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  1. what to order

    Hey man, welcome to the bayou! I play Ophelia almost exclusively and for a super fun and competitive crew I’d get Burt Jebson, banjostas and slop haulers. Burt likes to hit things hard, slop haulers provide fantastic healing to a deceptively tough crew and the banjistas provide some really good movement and card draw to what ends up being a high-model count crew. Past that make sure you get the generalist upgrade deck and Ophelia’s new upgrades, here’s a list I use as a base in my games: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 5 Pool Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) - Team Work (1) Banjonista (5) Banjonista (5) *edit: as far as other crew boxes I’d highly suggest mah or somer’s box. Both come with useful minion, bayou gremlins are our best scheme runners and the bushwackers synergise very well with “shoot high boys!”. Lenny and Trixie are also great
  2. The Best Student

    Hi bayou dwellers! I was just wondering your favourite upgrade/s to give Sammy for each master. My favourite with zoraida is definitely poisoned fate. The aura it gives is pretty close to her range, usually making it so that enemies are in it by default if they’re getting attacked. The amount of synergy it has with jinx as well, whew! With somer it’s a toss up between encouragement and family tree. I’ll take family tree on somer if I need a spike of bayou gremlins but take sammy if I want to be summoning during the game or if I need somer to be more offensive turn one. For brewie I always take binge because it’s a great upgrade but the brewmaster himself is to busy swilling In Ophelia the threatening gun is great, not only is it a good attack but the 0 is great to make people move, interact, or focus For zipp I don’t tend to play her and if I did I don’t think it would be useful, same with mah what do you guys love to put on sammy?
  3. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Round 1: ply is good for brewmaster just because of the tanuki trick but the scheme pool doesn’t favour him at all. For this reason I’d take zoraida because she’s great at entourage and can give her crew the extra boost needed for surround and can obey models off evidence markers. Again, I like brewie in ply but don’t like the pool for its lack of markers round 2 I’m taking zoraida because brewmaster doesn’t like it when things spread out but this scheme pool does favour brewie. I’d take guarded treasure and set up (obeying the model to walk into the trap lol) round 3 Now this is a brewie pool! Lots of markers, engagements and survival. I’d take search the ruins and inescapable trap/take one for the team Its important to note that I love brewie, if you look in other related threads you’ll see me advocating for him, it’s just that, as a master, he’s a sometimes good while zoraida can be an always good because of her being a force multiplier
  4. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Hey, sorry to slow down the brewmaster train but I would seriously recommend taking zoraida over brewmaster. Brewie is great in certain scheme and strat pools but zoraida is ALWAYS applicable. Just warning you, if you choose brewmaster there will be times you won’t have a lot of options for the schemes and strats
  5. Condition removal?

    Even though he’s one of the first models I ever got, I really don’t like him. He’s been good but never 9ss good. Honestly, I think he really could have used a buff
  6. Condition removal?

    I don’t like either of those options if I’m honest, an 8 is an above average card and johans is just unreliability at best, surely we have something else?
  7. Condition removal?

    Hello fellow bayou dwellers! I’ve been playing a lot of resser recently and noticed that they get a lot of work done through negative conditions. Just recently my whiskey golem was neutered because of a hanged and there was nothing I could do about it because I didn’t have condition removal! my question is, what condition removal do we have? I can only think of throw in the mud but I’m not a huge fan of mctavish or mancha and don’t like the idea of spending their ap on it thanks!
  8. Hard Counters

    I forgot about this, I once took him against collette and he had armour 13 by the end of the game. In the right pools he’s STUPID good, you just have to be conservative with him at the start as until he’s eaten a couple scheme markers he’s a bit weak
  9. Facing Hoffman

    Lol, forgot about that!
  10. Facing Hoffman

    Fantastic question! Even though ignoring armour is out of the question now, constructs weaknesses of having a low df, a below average wd count and lower speed is still exploitable. For Hoffman I would play a dread pirate zipp list or a summoning somer list with the main idea being a death by 1,000 cuts! Take somer if you just want them dead or take zipp if you want to exploit their limited movement. If you don’t have either master play brewmaster and do brewmaster things. Mah, Zoraida and Ophelia all prefer more elite crews and armour is good against moderate-heavy hits which the crews deal out. Oh, and Wong and Ulix are fine
  11. Zipp up we go

    Verticality isn’t measured in placing
  12. Need Advice: Mad Brewee Grow Up madness

    Get the whiskey golem and start using drinking problem Papa’s usual list 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 3 Pool - Drinking "Problem" (2) - Running Tab (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) Whiskey Golem (9) - Barrel Up (0) Tanuki (5) Tanuki (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) I change the number of shinobi and tanuki depending on how marker heavy the pool is
  13. What Factions Spook You?

    I just saw a thread on the arcanist forum talking about masters who they won’t bring into a game if an opponent declares a certain faction. I’d be interested to see how this applies to us but also the opposite. So, what masters do you take or avoid dependent on the faction the other person declares? I know I don’t take zoraida against the thunders because they have + flips out the wazoo which bypasses her defences and while a zoraida crew can usually function pretty well without her, I’d rather she not die If I face neverborn, I ALWAYS take zipp, he flat out counters pandora, collodi and dreamer and does very well against all their other masters As a final note from me, I like taking brewmaster against ressers a lot. They have a generally low wp, don’t function well if a few key models are taken out of the game, make moon shinobi too good to pass up with their models having hard to wound and most hand out poison which my tanuki like to heal and reactivate people with
  14. Som'er and Zipp Tactics?

    Christ, there’s a lot to say! I mean like, a lot a lot. These 2 masters have so many different options and play styles that are all actually competitive. I may take it upon myself to update the entire gremlin faction on whatever the new Wiki turns out to be. Unfortunately it’s almost midnight where I am and I need to sleep!
  15. Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    I like that idea a lot actually, might get someone else so drop the marker though, don’t want to leave Wesley behind!