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  1. While mah has improved I still wouldn’t say she’s one of the stronger ones and I’d put her in the bottom 3. Not saying she can’t win but she’s just fine
  2. DanteJH

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I’m very disappointed at the new box, they could have done so much more with the Ulix or any other master. For me, ponies just comes off as lazy, strays further away from the solid and attractive themes the game started with and it’s not what I want from a nightmare box... ...but I’m still buying it...
  3. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Many thanks @Platov!
  4. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    @Platov could you tell me more about how u keep Zipp and earl alive? As soon as the opponent figures out that earl’s the one giving him masks he’s dead in an instant. What are your strategies for keeping by earl with you? I’ve actually been having a lot of trouble with Zipp in tournaments and would like to get better at him but I’m currently having better luck with brewie. Could I also get a sample list?
  5. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    I love love love the whiskey golem and take him in 90% of my crews and I’ve never regret it. A lot of people will talk him down but I love him so much because he can do ANYTHING and fill any hole. The list I gave you was just a budget one. Most people also take Burt with dirty cheater, which is always worth it btw, and at that point they cost the same and id rather have the golem. Don’t forget his 0 stone upgrade
  6. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    I would highly suggest getting the Ophelia box and Zipp box to start @Macdaddy353. They’re both fantastic masters who play differently with solid crew boxes that compliment each other. And do you think Zipp is really a harder kill than Ophelia @Platov? If he’s pinned down he’s dead. anyway, here’s the list I’d make out of the 2 boxes but I’d want to get Burt as another melee threat for the skeeters to taxi 50 SS Gremlins Crew Zipp + 4 Pool - No Quarter (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) Earl Burns (3) The First Mate (9) - Treasure Map (0) - Where The Captain Can't See (1) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Iron Skeeter (6) - Poorly Handled Explosives (0) Iron Skeeter (6) - Hovering Airship (1) Pere Ravage (6) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) This crew has high potential to control enemy movement and remove problem models. Use Zipp, the first mate and skeeters to pull the enemy out of position then use frank, pere and Raphael to kill people who need to leave.
  7. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Thanks, I’m always looking to improve the tactica. The pere+expolives was actually a very potent combo at the latest UK masters so enjoy that one! the iron skeeters can be used as replacement scheme runners fine and earl tends to drop a few when I play im
  8. DanteJH

    New to the game! Seeking advice

    Hey mate! Welcome to the game, that list is pretty solid as an extremely fast, in-your-face build but I’d drop Merris and team work on pere for Francois LaCroix to save some money and because Francois is a monster. Merris is usually used as a scheme runner but this crew wants to rapidly engage with strong melee threats. How’d you find the Ophelia tactica?
  9. DanteJH


    Our in-faction sniper is useless so the trapper makes it in if I need one
  10. DanteJH

    Our worst models

    I wrote the Ophelia tactica but I’ll try and add more specific stuff
  11. DanteJH

    Our worst models

    I’ve solod ophelia in a 50+ person tournament and came 3rd. shes a killer
  12. DanteJH

    some ideas for new gremlin models

    Those both sound like a lot of fun, gotta love the idea of gremlins mounting and knighting whatever they can! Its never, ever going to happen but my dream has always been to give the gremlins, like, a 25ss tank that they found/stole and just have it cause absolute chaos and explosions on both sides. I’d be so happy. An idea that may actually happen is a drunk gremlin/arcanist master who has decided to join the union for access to arcanist tech, tools and discounts at the local union pub. He’d work with constructs and be able to summon them off scrap but each one would have an upgrade attached like “Faulty Wire’n” or “That’s Not a Robot, That’s a Bomb” which give them negative but hilarious quirks to balance the summoning and add some fun to the game. He should also be able to summon flesh constructs because it’s in the name and he got confused. Finally I’d like gremlin explosioneers who’re just madmen with tnt
  13. DanteJH

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    I don’t usually get the chance to play henchman hardcore but if I did I’d play Frank+stilts burt+dirty cheater pere survivor the idea being that you throw Burt and Frank at the enemy henchman, use pere to scare people off or clear the centre and use the survivor to stay at in the game if it goes south
  14. DanteJH

    Mah is good

    Yeah, I got mah some months back and was actually presently surprised! I like using her as a disruption piece with ‘aim for the sore spots’ being a favorite. A 4’ melee means an 8’ bubble of engagement around mah, it’s silly good. I was suprised how stupid fast she is too! As you said, get off my land and let mah handle this it HUGE. I haven’t used hollerin much but I’ll try it next game, I haven’t been disappointed by beat face mah yet. Ml 8! I also really do like bushwackers. I take 2 with mah and a crier and they do serious work! They’re great all round models with a decent gun, a great melee and more movement than they no what to do with! here’s my base list 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 5 Pool - Know The Terrain (1) - Manifest Destiny (1) - Do Over (1) The Little Lass (4) - Lead Lined Apron (0) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Gremlin Crier (7) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Bayou Bushwhacker (5) Pretty elite crew but I haven’t dropped a game with it yet! Most of it should be pretty self explanatory except pere. He’s just there because he makes me giggle
  15. DanteJH

    Getting the gremlin urge.

    I would highly recommend Ophelia. So much fun and a unique game every time!