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  1. I'd argue that this is the benefit of open playtesting, several voices instead of just one leads to a more coherent and evenly balanced product more often than not. I don't play Neverborn and when I first read this card I was not looking forward to dealing with this model. Now, to me at least, it feels a lot more in line with where it should be for the cost.
  2. So arcanists have the lowest post count by a large margin, do we think this means they're in a good spot or that they haven't been tested enough. Subsequently, Neverborn have the most posts which I admittedly haven't really been following, but is that because the new models there are the most controversial or do they just have the largest playtesting base? I'd collect the stats on unique users posting in each forum but I don't have that kind of time at work right now. edit: removed an incorrect stat
  3. I think the phrasing of the "Loaded for Bear" trigger on "Magic Elixir" could be read that if the target is a master or henchman they can choose which condition to receive.
  4. It could be pretty game changing, unfortunately I haven't had the chance to test that out yet, but I can think of more than one game where I summoned B unable to move/push and never got the right card for him to use Sandeep's place and he was just stuck after he killed the thing he was summoned to kill. I may get to play a game tonight so I hopefully I'll try her out again before tomorrow's changes.
  5. These are all really really impressive, but I love your marshalls. I don't know a lot about painting techniques but I think the glow from the fire might be called object-source-lighting? Whether it is or isn't, you did an amazing job with that!
  6. It's a great ability, but the range 3 means this thing has to be very close to whatever it is you don't want to die and at that point it's almost a 5ss upgrade. I definitely get the goodness of the ability, my main opponent throws a fast Yasunori at me turn 1/2 of basically every other game, I'd love to be able to take his damage once and say "oh well, you wasted your charge, no more attacks for you scary oni man" The range of Bedside Manner probably shouldn't change, if it did I think it would be too good, but maybe as others have suggested, drop the cost to 4 and give it HtK. Arcane Effigy is 4, HtK and does what he does for free. If you think that puts this as more valuable than the effigy (which I think it would), give it insignificant too but leave it as a minion so that it can't drop schemes, still counts against you for things like headhunter, hunting party, collect the bounty. I don't think it's a bad model at all, it's headed in the right direction, I just wanted to start the conversation to make sure we all got input to try to get where it should be instead of just not discussing it at all and leaving Wyrd to assume (which they should) that the community at large liked it.
  7. I like the name, my mind immediately went to "Communist from Poland" before it went to anything genital related. Taking from the background @Da Git posted, how about just calling it "426"? I don't think any other model just has a number as a name and it adds an air of mystery to it. Personally if I got into a skirmish and one of my mates pointed to someone on the opposing side and said "uh oh. That's 426" I think I'd be a little more afraid than if he was called the red pole.
  8. Since we haven't really talked about this model at all yet, what are your thoughts? Personally, I can't see myself ever taking this. If I want a heal, I'm bringing a silent one which can do that from farther away and also do some nice damage/provide some board control by way of an ice pillar for 1 more stone. The 0 action to give hard to kill for a turn is cool, but just not worth it to me.
  9. So I got to try Kandara for the first time tonight but I didn't end up taking good enough notes for a full battle report, but I can report on what she did and give a summary of the rest. I'm not going to change colors when I talk about her because I'm really only going to talk about action that was relevant to her. I didn't get to test the change to Fire Lord's Companion because through a combination of really god awful flips and arrogance I stupidly lost Sandeep turn 1 and didn't get to summon anything at all(not that it would have mattered, the highest card in my hand the entire game was a 10 that I got in turn 5). This is also the reason I didn't take better notes, I concentrated too hard on the game Encounter: Extraction, corner deployment claim jump (he took this) frame for murder (we both took this, i had it on kandara, he had it on yasunori) leave your mark (I took this) show of force last stand My crew: Sandeep + Commands/Arcane Res/Unaligned Sage (cache 6) Kandara + Mantle of Flames + Warding Runes Anglica + PP 3 Ox Mages w/Temp shielding and the 3 Wards Librarian Arcane Effigy Malifaux Raptor My opponent played the same crew as my last battle report, namely: Shenlong + peaceful waters + a stance Shadow Emissary + conflux of the dawn yasunori + recalled training low river monk terracotta warrior fermented monk peasant 10T brother Turn 1 was a lot of jostling for position, but due to the aforementioned early demise of my master, I had to rethink my plan for Kandara which was "get close to extraction marker so sandeep can summon banasuva engaged with the enemy models that are meant to score the strategy, then push a little further and die for FFM" I activated Kandara last turn 1 and killed yasunori with a charge. 