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  1. This is the main problem why I disagree Flying Piglet. I prefer to see stuffed gators or stuffed mosquitos, and a Taxidermist Henchman which can summon all of the speciman. By the way, second reason is Dinner to Go. It means at least one 8 and one 7 to place scheme marker. Overcost.
  2. This design is better than I expected. Good Job!
  3. Great! More new members is always good for Company.
  4. Lindsey is looking for playtesters for Darkness Comes Rattling: War of Spirits and Bayou Bash in Announcements! What can be expected?
  5. Another question, where are general assets and stratagems? How do backers get them?
  6. Aaron is looking for volunteers on the Forum. Will new book of Malifaux release during GenCon? Only five months remain now.
  7. Question: How many Tokens are there in one Token Set? Though I chose the Dual Commander, I would like to change into Tyrant instead now. But is one set of Tokens enough for use?
  8. The main job of Infiltrators is Objective Markers. They take advantage of Camouflage. But because of weak Stats, they don't stand for long. What's more, friendly units probably have problem with shooting into engagement. Maybe the Field Intelligence Corps are the better choice for Empire.
  9. If there is surely a plan of Puppet Wars 3rd in private, will Wyrd launch it on Kickstarter?
  10. I sent an email two days ago, but i haven't received any messages yet.