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  1. Dirach

    To Wyrd: Errata'ed stat cards in Europe

    Wyrd have posted the needed cards on their web page. I agree that printed cards "feels" better and you will notice the difference, but when the printed cards are put in sleeves they look good and in function they do the same work.
  2. Dirach

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Oh. Som my Spellcasters are just as bad as ever then? 😕
  3. Dirach

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    I am to lazy to figure out my self. What is the Sanctioned Spellcaster trick? And what is the 8ss dreamteam?
  4. Dirach

    Add ram suit

    Thank you. The Specialized Skill is just what I was looking for . Thanks.
  5. Dirach

    Add ram suit

    The "critical strike" talent say you get +1 damage for each ram in the final duel. How can you get more than one ram on weapons that are not "deadly"? Is it possible to get a ram on a skill?
  6. Dirach

    Lady J Proxy or Alt Sculpts

    the Miss Terious model could be a good start. Expencive but nice.
  7. Dirach

    Essential undead for Guild?

    O.S.A Devour?
  8. Dirach

    Essential undead for Guild?

    I am waiting for new Guild releases, but meanwhile I can paint up some undead for the Domador. So what are the essential udead minions? And let us put them in to categories. "Can do new wonderful stuff" and "Nothing new, but just better" I don´t have enough experience and my meta is not that competitive but I have some ides to start the ball. Can do new wonderful stuff Doxies and belles: Their pushing stuff can be very handy, and seem to be more flexible than most of the guild pushing. Crooligans. I think the soft cover aura could be useful. Any experience with this? Nothing new, but just better Necro punks the leap makes them faster than the hounds and watcher. But the watcher is cheaper and more reliable than the punk. So I don know.
  9. Dirach

    Picking up arcanists constructs with Hoffman

    So get everything except soulstone miners? You guys are expensive
  10. Thank you for the quick answer.
  11. Lets say I have a miniature with "a debt to the guild". I use the "once each game" ability to draw a card and increase the damage on attacks by +1. I remove the "debt" with a terracota warrior and replace it with another 1GS upgrade. Later I replaces this upgrade with another "A debt to the guild". Can I draw another card and get +1 on damage or does the model remember that it have done so earlier?
  12. Dirach

    Want to discuss my next game.

    I met Tara.
  13. Dirach

    Want to discuss my next game.

    My plan was to use him where he was needed and he fills many roles. - Giving fast and sabre to my crew and giving them + to WP and Mi. - Preventing my opponents henchmen and master from getting points. (By killing them if possible) - Rushing to score strategy. By the way I lost the game 3-6. But we only got to the third round before we had to quit. If the game had continued I guess I would have scored 5 more. My opponent could also score 3 more quite easily. So for the last to points I think my opponent would have the edge, so I guess it was fair to give him the win.
  14. Dirach

    Want to discuss my next game.

    I have not been very successful at the Malifaux table, but I have been in a prosses where I have tried to use all my models. I have tried every master, so the "trying something new" aspect is not strong anymore. Before I played my last game I put up my plan here, and the debate were useful as I got better knowledge of my crew, and my plan got better. I hope to do the same now. I have decleared Guild, and my opponent have decleared Resser. Strategy: Symbols of authority Schemes: Punish the weak, Undercover Entourage, Take Prisoners, Take one for the team, Vendetta I think the key to this game is mobility. I need to be everywhere. For Symbols of authority I think the guild dogs with Luna would be good as they are fast and small. So I guess McCabe would be a good choice, and he can add extra movement to bring my crew where I need them. With "punish the weak" on the table the dogs are a bit risky, as they are easy to take down. But I think choosing "Take one for the team" on one of the dogs could "counter" this scheme if chosen by my opponent. I also consider to pick "Vendetta" on one of the dogs. Badge of speed and the glowing sabre could make it possible for a guild dog to take out a 4 or 5 SS model for an easy score. I think "undercover entourage" and "Take prisoners" is harder to score. I also think one henchman is nice, as it would hide my schemes more, as my opponent can think he will be used for "punish the weak" Currently my crew will be something like this. McCabe- Loot Bag, Promices, one 1 SS upgrade. Luna 4xDogs Fransisco (To give McCabe 9 df)- Wade in Thrall Brutal Emissary- Badge of speed. The dogs will be all around scoring points. McCabe, Fransisco, Thrall and Brutal Emissary will be protecting my side of the table, and ill be taking out enemy hencmen, masters and strategy scorers. Good plan? Are there other obvious crews? If you want to give advice, I have all the guild choices, some mercenaries and mimics. (but only 4 guild guards ) and I never proxy, so no unreleased miniatures.
  15. Dirach

    Faction rankings?

    Izikial. If you don´t want to be competitive, you are in luck. You can choose whatever faction you want. You can go for the best looking, the one that fit your playstyle or any other reason might you have. I would say that the master you choose is more important than the faction. You find good masters and masters that are more challenging to play in every faction. All the masters, even the good ones will be challenging to play, if you don´t choose the right crew for them. So if you and your friend are going for the crews that you think looks coolest, you will spend some time just to figure out how to play the game well. If you start winning games to easily, start experimenting with new stuff. Put some stuff into the crew that will make it harder to win, or use a henchman as Master. If you always loosing, you can try to add some of the "top Tier" models to even the score. In miniature games, you have plenty of ways to adjust the balance. If your community of players all agree to be casual minded, I think balance can be achived. Top masters/factions only matters much in competitive communities.