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    List Building and the Competitive Scene

    That's the issue though. Even if there are stronger and weaker models, not having the exact model you need against a specific enemy/encounter is a direct competitive disadvantage. Again, this is according to him, not me. I feel like WM is similar in that regard.
  2. Sheebee

    List Building and the Competitive Scene

    Oh no they are well aware haha. But this is the kind of group that goes 0 to 60 with games. That's why Guild Ball will probably be our next thing for a while, unfortunately.
  3. Sheebee

    List Building and the Competitive Scene

    Honestly me too, I was mostly just along for the ride. But afaik, there are multiple tournament formats, a sanctioning process for events, and invitational events.
  4. Hi all, new to the forums (mostly to ask this question!) and trying to dip my toes back into what little Malifaux I've played. The core group of players at my FLGS are Warmachine guys; have been since the launch of the first edition, basically. Very competitive group of guys. However interest has recently flaked, due to major changes in the game. I've always tried to push Malifaux casually, but no one has ever taken the bait. The primary game pusher among us explained to me his trepidation with Malifaux. In essence they are: 1. The game has seemingly very little competition support. 2. To be competitive would require access to the whole faction and multiples, due to the nature of list building. That is a huge initial investment. My questions are, how could these worries be addressed? Is there potential for a locked-list format? Perhaps a pairing or even a triad? How can you get reticent competitive players into a game like Malifaux? Thank you for your time and responses.