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  1. Rostislav

    [Ukraine, Odessa] Running demo at "Southern Legion"

    Available in may
  2. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

  3. Rostislav

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    1. Lucius, Scribe, Dashel, 12 guild guards Guards get (0) Focus from Dashel and . Lucius gives them . Yep, guards have only 4 MI and 4 SH, but with such numbers they can attack +/- 12 times with and damage They will always have Def 6 if you position them right, some will have Def 7. Very vulnerable to Sonnia and Rasputina, very good vs most other lists.
  4. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    There were suggestions about "Take 4-5 models with disguies and stop his charges". So we are building a list only to prevent charges. If we see Wong or Ophelia we can shake hands and surrender. But Abuela with McCabe is useful not only vs Warpigs.
  5. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Thanks for the feedback. There are more answers than I thought and I got some really useful hints. But I would like to indicate a few posts that are IMHO pointless. 1. I'm not a guild player and I can beat this list 10-0. Maybe yes. Maybe not. It doesn't matter much. I created this topic in the Guild branch because I play the Guild. Such advice is not useful. I would like to understand how to deal with this list using guild masters + any mercenaries/models available for hiring. 2. If you pick up a counter list then you can win. Gremlin faction is very variable and I never told that I always see this particular list. Gremlin player can also get Ophelia, Brewmaster, Zoraida, Wong. It's just that the biggest problems is specifically with this list. In addition, the crew built to counter Mi based list usually has no chance against heavy shooting or magic list. Plus, I do not see how to built a MI counter list for Guild that will ensure victory. Therefore, I would like to create crews that can play on par with this and other possible Gremlin lists. 3. A strong model can Kill/Obey/Paralyze Warpig. Definitely. Only it is better to say how this strong model will reach the atack distance and how many actions it will have after that. For example, Peacekeeper with flurry will most likely kill the Warpig. But remeber that on turn 1 it's min. 24" between you and him. Peacekeeper has only 2" If gremlin sees that we are coming, then he will just wait and won't push forward. He'll start acting after we finish our activations. If we slingshot the model into him then he can counter it. An example of a real game. I play Hoffman. Peacekeeper has numb to the world which is must have vs Brewmaster or Zoraida and useless here. 1. - Guardian protects Peacekeeper and moves a bit forward. - Skeeter flies forward and gives . 2. - Hoffman gives the Peacekeeper Nimble, Power Loops him with Guardian (for Mi7 and Def 6), makes Emissary bury the Peacekeeper (also giving Emissary fast). - Hog whisperer gives reactivation to all Warpigs and to Old Major. 3. - Emissary activates, runs 18" and unburies Peacekeeper. Peacekeeper wants to come closer, flurry and kill one of the Warpigs shutting down half of this list's attack potential and getting gremlin crew to deal with him in gremlin's deployment zone. - Banjonista activates walks twice and comes pointblank to Peacekeeper. 4. Peacekeeper can't Flurry now. (His walk won't be enough even if he will unengage). Charge most likely won't kill Warpig. Peacekeeper attacks Banjonista, deals 4 damage, Banjonista pushes 4 away. Peacekeeper comes forward, engages the Warpigs and finishes the Banjonista. Nothing else in my list can attack Gremlins turn 1. Gremlin gets the cards, tossing half of the deck in his hand (though getting 1 less), he pushes the Warpigs out of the Peacekeeper's engagement, gives them reactivation and on the 1st turn I lose Peacekeeper, Emissary, Guardian and almost all crew which was eaten by Warpigs. I surrender. Guardian was killed by first pig, who charged and killed Emissary (pushing him further), after that stampeded and got to Guardian. Peacekeeper dropped to def 5 and lost . Though still had hard to wound. That didn't help. The second Warpig got to hit and to damage charged Peacekeper for (1). Hit him, dealt Severe damage (6-2) = 4, pushed Peacekeeper 4" forward (Skeeter is near), repeated it, for a total of 8 damage and 8" push, then killed him with second action (8+4 = 12) and Stampeded forward killing a Watcher. After it Warpig reactivated to kill more. In conclusion for that game 1. If I'm sitting in my deploy, the gremlin will complete the sequence that I've written at the start of this topic and will come to me when he has half a deck in his hand, and all my activations are over. Nothing changes. 2. I couldn't outactivate gremlin with list that had 8 activations. 3. If I hide the rest of the crew, well I will just lose 22 SS of Peacekeeper and Emissary turn 1. Though now I think that instead of Powerlooping Peacekeeper with Guardian I can use Hoffman to give Peacekeaper focus + fast. Also I could give him Debt to the guild. And with Debt, fast, Nimble I can potentially kill a gremlin that will try to engage him with (1) focus attack walk, flurry and kill a warpig. All that is needed is: 1. Good hand to hit 4 times a row. 2. No BJ 3. No RJ for Gremlin. (which is still very unlikely ). So please when you suggest to kill/obey/paralyze someone in Gremlin crew please tell how exactly you want it to do turn 1 assuming that he is at least 24" away.
  6. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I was talking about Abuella without disguise. Abuella with isguise is a very good option, thanks. It can really help.
  7. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    2 attacks with 1/3/5 cheatable and then reactivate and 2 attacks more. But Abuella with Disguise is a very good option, thanks.
  8. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    If she survives first charge.
  9. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Ludvig, I mean that they either don't push or push less then they can. Of course they will move and charge you multiple times, but after all your activations end.
  10. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    If you move forward then Gremlins don't move. You are at least 24 away from them on a standart deployment.
  11. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    3-5 houses, 2-3 forest pieces , 2-3 additional blocking terrain pieces and some crates and fences. This is considered a normal table.
  12. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    So the main idea of this list is that dead enemy crew don't achieve points. As for terrain - we have different tables. On a terrain heavy table he will simply get other list. He has access to all Gremlin pool of models.
  13. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    I know it, but other variant seams worse. Also pig gets 3 damage to get reactivate and has 9 wounds so possible we can even kill one. Possibly =)
  14. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    So I think best pick to counter is 1. Perdita and 3 riflemen If someone tries to charge you - he will get +/- 8 damage. It will be enough to cripple and later to stop warpigs. 2. Nellie and 3 snipers to kill key models. Aside from that - the chances to survive are extremelly low.
  15. Rostislav

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    That's what he usually does. Positioning requires high skill, but when you do it right - you can charge 4-5 time per pigs on turn 1 and get enemy in his deployment zone.