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  1. neverborn nemesis

    Why is your opponent picking their models after knowing your master? You should only be declaring what faction you're each playing when you build your crew.
  2. Flesh and metal (Arcane emissary)

    Well that's the root of your question isn't it? Is the comma separated clause essential? I believe it is and that's why the commas are grammatically incorrect. If they meant to target when the discard happens I would hope they would have said "Flesh and metal: At the start of this model's activation it may discard a card. Then, target other friendly non-leader in 6" may take a (1) action at the end of this model's activation."
  3. Flesh and metal (Arcane emissary)

    From an english perspective I don't think the second comma is correct. I've always played it to mean the discard happens at the start of the activation, then at the end of the activation a friendly non-leader model within 6" of the emissary's current position may take a (1) action. I don't think you can ignore the (at the end of this model's activation) part but maybe you can just consider the "if it does" to be equal to "then" So if you discard a card at the start of its activation a friendly non-leader model within 6" of where it ends its activation may take a (1) action
  4. Monday Preview - The Undying

    Manos == @Mason ressurectionists illuminati confirmed
  5. M2E Sandeep

    That's how I've always played it, but I'm not sure that's correct. Sandeep would get the following condition: Radiance: Models which are damaged by one of this model's Attack Actions must discard a card after the current Action is resolved or gain the Burning +1 Condition. RAW I believe Sandeep's attack actions would cause burning+1 if the opponent doesn't discard a card regardless of who takes the action because the Attack Action is still "one of Sandeep's Attack Actions." In order for Sandeep's Attack Actions taken by other models to not be affected by the Radiance Condition I would think it should be written like this: Radiance: Models which are damaged by Attack Actions taken by this model must discard a card after the current Action is resolved or gain the Burning +1 Condition. Unless there's an FAQ that I'm neglecting here, I think the other models should still do the Radiance thing.
  6. Wyrdscapes

    I didn't want to be the first to say it, but this. That said the render looks amazing and I want to buy every bit of it.
  7. What models have errata?

    This page contains all pre-Jan2018 errata: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata This post contains the Jan2018 errata: That covers all of it!
  8. Barbaros had an errata, original was listed as 30mm base size but is actually 40mm. Not game breaking because I think the box even came with the correct base size, just something to be aware of.
  9. Severe terrain size

    That set is really freakin cool. Here's the pics I promised: https://imgur.com/a/iAuRY
  10. Severe terrain size

    I think it depends a lot on the shape and the other bits of terrain around it, as well as where you place it. Is your board modular or is like a full static thing? I tend to keep my severe terrain around the 50-100mm size using bases to map out a basic shape and then add little curves or whatever as necessary and I place it on the table last so that way I have a feel for if it will actually come into play or not. I can take pics later if you'd like to see.
  11. 2017 monthly painting

    March: Mei Feng, Arcane Emissary, Firestarter, 3 Rail Workers, 3 Fire Gamin, 3 Wind Gamin, 3 Ice Gamin, Mechanized Porkchop, Gunsmith, Kang, Emberling, Sensei Yu, Shenlong, 2 Peasants, 1 Beckoner, 3 Monks of High River, 3 Shastar Vidiya Gaurds, 1 Soulstone Miner, 1 Malifaux Raptor April: Rasputina, Sandeep Desai, Snow Storm, Kudra, Banasuva, Soulstone Miner, Wendigo May: McCabe (mounted, dismounted), 2 wastrels, Sidir, Dawn Serpent, Luna, Yan Lo, Chiaki, Izamu, Toshiro, 2 komainu, soul porter June: Cassandra, 2 Coryphee, 1 Samurai July: Colette, Carlos Vasquez, 1 Union Miner, 2 Performers, 2 Mannequins, 3 Mechanical Doves August: Anna Lovelace, The Valedictorian, Rail Golem, Parker Barrows, Mad Dog Brackett, Doc Mitchell, 1 Bandido, Kandara September: Hodgepodge Emissary, The Tooth, The Claw, The Fang, Gorar, Aeslin, Yin the Penangalan, 3 Sanctioned Spellcasters, 3 Terracotta Warriors, 2 Akaname, 2 Monks of Low River October: Zoraida, Bad Juju, Rusty Alyce, Miss Ery, Iggy, 2 Silurids, Bandersnatch, Will 'o the Wisps, Hollow Waif, Voodoo Doll November: Lilith, Barbaros, Mysterious Emissary, Yasunori December (proposed): Alt-Nekima, Emeline Bellerose, Dr. Dufresne, Lone Swordsman, Doppleganger, Mature Nephilim, Scion of the Void
  12. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    edit: For December I finished: Alt-Nekima (13) Emeline Bellerose (8) Dr. Dufresne (15) Lone Swordsman (8) Doppleganger (8) Mature Nephilim (11) Scion of the Void (8) Misaki (15) for a total of 86. Pics in my album here: Thanks so much @prof_bycid for running this, everyone did such awesome work I was very happy to progress my skills by learning from all of your models.
  13. What are your go to models?

    Arcane Effigy, Angelica, and Silent One see the most play for me. Carlos sees the table a lot too, but less lately because I've just been doing a lot of alpha strike type lists and I've had Howard in there.
  14. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    This month I'm committing to: Alt-Nekima (13) Emeline Bellerose (8) Dr. Dufresne (15) Lone Swordsman (8) Doppleganger (8) Mature Nephilim (11) Scion of the Void (8) for a total of 71 if my math is right. I'll probably get more done as I've started all of these, Scion and Nekima are almost done although I'm struggling with Nekima's wings currently.