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  1. Do yourself a favor and pick up somers box, it comes with some essential models that will fill in your crew
  2. Yeah, he's fantastic with Mei Feng!
  3. Simple question fellow wyrdos, when and why do you take seamus over reva?
  4. Hi all, me and my friends where gearing up for a tournament in the area and as part of that we played the schemes and strats released for the 5 rounds. For a collect the bounty and headhunter round I chose to use Ophelia. While I did win both games I feel it was more of the crew doing well than Ophelia. I feel like she significantly lacks in damage for a gremlin combat master and with masters like Wong, Mah and Somer to pick from there are 3 much better damage-dealing masters with crew support. She may be more resilient depending on how you use her upgrades but she isn't a big enough threat for that to come into play. Speaking of crew support I find it to be very lacking. Most of her 0s can only target kin models (who are good don't get me wrong) but I'm usually taking maybe a max of 2 kin models unless I'm building for it. Her 'aim high boys' ability is great but (and this could just be me) I tend to use more melee oriented models like frank, Burt and the whiskey golem. I will say, her totems are amazing and seem to be half the reason I take her. They can use Ophelias upgrades (essentially using her attacks) and can be great if making use of 'aim high boys'. They also give her her upgrade making them very worth their low cost of 2 stones but they do have the defences to match. 3 wounds is suicide nowadays with the large amount of min 3 damage and their df/wp are lacking. Anyway, let me know why I'm wrong or how you make the most of her. I really love her fluff and am keen to play her well
  5. If you're really into the swamp fiend side of things then why are you playing the gremlin side? I suggest having a think about why you are and try to capitalise as possible on whatever you come up with. I'm not sure what exactly you're wanting help with but only taking one wisp and less voodoo doll support is my advice. Try giving yourself a ss 'budget' on different aspect of the crew like 5ss for upgrades, 20ss for beaters ect and make sure you keep your voodoo support small and stick to it
  6. To be perfectly honest I've never tried the nurse because I couldn't bring myself to buy a box that is only use one model of for 1 master. Maybe I'll try and borrow a friends
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. Hey kin! I'm thinking of fun things to get next for the faction and it's between pigs and the lucky Emmisary. I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on this model, I've read his pullmyfinger page and he seems fair for his cost but lacks the keywords we like (gremlin, pig and more recently, construct). Do you use him? Why not? What for? Would some pigs be better? Thanks as always!
  9. I'll back waffle in that you shouldn't bring sammy and the nurse and would go even further to say don't bring either. I've played gremraida for about 8 months now and I find that zoraida with hex bag can do enough to make it a problem for the opposition. I'm also a big fan of not using the doll for raw damage but rather I use him as a tool to really mess with enemy positioning. The idea is that you summon it right in their face, hem it to something they like and then make it stab or walk it around to get in the way of the enemy. Just engaging them with it makes life a lot harder for them, they can't drop markers, it can stop movement and if they hit it they hit their mate. It saves a lot of stones and keeping him around saves AP and gives you another activation. I really don't want to make this a lecture because I'm worried about making a reputation for myself with the whiskey golem stuff but I'd also drop crystal ball in favour of beast shape. The 15 inch place gets you set you in position turn 1 which I really like (especially if you can get somewhere hard to reach) and if you take it for the card draw, bewitch is a fantastic action, drop it on something with nimble, melee expert, ect and you can draw a whole new hand! In terms of crew selection make sure to take your bayou boyz! It might just be me but I always take 2-4 bayou gremlins with any master, it's a small amount of stones that can cause a lot of small issues that eventually add up, they're good objective runners and boy are they cute! Also, don't take the big models unless they fit for the schemes, strat or your own tactics with two exceptions, I find that Gracie, Lenny and the golem can all make very good use of the obeys. I like to have burt, frank, Lenny and Raphael as my workmen and a slop hauler to back them up. The idea is that zoraida provides extra AP if they need it, better cards to get the job done and a roadblock that so much fun in the form of the doll, just make sure you aren't putting to much into it! Best of luck! I'd love to hear a battle report of your Gremraida and I hope this helps!
  10. Welcome! What masters/models of ours do you like the look of? My personal favs are somer, zipp, the whiskey golem and the voodoo doll
  11. Thanks for the advice, I knew there must've been something I was missing. One more question, when am I taking shenlong as opposed to Mei?
  12. Hello brothers (thunder brothers to be exact), I started faux about 3 months ago and have been playing purely Mei Feng. I recently picked up shenlong's box but don't really see why I would take him over Mei. I know I must be missing something , I understand the styles and conditions and I know he can affect position greatly but he still seems to boil down to a combat master with some crew support just like Mei. I know I'm missing something so please let me know and if you could tell me your list for Shenlong that would also be helpful. Thanks guys!
