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You can send these amongst yourselves as well if you wish, just don't abuse it. 

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  1. September 1st - Gorysche

    Sorry, Alpha crawler, we missed your forum. The background is clearly. It explains why Goryshche is the cheapest Titan. But I am so surprised about the Russians.
  2. Monday Preview - Adze

    Hmm. A large swamp fly. By the way, I think that Gremlins should hire more swampfiends in their crew. Maybe Ulix or Somer can fit this.
  3. Monday Preview - August 7th

    Do Charm Warders mean "式神(shikikami)" in Japanese?
  4. August 4th - Fenton Brahms

    Love Fenton! His background is really impressive, too. Poor Adeodatos, Fenton Brahams spreads much more Chaos on the board.
  5. Monday Preview - July 31st

    I have seen all models of Broken Promise posted now. Bokors are my favorite!
  6. Lindsey is looking for playtesters for Darkness Comes Rattling: War of Spirits and Bayou Bash in Announcements! What can be expected?
  7. May 8th - Divergent Path Child

    This design is better than I expected. Good Job!
  8. New Wyrdos

    Great! More new members is always good for Company.
  9. Will there be a late backing period?

    Another question, where are general assets and stratagems? How do backers get them?
  10. GenCon Shenanigans

    Aaron is looking for volunteers on the Forum. Will new book of Malifaux release during GenCon? Only five months remain now.
  11. Will there be a late backing period?

    Question: How many Tokens are there in one Token Set? Though I chose the Dual Commander, I would like to change into Tyrant instead now. But is one set of Tokens enough for use?
  12. Are Infiltrators lack luster?

    The main job of Infiltrators is Objective Markers. They take advantage of Camouflage. But because of weak Stats, they don't stand for long. What's more, friendly units probably have problem with shooting into engagement. Maybe the Field Intelligence Corps are the better choice for Empire.
  13. If there is surely a plan of Puppet Wars 3rd in private, will Wyrd launch it on Kickstarter?
  14. Vassal module?

    I sent an email two days ago, but i haven't received any messages yet.