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  1. Completely New: Dreamer advice

    I thank you all for the welcome and advice. Ok, I will put them on the list. Thank you @Joel Welcome back. Thank you for the advice, Let see how my demo game goes. @Ergonomic Cat Thank you. excellent podcast, I enjoyed listening.
  2. Completely New

    Hello everyone About the professional painter topic, its up to the owner. I personally paint about 2 hrs a night on my sigmar and 40k armies. I do love to paint, but terrain building is what I love to do. For malifaux, I want to go into tournaments, and love to have amazing crews painted. My painter is amazing(regular adepticon and other shows winner), but expansive(their a reason why I don't get 20 more models painted). I am content to get then done professional. Also my hobby time wrap up in working on other projects at the moment(atm 200 savage orcs need painting for a GT in 4 months). Malifaux for me will be about the gaming aspect not hobby(a first for me). Secondly, been reading and listening to more podcast lately. Think I will give Reva a shot as my first master. Anyone has a decent 35ss list for starters? Thank you all for reading.
  3. Hello everyone. I recently started, and was acquire a dreamer crew to start with. I understand dreamer is best as a summoner, what other models should I get? This is what I have: Hide and Seek Dreamer box set (all models) Baby Kade 3 Waldgeist 2 Insidious Madness 1 Doppelganger Primordial Magic Widow Weaver The Carver 4 Stitched together 3 Terror Tots Neverborn models from the 2nd Edition Starter Box: Angel Eyes, Scion of Black Blood, 2 Bloodwretches All advice welcome. Maybe a beginner 30ss list to start?
  4. Completely New

    So can someone help me with a 25 to 30 ss list to start with? I will be facing Zoraida a lot. Thinking of going with Reva or Kirai first. I am still new, but i have read the rulebook, started listening to podcast as well. Finally where do I buy a fate date? Buy list: necropunks, Tara box, Nicodem box, Carrion effincy/emissary, box of zombies and canine remains(Am i forgetting anything?) @mojopinThank you for your advice. I think I need to get some zombies as well. @Lord Malkom Read it multiple time, but thank you @hydranixxThank you for the advice. I am just trying to rap my head around this game, but I know i need to try it/play it. Try to go contact my local henchmen. Finally, I do not want to think how much this will cost to get the whole faction professional painted. Probably $5000 :/ and need to get the display board for each crew(I love terrain building).
  5. Completely New

    Hello everyone. I was lucky enough to buy the following lot for $200. What should I add(thinking a box of canine remains)? I am so happy I got Reva and Kirai in the lot. Molly Necrotic Machine Phillip and the nanny 3 crooligans Seamus Copycat Killer 3 Rotten Belles Madame Sybelle McMourning Sebastian Zombie Chihuahua 3 nurses Flesh construct 2 guild guard Canine remains Yan Lo Soul Porter Chiaki 3 Punk Zombies 3 Ashigaru 1 onyro (Metal) Kirai Lost love Ikiryo 5 seshin Detsue Ba 2 onryo Reva 2 soul candles 2 Shield Bearers Vincent st. Clair Rest/non crew Rogue Necromancy Bete Noire Forgotten Marshal Hanged Gluttony The valedictorian Student of Sinew Student of Steel Student of Viscera 3 Gaki 3 Drowned Izamu Toshiro Yin 2 Komainu metal proxy) 2 Shikome 2 avatars(use as emissary as I heard)
  6. Completely New

    Basically, I m complete new, and can not decide who with be my first crew. I need help deciding between Kirai, Tara, Mcmourning, and Reva.
  7. Completely New

    Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet everyone. I am completely new to the game(only have the mini rule book), and decide to start with Resurectionist faction. I have read this guide(godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers), but still need advice. I have not choose a crew yet because The answer is not simple. I am tore between 4 master I have fallen for. I will get all the models eventually, but need a place to start. They are the following: Kirai: The master that drew me into malifaux in the first place. She has a great lore and model are simply amazing. She is also very powerful from what i read. The issue I have with her is that she is rough for new players, and you need to buy a lot of models because she summons a lot. Not a bad thing, i love playing hordes. Tara: I am just saying this now, I love the void wretch and nothing beast models. The crew seems fun, and the lore is interesting. The issue is from my reading is she better in outcast(not a bad thing but you probably will try to keep me into ressie faction). Thoughts, how does she play? Mcmourning: Dr. Frankenstein made manifest. Lore great, easy to play, but models wise I prefer the others(just barely). Possibly the best way to start. Reva: Wow, just wow. The crew looks amazing, lore is ok, and she is the range ressie needs. One of the issue, She is release in july. That is a long time to wait(probably pick her up as a second master). The rest: Yan lo and Nicodem I will get one day, but the four above I really like. Molly and seamus, i just have no interest in those two. Thanks for reading, please help a new necromancer out?
  8. Another just starting thread