  13. Picking your targets is a big part of the game and sure it might not work against a whole crew or a few big beaters who ignores armour but if you see that across the table the golem can always change gear
  14. Hello friends and welcome to my second part of 'making the whiskey golem great again'. Through this I hope to get you to put the whiskey golem back on the table or on the table for the first time. In this post I'll be addressing the reasons I've heard why people don't take him and if you haven't already looked at it please give part one a read. First off we'll start with why not take 'X'. One of the most common things I've heard people say as a reason they don't take the golem is because other models are better tanks, damage dealers, runners ect. While I will be going over common models associated with this line of argument I'd first like to say that the main reason I've taken this guy in nearly every game I've played this year is that he fits into all these jobs. While Francois deals more damage can be also move 18' a turn? He sure gets close at a cost but does he also match the resilience? Hell no, with a (1) heal on par with Fingers' and a trigger to do that heal on a ram or a tome on an attack frank can't stand up to him on that side but he still has min damage 3 or 4 on a trigger. What I'm trying to say is that while he may be outclassed as a damage dealer and arguably as a tank and scheme runner, he combines all these proficiencies into one model and most importantly, can change gear at a moments notice. I've had him do from holding the centre one turn after smashing the previous to getting me a point for leave your mark the next, he's truely amazing. Anyway, let's get to some of these aforementioned models: Burt Jebson is one of the best arguments against the golem. He's 3 stones less, has the same damage track that can easily rise if supported and has some durability to him. First off I'd like to draw attention to 'if supported', I can say from my own experience that if Lenny isn't around Burt becomes much less effective. He looses a lot and I mean a LOT of durability. Not only does he lose the 'big target' bonus but he also loses getting his defensive trigger for free with makes people want to target him more and he loses a very good slippery target. Now I'm not saying it's not 17 stones well spent but I'd rather spend 10 on someone who is more durable and fast though some how lacking in damage with a 3/5/6 damage track. Fancois is one of the dealiest models in malifaux with one of if not the most damaging attacks in the game. He's 3 stones less, a MONSTER of the field and doesn't need a third reason as to why he's good. Much of my reasoning has already been said for this guy already but he plays a different roll. Francois rushes in, kills something big, maybe 2 somethings then dies and that's ok but the golem is staying around. Again, a different job Gracie is another model I've heard is a better pick and while I don't have much experience with this model I do have a friend who has but I still can't speak from experience. I'd like to give my opinion on this one but don't think it would be an educated one so I'll move on. Fingers is another common argument and a very good one at that. He combines scheme runner and tank in one model and shares the same cost as the golem making them interchangeable. I will admit that fingers beats the whiskey golem in the scheme runner department as while he's not as fast he can drop markers while engaged and can turn enemy scheme markers into his own but I think that the golem is a much better tank and does far more damage than than Fingers. The damage is an easy argument but a better tank, that requires more discussion. We'll be comparing these guys in the scenario of holding a point as would be one of a tanks primary functions. Looking at the cards in front of me I see the same amount of wounds, similar defences (Fingers having 1 more Df and Wp) and the golem having armour +1. While we can argue that the higher Df is better than the armour when he flip over the cards and see them both with a 1/2/3 heal and the whiskey golem with a (1) action to gain +2 Df till he next activates. Now surely if they were putting everything into staying alive the golem would come out on top with the armour, higher defence and a better built in defensive trigger that can cause enemy models to lose attacks and fish cards from the opponents hand? I think so but please tell me why not below. Secondly, we'll talk about his base size. I have heard complaints that the 50 mill base is a reason not to take him and can I say that while this is a valid concern I haven't had it hamper me yet and have even managed to make to a good thing. In games these past few weeks I've been using the golem as a screen to protect high value models like a slop hauler or a Francois en route or recovering. Please give this one a go, I think it's an underused attic on an underused model that could suprise you. We'll also talk about the 1' melee range as it also fits in the the base size argument. Let's face it, it's the whiskey T-Rex! It's not hitting anything with those arms until you remeber that big base. While it doesn't solve the problem entirely it does improve the range to add an extra half inch. Now we'll move onto one of the biggest criticism which is the (1) AP to bring him up to the great DF 7 from the average DF 5. To be honest, I don't really have answer to it, it's just a thing we have to live with. Part of getting good with the golem is learning when to spend that AP to bump it up or when to start smashing, dashing, drinking or scheming. It's important to remember that bumping the DF up isn't required and knowing when to bump it is, as I said, a big part of getting your stones worth and remeber, you can't get experience without getting him on the table! Before ending this post I'd like to talk about his performance at Twatifaux, a tournament in Melbourne Australia with around 60 players. I took the golem in 4/5 rounds and he did wonderfully. First game was headhunter against a guild played and he was able to control the centre and was one of the only models left on the board at the end against a brutal assault from both Fransisco and Phiona. Second game was squatters rights and he was able to nimble drop marks on the opponents side and also get me full points for inspection. Third game was stake a claim and he held the point wonderfully till late in the second turn when he died to red joker damage. Last game was collect the bounty and he scored me full points for leave your mark and I can confidently say that he was worth his stones in almost all those games. Please give the golem a shot, I think he's an underused model that has some great potential and please leave some comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  15. While I do agree with your buffing ideas but I can't agree with your first statement. I've had a perdita (who ignores armour) go HAM on him and him coming out the other end scoring me full vp for leave your mark.