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  1. Vanessa in a Levi Crew?

    the puns continue
  2. Monday Preview - July 17th

    definitely didn't notice it at first, but it looks like a 1911. Not surprising to me for the guild to have access to cutting edge earth tech, but still cool to see.
  3. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    wyrd forum pun day was yesterday...
  4. I'm in. This sounds awesome and I haven't been to Nu Brand yet but I've been wanting to get there. The deck looks pretty cool too, reminds me of uno cards.
  5. Monday Preview - July 17th

    I think the art is great, it evokes emotion which it's supposed to. I hate the male investigator because the art makes him look like a total sleaze ball. Great job wyrd artist (who's name I don't remember)! @Alyssa!!
  6. (eBay) More Malifaux Minis to sell

    You may want to consider taking that von schill crew auction down and selling the TTB hannah by herself, probably on the wyrd trades facebook group. She'll easily go for $150+, you could just post her on that group and ask for offers.
  7. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    Just a heads up, that's not a performer it's Baritone Lola, the Dark Carnival Cassandra so your SS count is a little higher, I think 32.
  8. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July

    For July I've got Colette (15), 3x Mech Dove (2), 2x Performer (5), 2x Mannequin (4) for a total of 39. I'm still waiting for some stuff I ordered so I may get to paint Carlos and a Union miner or 2 as well. I've already started Colette and the performers.
  9. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- June

    This was a rough month for painting for me, couldn't really get anything done that I was super proud of. I think my Coryphee both came out ok, but my Cassandra and Samurai were a bit rushed and it shows I think. Samurai (8), Corypheex2 (14), Cassandra (8) for 30 total stones. Pics in my album:
  10. cassandra sword

    From the album 2017 monthly painting

    I think the sword came out pretty good, but I couldn't take a good pic of it even though I tried for like 15 minutes.
  11. 2017 monthly painting

    March: Mei Feng, Arcane Emissary, Firestarter April: May: McCabe (mounted, dismounted), 2 wastrels, Sidir, Dawn Serpent, Luna, Yan Lo, Chiaki, Izamu, Toshiro, 2 komainu, soul porter
  12. cassandra side

    From the album 2017 monthly painting

    eh, not my best work
  13. cassandra back

    From the album 2017 monthly painting

    eh, not my best work
  14. cassandra front

    From the album 2017 monthly painting

    eh, not my best work
  15. crouched coryphee blades

    From the album 2017 monthly painting