffer alcohol poisoning. But nothing is quite as extraordinary and an elementalized animal. Many of the people who look into this phenomenon state is distinct connection between the Elementals and Gamin. This is mostly true with the sole exception that the Gamin are personifications of natural forces, while the Elementals have been mutated by the natural forces making them a force to be reckoned with, NO ONE likes fighting flaming Slateridge Mauler. Using this Monster Pursuit This Monster Pursuit is meant to be used to elementally charge any animal or living being. These animals gain control and power over a primordial force of nature, and their presence is not one to be taken lightly. -------------------========------------------ Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! Flaming snowmen? Seriously? -Anonymous, Deceased -------------------========------------------ Requirements The Elemental Monster Pursuit is available to any character that isn’t a construct. White walkers exist far beyond the ten peaks, nightmares of being poisoned are more common than one would think, and people riding flaming horses. Though most often, it’s an animal that goes through this change. Advancement 1. The animal in question adopts a notable characteristic relevant to the elemental charge. A fire horse might sprout a flaming tail, while a dark wolf’s fur turns a black as the night. 2. The animal gains more traits and noteworthy amounts of control over their elements. A frozen hoarcat may find a way to control blizzards, and freeze its prey before striking. 3. The animal become half of itself, and half of its element. Becoming the truest hybrid of animal, and primordial element. 4. The animal begins to resemble its element more than itself. The dark wolf soon becomes a shadow with teeth and claws. And the horse is basically pure fire. 5. The animal is more than pure elemental energy. It is an avatar of nature’s wrath, and really only exists to give people a REALLY bad time. Step Talent 1 Elemental Might 2 Elemental Upgrade 3 Elemental Upgrade 4 Elemental Upgrade 5 Elemental Upgrade Elemental Might When the creature gains this Talent, they must choose an elemental immuto. This character gains the Gamin(Immuto) characteristic. This character is also immune to the effects of the chosen immuto. Elemental Upgrade Each time a creature gains this Talent. It gains one of the upgrades below. Unless otherwise stated, a creature may only select a given upgrade once. · Nova This character has a surprisingly large amount of elemental power welled up inside. And all of it is waiting to come out, often violently. This character gains the following talent: “Demise: When this character is killed, all characters within (X)2 suffer 2 damage and suffer the effects of this character’s paired elemental immuto.” · Elemental Wrath This character’s natural form is infused with elemental power, and quite often, it comes out while hunting prey, or fighting for one’s life. This character’s Pugilism, Martial Arts, and Grappling attacks gain the benefit of this character’s paired elemental immuto. · Absorb This character become a well of infinite depth, the elemental power reinvigorating this character’s form. When this character suffers damage from an attack with this character’s paired immuto, this character suffers no damage, and heals 1 wound instead. · Extension of Nature This character begins to control its paired immuto is ways that are alien to the original creature. This character gains a Manifested Power, and the Hedge Magic Magical Theory, the chosen immuto is the same as this character’s paired immuto. This talent may be taken more than once. · Radiating Energy This character is overflowing with power, and as a result, it tends to rub off on other creatures. Friendly characters within (X)6 who share a characteristic with this character gain the Elemental Might Talent with the same paired immuto as this character. In addition to this, they also gain one Elemental Upgrade this character has other than this one. · Nature’s Fury The elemental energies welling up within this character lash out particularly hard against those already suffering from its effects. This character’s attacks deal +1 damage against character suffering the effects of this character’s paired immuto. (Example, a Fire character deals +1 damage against a target with Burning, while an Ice character deals +1 damage against targets with Slow or Paralyzed.) · Elemental Mutation The power within this character has fundamentally changed it in horrible ways. The creature is twisted and mutated in ways reminiscent of its elemental changes. This character gains either 1 Twisted Mutation, or +1 Height and +2 Wounds.
  15. Faction idea

    Look at "Crazy clandestine weirdos for non weirdos" in the player creations section of the Through The Breach forum.