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  1. Start-Up Painter Kalmondo

    Welcome to the wonderful world of painting and hopefully you enjoy it enough to continue to do so. This is a great start for a first attempt at painting. My advice would be start small and learn new techniques as you go. I would say your best place to look would be YouTube. There are countless helpful videos for improving your skills and mastering techniques. A few of the easier and most impactful are Dry Brushing and Washes. Look into those as a start. And always Thin your paints!
  2. Ten Thunders - -Asami WIP

    Thanks! I do indeed plan to make the mouth a point of focus as well. I was thinking I may use some slime techniques and paint it quite vivid and gruesome for it to stand out.
  3. Ten Thunders - -Asami WIP

    Hello all, Im new to Malifaux and Asami is the first model from Wyrd I'm working on. Very great models, detail, and are a blast to paint. Comments, suggests, etc encouraged!
  4. Will there be a late backing period?

    I just found Malifaux and would have back this in an instant had i known about it previously. Glad you are giving me a chance to back it.
  5. Tips for Brand New Player Starting with Asami?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm very excited to get my models and start painting so I can play. Once I have this stuff painted I'll move onto the suggestions provided.
  6. Hello, I am new to Malifaux and just ordered my first set of stuff to get started. I picked Ten Thunders primarily for the Ascetics and having a strong desire to paint Asian themed models after playing many hours of Nioh. I have picked through a lot of threads, watched videos, etc. so i at least have a baseline idea of how the game runs. I have many years of skirmish experience with the likes of Warmachine and Infinity. I know she may not be the easiest Master to start with, but i'm ok with a steep learning curve because our local miniatures groups are pretty brutal to begin with usually. Basically I'm hoping you guys/gals can give suggestions or tips on things I should try or focus on since i'm new. As well as model suggestions to pick up next after i get a feel for her and the game. These are the models I ordered today and should have next week: Wrath of Oni Box Tengu Box Lone Swordsman Kamaitachi
  7. New Player, question on cards.

    Very helpful, thank you.
  8. New Player, question on cards.

    Hi all, I am brand new to Malifaux and have been watching a lot of videos and tutorials, etc. I am about ready to acquire some Ten Thunders in a trade and purchase more, but I have a question. How do I know if I have the most current version of a Characters Stat card from Errata? Do upgrades also get Errata with new cards? I ask because I'm concerned that cards may have been changed previously and I don't want to start playing and learning with cards that are not legal.