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  1. Folomo

    Pub fight! - A Brewmaster Crew Setup and Guide

    We do have some card manipulation options (ways to draw cards with gremlins ). Do over is a pretty cheap upgrade that grants 2 extra cards when needed for example.
  2. Folomo

    What would you like to see for Gremlins?

    Not a big fan of dual faction models for Gremlins TBH, due to the great synergies with gremlin/pig keyword. If the new model lacks the Pig/Gremlin keyword, it will be too weak when used by Gremlins compared to their use in the other faction. If it has it, it may be too strong in Gremlins or too weak in the other factions :s.
  3. Folomo

    Ways to handle suits in Gremlins?

    Less than what I would have liked, but it seems Somer has pampered me too much :p. Thanks for the comments.
  4. Considering the high amount of triggers we have, and how negative some of them are, adding suits can be pretty important for Gremlins. I am playing mostly with Somer, so I can get the suit I want on my models (with some luck). But if you don't, what ways do we have to handle suits to other models? SS(Henchmen, Masters): Add a suit to a duel/flip. Somer/Skeeter: Discard a card and friendly gremlins within 6" add the adds the discarded card suit Lenny: non-master friendly pigs or gremlins within 3" add rams. Old Major: Discard a card and a friendly pig gains a condition that adds the discarded card suit (and moves 4"). Earl Burns: Zzip or Construct nearby can gain a suit. Not many it seems :S. Any other way to add suits?
  5. Folomo

    Ways to draw/shuffle cards in Gremlins?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have now all (or most) ways to draw/shuffle cards with gremlins. Good to know for those card intensive lists.
  6. Folomo

    Ways to draw/shuffle cards in Gremlins?

    Thanks for the help, added them too.
  7. Folomo

    Ways to draw/shuffle cards in Gremlins?

    How does Hanna draw extra cards?
  8. Folomo

    Ways to draw/shuffle cards in Gremlins?

    Added them too, thanks.
  9. Folomo

    Ways to draw/shuffle cards in Gremlins?

    Thanks for the suggestion, just added it.
  10. I am interested in having a summary of all the in-faction ways we can draw or shuffle cards with Gremlins. The ones I know so far are: Masters: Mah: With a tome on chores, draw 1 card when a friendly Gremlin is killed. Somer: Draw 2 cards when a gremlin is killed within 6" of Somer. Zoraida: Bewitched Condition on enemy model. Draw 2 cards whenever the target declares a Walk, Charge, or Attack Action. Upgrades: Bouty (Mah, Trixie): friendly Gremlins gain a Crow trigger, draw 1 card when they kill a model. Clobberin' Stick ( Ulix ): 1 AP, draw 1 card. Conflux of Bushwhacking (lucky emmisary ): 0 AP, draw cards when killing or sacrificing enemy models. Conflux of Explosive Force (lucky emmisary ): 0 AP, draw 2 cards and place 2 cards on top of the deck. Conflux of Fate (Zoraida): 0 AP, discard a card to look at top 4 cards of your deck, draw 1 and put the others back on top or bottom of your deck. Crystal Ball (Zoraida): Draw a card at the beginning of Zoraida activation. Do Over (any): Discard this upgrade at the start of the activation and draw 2 cards. Lucky Conflux (lucky emissary): 0 AP, cycle cards (how many?) for 1 Soulstone. Rambling Diatribe (Zipp): Discard all cards of one suit and draw replacements. Treasure Map (Sky pirate): cycle a card when friendly model within 10" discards an enemy Scheme Marker. Totems: Lovely Assistant: Requires an 8. Look at top 4 cards and rearrange them. Old cranky: 0 AP, discard 1 card and draw 1. Henchmen: First Mate: draw 1 card when an enemy Scheme Marker is discarded within 8". Mctaviah: 0AP, with a tome and discarding a marker nearby, draw a card. Sammy: Draw 1 card and discard 1 when another model within 6" draws a card. Once per turn. Enforcers/Minions: Merris: 1 AP, draw 2 cards and then place 3 cards on top of your deck. Banjonista: Draw 1 cards when a friendly non-pig model is killed within 6". Other: SS: Draw 2 cards and discard 2 for 1 SS. Bayou Two Card (Somer, Sammy, Bayou Gremlin, Slop Hauler, Rooster Rider, Mechanized Porkchop): Cheat Fate with the top card of the Deck. Mercs: Anna Lovelace: draw 1 card and discard 1 card at the start of the turn. Hannah: 1 extra card in hand. Sue:ake 1 damage at the end of his activation, draw 1 card. Big Jake: 0 AP, take 2 damage and look at the top two cards then either put em back or discard them. Lust's: Df trigger gives 1 card on a tome after resolving. Attacking with a tome lets her rearrange the top 3 cards of the target's deck (including your own). Friekorps Librarian: can draw 1 card with a tome on their attack. Ronin: 0 AP, sacrifice the model for 2 cards. Any other way to draw cards I am missing?
  11. Folomo

    Swine-cursed in limbo?

    Thanks for the explanation
  12. Folomo

    Swine-cursed in limbo?

    Why are Swine-cursed specially good with Wong? Is there some good synergy between glowy and them?
  13. Folomo

    how would you rate our masters?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with all the masters. The most interesting aspect is seeing the reason every player prefer the different masters. To keep painting and playing with gremlins now
  14. Folomo

    how would you rate our masters?

    As a new Gremlim player, I am interested in knowing your personal opinion and/or experience on how you rate our 8 masters, from first (1) to last (8).
  15. Folomo

    Skeeters on a 30mm base??

    Thanks, will look for some of those flight stands