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  1. Help me!

    Hello lovelys! I've got my first fixed master tournament coming up and I've picked zoraida to compete! I was just wanting to get everyone's two cents and crew lists. Here are the schemes and strats R1: standard/extraction/claim jump/accusation/set up/hunting party R2: corner/headhunter/claim jump/leave your mark/inspection/covert breakthrough R3: flank/guard the stash/claim jump/eliminate their leadership/dig graves/quick murder/tail'em R1 plan: hunting party and claim jump. Zoraida uses repulsive at the end of turn to push enemies off the marker. 2 bayous claim jump with a bodyguard R2 plan: full inspection sending two squads and putting cover on zoraida/sammy with raven form. Lenny and slop haulers to help hold sides R3 plan: whiskey golem as highest ss model. Zoraida uses obeys to heal himself and buff df. Schemes entirely depend on enemy crew Thnaks for the help and suggestions everyone! Also, should I buy mctavish before the tourney
  2. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    My biggest hope is that these new upgrades really encourage theme. For Ophelia I'd like an upgrade that lets her discard a card to keep a used gun but let her draw one if she lets it go. I'd also like an upgrade that lets nearby Kin to use her guns for free (no discard) or just something to encourage using the Kin. For zipp I'd like more sky pirate upgrades mostly. I'd love an upgrade that embodies the air ship like being able to retreat/air strike/anchor ect. But only being able to use it if you have a curtain amount of sky pirates as a crew for it for zoraida I'd like her to be able to hire swanpfuwnds cheaper and also buff them or give her triggers on her obey finally for Somer I'd like an upgrade that buffs minions of 5ss or lower and gives him a good obey. I'd like the second one to give somer a sizeable bonus but only if your crew doesn't contain over a certain amount of enforces or henchman cause diners the big boss!
  3. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

    For the most part I use him as a bodyguard/buffer for a model like Burt or for a group of smaller models. I agree that he maybe isn't priced right but I think we can all agree that the pricing of our models is fucked in our favour, generally speaking
  4. Best gremlin crew

    Honestly, you want somer. Seriously. If that's not an option I'd say Ophelia if you want to go less pig heavy but I'd go ulix if it's more pig heavy
  5. Help w a limited model pool

  6. Help w a limited model pool

    Hi wyrdos, I've gone to Germany for a holiday and brought some models with me and have managed to find myself a game on Thursday. The only issue is that I brought a master I'm not familiar with with a very limited pool of models. I brang tara, aionus, nothing beast, karina, death martiel, void wretchX2, nurse heartsbane, scion of black blood, angel eyes and a blood wretch. I'm not sure what to do in terms of a list but here's the WIP Tara -knowledge of eternity -dead of winter -obliterate symbiot aionus -scramble nothing beast -void shield -scout the field Karina -faces of oblivion death marshal wretch X2 please share your thoughts and tips, I have no clue what I'm doing
  7. Mercs in gremlins

    This fair
  8. Mercs in gremlins

    I'm interested in the ronin you mentioned, what's the deal with them? Also, is mud toss a 1 or a 0? If it's a 1 I'd still argue for johan
  9. Mercs in gremlins

    Yeah I just wanted to make a point that you can do some funny stuff with the pigapult. Aside from that I don't think he's actually that good in gremlins
  10. Mercs in gremlins

    A recent post on the gremlin forum about aionus got me thinking about merc use in gremlins. For a merc to be used I feel that they must bring something new that the faction can't provide or do a job we do have but better and for a good ss cost. The mercs I think can be worth it are as follows and I'd like to hear your thoughts. Freikorps trapper: for the same cost as our sniper, rami, I feel he does the job a lot better. First off he has from shadows which already is just much better. He also has a better damage track with decent triggers and let's not forget that 6 wounds and armor +1 are nothing to shake a stick at. The main problem I can see is that he shoots and gremlins already shoot extremely well. Nevertheless, if you want a sniper or reliable long ranged damage I'd be mercing this guy in Killjoy: the only reason he's on this list is because of pigapult bullshitery. Sling something into enemy lines, get it killed, win the game Johan: he's great in melee and survivable which gremlins are somewhat lacking. This is all well and good but your main reason to take him is because of his 'rebel cry' action which clears all conditions from a model. As of yet, if you don't count the playtesting gremlins don't have condition removal so johan definitely has a place. Oh yeah, and he's only 7 stones Greed: a bit more situational but greed can be a pain in the backside for many summoners as most sommoners rely on cards on soulstones, both of which greed attacks. As well as draining stones and cards from your opponent, she can also provide you some on occasion with her ram trigger on her 'the greed spreads' attack which might I mention is a Ca 6 that deals a flat 4 damage. Greed has a bunch of other tricks but she is expensive coming in at 9 stones so the match up matters Performer: lure, manipulative, blah blah blah... it's a 6 stone expunge for you brewie players out there and BOY is it devastating. But yeah if you're playing brewmaster these guys can expunge chumps and lure them into your drinking contest aura. Aionus: scene marker manipulation isn't something gremlins has much of that aionus has in bucket loads being able to move ever scheme marker in play for a 0. He's got more scheme marker stuff but he can also make your guys fast for a card and hand out slow like no ones business. Oh yeah, and he's got 3 ap. His main issue is his cost at 13 stones but I can guarantee in the right pool, he'll win you the game Please share your though as I'm very interested in this subject.
  11. Somer + Aionus pretty good?

    Yeah I think you could be right. Even having a good use for that 4 or 5 to make a bayou fast is good. Also, handing out slow to the enemie crew could make it easier to overrun them as they won't have the AP to kill all the summoned gremlins. I'll give it a go
  12. New Player

    Do yourself a favor and pick up somers box, it comes with some essential models that will fill in your crew
  13. In defense of the Mechanized Porkchop

    Yeah, he's fantastic with Mei Feng!
  14. Simple question fellow wyrdos, when and why do you take seamus over reva?
  15. Is Ophelia useful?

    Hi all, me and my friends where gearing up for a tournament in the area and as part of that we played the schemes and strats released for the 5 rounds. For a collect the bounty and headhunter round I chose to use Ophelia. While I did win both games I feel it was more of the crew doing well than Ophelia. I feel like she significantly lacks in damage for a gremlin combat master and with masters like Wong, Mah and Somer to pick from there are 3 much better damage-dealing masters with crew support. She may be more resilient depending on how you use her upgrades but she isn't a big enough threat for that to come into play. Speaking of crew support I find it to be very lacking. Most of her 0s can only target kin models (who are good don't get me wrong) but I'm usually taking maybe a max of 2 kin models unless I'm building for it. Her 'aim high boys' ability is great but (and this could just be me) I tend to use more melee oriented models like frank, Burt and the whiskey golem. I will say, her totems are amazing and seem to be half the reason I take her. They can use Ophelias upgrades (essentially using her attacks) and can be great if making use of 'aim high boys'. They also give her her upgrade making them very worth their low cost of 2 stones but they do have the defences to match. 3 wounds is suicide nowadays with the large amount of min 3 damage and their df/wp are lacking. Anyway, let me know why I'm wrong or how you make the most of her. I really love her fluff and am keen to play her well