    Hello everyone. I would like to first say thank you for all your support and advice. It is so nice to see a community be so welcoming of new players. Anyway, you all probably want to know who wins, who the first crew? The answer is not simple. I am getting each crew professional painted, so I am looking at about $300 per crew box. I want to get into tournaments, so might as well go all out. That is not including the cost/material/time for the display boards I make (I love terrain building). But, The good news is i have a top 4 master and a faction. Ressie are where the heart is. I like the themes too much, and they fit my style(rise my minions). Guild and gremlins are a no go, just not enough models I like(sorry zap and guild hounds). Arcanist while interesting seem to complex for a beginner, but one day. Same for the neverborn. Interesting but does not give me that wow factor for a lot of the range(maybe blame the fact I have three chaos armies from GW, so daemon seem meh). I might get dreamer down the road and convert everything from his crew to be dinosaur(aka my childhood). Outcast might be my sec faction due to the fact I love Tara, and hamelin so much. So basically if i stay with it, second faction will be outcast, neverborn or arcanist. But time will tell. so, the top four are: Kirai, Mcmourning, Reva, Tara. I will be going to the ressie forum, and see their thoughts. Thanks everyone. Edit: I forgot Ten thunders: They are just so forgettable.
  9. So many masters, so little time

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and explaining the avatar models. My hobby store has a lot of them on sale, and I was wondering what they were used for. I started a new topic in the Faction discussion. I spent a long time thinking about this, and trying to get it right the first time. Here a link(long read): Here a summary of my top 7ish(in no order) due to lore/models(I do not know the rules yet, so gameplay is unknown): Kirai, Msmourning, reva, Marcus, Dreamer, Hamelin, and Titania or raspuntia. Thanks for reading (feeling people are going to say Ressie, but I would like input/advice).
  10. I recently started Malifaux with some of my friends wanting to start playing on the side to our other hobbies. I have played years of 40k and AOS, but want to try something a little different hobby wise. I am more of a painter, and can't wait to get started. Currently, I only have the $15 rule book and no crew. Also, to start out, a buddy and I are splitting the starter set. He is taking the neverborn because He has pick Zoraida as his first crew. On the topic of master, I spent the last week looking over all the crews/faction lore and models. Game play not as much as an issue. We are just here to have fun. If we get serious about this, we can get more competitive crew down the road. Here what I am thinking: Guild: I do not know why, but I hate every guild model except for the hounds, starter set crew, and mcmourning. The lore and models just do not appeal to me. Gremlins: No real interest. I have enough greenskinz(300+ models for AOS), and do not want to paint gremlins. Also, my buddy basically want to play them, and do not want to step on his toes. Ten Thunder: They have some neat models and lore, but I can always get the master I want in other faction. The pure Ten thunder guys do not interest me. Sorry Asami, and shenlong. Outcast: I really love the idea of Hamelin,, and Tara here. I have a soft spot for horde in every game i play, and Hamelin has great lore. The models are great, and look fun. From what I heard he a bit of a much for starting but you get rats, all the rats. Its like I am in new york city again. On Tara, again great models and lore. Do not understand how she plays(still new and all). Neverborn: Titania, and Dreamer/lord chompy. Great models and lore here as well. My fav is Dreamer, he is just a great concept. A boy dreams made a reality, I would hate to see his dreams when he grows up. I can picture his colorful crew matching down the grim and dirty streets of malifaux. Titania as well look great, but not release yet is an issue. Arcanist: I have three master I love: Marcus, Raspuntina, and Colette. The rest are just meh, and do not wish to collect them. Marcus is interesting because of all the beast I can use in game. this gives me great variety to use in painting. From what I heard, he is more of an alpha strike crew. Rasputina is great models and lore, how does she play? Finally Colette models are great, but I hear she is a nightmare for beginners to play. Ressies: To be fair, I will probably go with Ressie in the end. I love most of the master models and lore (except molly and Seamus, they are just meh). The three I love most are Kirai, Mcmourning, and Reva. Kirai is what got me into malifaux in the first place, model wise. But from my research, you need a lot of models for her, and I have no idea where to start(It seems her crew box is everything she summons...). Reva is nice but not out yet, but the crew I really like. She plays a range game which is unique for ressie. Finally, mcmourning seems like a solid starting point(he goes with the model in the starter sent), but how does he play? I know this is longed winded, but here a summary of my top 7ish(in no order) due to lore/models(I do not know the rules yet, so gameplay is unknown): Kirai, Msmourning, reva, Marcus, Dreamer, Hamelin, and Titania or raspuntia. Thanks for reading (feeling people are going to say Ressie, but I would like input/advice).
  11. Hello everyone I recently started Malifaux with some of my friends wanting to start playing on the side to our other hobbies. I have played years of 40k and AOS, but want to try something a little different hobby wise. I am more of a painter, and can't wait to get started. Currently, I only have the $15 rule book and no crew. I currently have six to eight master in mind to start with, but still can't decide, sadly. I hope you guys can help me down my road to insanity in the world know as malifaux. this is going to be fun. P.S. What the point of the old avatar models, can they be used in the game at the moment?