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  1. DanteJH

    Mah is good

    Yeah, I got mah some months back and was actually presently surprised! I like using her as a disruption piece with ‘aim for the sore spots’ being a favorite. A 4’ melee means an 8’ bubble of engagement around mah, it’s silly good. I was suprised how stupid fast she is too! As you said, get off my land and let mah handle this it HUGE. I haven’t used hollerin much but I’ll try it next game, I haven’t been disappointed by beat face mah yet. Ml 8! I also really do like bushwackers. I take 2 with mah and a crier and they do serious work! They’re great all round models with a decent gun, a great melee and more movement than they no what to do with! here’s my base list 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 5 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) - Manifest Destiny (1) - Do Over (1) The Little Lass (4) - Lead Lined Apron (0) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Gremlin Crier (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Pretty elite crew but I haven’t dropped a game with it yet! Most of it should be pretty self explanatory except pere. He’s just there because he makes me giggle
  2. DanteJH

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    I would highly recommend Ophelia. So much fun and a unique game every time!
  3. DanteJH

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    One big theme in gremlins is the rabid increase in their intelligence, aptitude and technology so gremlins teaming up with the arcanists is in no way out of the question and a good observation. I really want a resserectionist bokor voodoo gremlin but this is cool
  4. DanteJH

    Lucky Emissary: Reworking the Hat

    Hey man! Great post! I don’t have the emissary myself but having the master-specific trigger is a super cool idea. Very flavoursome! It would be great it the really good one was master specific as well.
  5. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Could you write me a small pharagraph on Merris @Math Mathonwy? I don’t use her
  6. DanteJH

    Our worst models

    Yeah, haven’t used Lenny in a couple years now, he’s just slow and goes down to easily and for 9 stones we can do better. I don’t even know if I’d take him at 8. I really hate the nerf to mctavish because es a non-issue in our faction, I wish they’d just take merc off him. I think bushwackers are actually very good models for 5 stones. There’s a lot of tricks with them and I’ve never regretted taking them. Maybe taking less damage in their free shot though. as for models I want to see get buffed, Lenny needs to go down like 2 stones or get better somehow, gators need to lose insignificant, rami REALLY needs some wounds, from shadows and built in dumb luck and everything from wave 5 needs to be taken back and made good I think we suffer from people thinking that we’re an unbalanced faction and are falling behind because of it. Wave 5 was such a disappointment for everyone except zoraida and Ophelia
  7. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Could you write me a little paharagraph about the models you want in it @Rosskov and @Davie? I don’t use either of them so you if you could write one in this thread I’ll add it to the tactica. Thanks a lot guys!
  8. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Like, seriously @green-n-dumb, she’s so good because of how consistent and versatile she is. She has an answer for every situation, gives her crew so much passive ap and I’ve only ever had her die once cause she’s that damn survivable. She can also run really elite or really spammy crews because of her totem and her ss efficiency makes me wet. Give her a go man
  9. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Thanks, I knew that but should make it clear. Good eye!
  10. DanteJH

    Old Cranky

    Yeah, I definitely think that in the next errata she should have extra slots for her named upgrades that jack saw for his curses. You actually miss out on 2 activation as you can take 3 young and their issue I have with cranky is that you have to drag him around. I admit it’s easy with Ooo, a girl but I’d rather be tugging someone else. I do understand why you take him but I prefer the cycling playstyle. To each his own and thanks for the help on the tactics!
  11. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Thanks for the heads up! Changing now
  12. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Thanks @Finalscene, correcting now
  13. DanteJH

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    Finished about half, tell me what you think so far!
  14. DanteJH

    Old Cranky

    You give up all the 0 actions, Ophelia’s survivability goes down, you lose the junk makers which means you lose healing, movement and scheme markers, you lose activations, you lose soulstone efficiency because you buy the upgrades and ap efficiency because you lose the activations. I can understand with Wong and somer though