10Tome on second attack, red joker on damage gave her blessed +1. My opponent let this happen since she's a henchman and yas was his FFM sucker. Turn 2 I won initative, activated Kandara first, swapped Mantle of Flames for Human Guise since I now wanted her to survive turn 2 and long enough in turn 3 to be a hassle. I then charged his backline to a point where I was engaged with Terracotta Warrior, Monk of Low River AND Fermented River Monk. I didn't really do any memorable damage with her, but the point was to tie up his models to prevent them from getting to the extraction marker, which she did very well. He tried to kill Kandara with his fermented river monk, and shadow emissary and failed, only taking her down to 3 wounds. Turn 3 I again won initiative and using the Lithe ability charged the shadow emissary while already engaged with it to also engage shenlong and hopefully have shen kill her so I could get my full 3 points. To my chagrin, my opponent used 2 of shenlong's ap to push his own models and didn't kill Kandara. He attacked her once, I cheated down to get him to hit, but he did weak damage so she survived Turn 4 My opponent won activation and killed kandara with the shadow emissary, scoring me only 1 point for FFM. So in summary, you're in for a world of trouble when you want your frame for murder sucker to tank/tarpit, but Kandara did what I needed her to do. She was 5/5 fun, 4.95/5 clear (the only thing I wasn't sure of was if I got blessed +1 when I red jokered damage, my opponent and I both felt like I should), I think the only place she suffers right now is balance. Granted she didn't try to tarpit a big beater, but she soaked up a LOT of AP from my opponent for 7 stones. 4 or 5 total from a 10ss model (Shadow Emissary), 1 from a master, and 2 each from 2 5ss models, so 9-10 ap? That seems excessive for a 7ss model, even when you're sinking all of your available resources into keeping it alive.
  10. when you hire 3 oxfordian mages with the temporary shielding 0 cost upgrade, it reduces their hiring cost to 5. I believe the upgrade comes with them in the troubleshooters box, I'm not sure about if it comes in their box when you buy them separately. It also comes in one of the generalist upgrade decks although I don't remember which. Probably the second.
  11. I think the initial wording may have been strange, but Aaron did update it to clearly state Minion or Enforcer, Rare 3:
  12. Looks great on desktop, less so on mobile where the pictures just get tiny and the text becomes a wall. Is this a custom site or are you using something template-y?
  13. Yup, I recorded the damage correctly but not the damage descriptor, it was weak both times. Edited now, thanks.
  14. Close Deployment -Interference -Claim Jump -FFM -Dig their Graves -Set up -Last Stand Arcanists - claim jump, frame for murder (carlos) Kaeris + Purifying Flame + Arcane Reservoir + Seize the Day (4 Cache) Joss + Imbued Energies Carlos Vasquez + Practiced Production + Imbued Energies Neil Henry + Well Rehearsed Silent One Union Miner Eternal Flame Malifaux Raptor 10 Thunders - dig their graves, set up (joss) Shenlong + Wandering River Style + Dragon Stone + Peaceful Waters (5 Cache) Shadow Emissary + Conflux of the Dawn Yasunori + Recalled Training Fermented River Terracotta Warrior 10T Brother Monk of Low River Peasant Here’s a summary of what Neil did: used his 0 to make the shadow emissary a bit squishier, hung out near Joss to take advantage of Man Over Machine, did his reactivate/sacrifice 0 to make an attempt at killing shenlong when I was already holding 3 quarters and victory pretty much assured. Turn One Summary: 10 Thunders: -Peasant did interacting/Peasant summoning things and buffed shenlong. -Monk of Low River got 3 focus and moved into holding position for his crew’s left table quarter. -Shenlong pushed Yasunori and some scheme markers up and made Yas fast. -Shadow Emissary drew cards, moved into left table quarter, pushed Yasunori even more, putting him in charge range of any model on my team. -Terracotta Warrior protected Yasunori and went to right table quarter. -Fermented River Monk got his movement thwarted by Carlos making a flame pillar and spent his whole turn walking, ending up in charge range to Kaeris, Joss. -Fast Yasunori beat up on Kaeris, forcing me to use 3 stones for prevention and I still wound up taking 6 damage. -10T bro double walked to be almost in my left quarter. Arcanists: -Malifaux raptor walked to the edge of the table at the centerline where my left quarter met his right quarter. -Union Miner walked to my left quarter for 1ap and gave Carlos +2 burning. -Carlos PP’d the Raptor, pushed/walked to 6” away from center in my left quarter. -Neil Henry walked to some cover on my right quarter, set up to charge something in my opponent’s left quarter. He also dropped a scheme marker. -Joss went with Neil and took a shot at the Shadow Emissary but missed. -Kaeris charged the fast/ridiculously deep positioned Yasunori just to engage him and prevent him from hitting the things I didn’t want to die (even though she was one of those things, I figured I’d just use all my stones keeping her alive which was a success), which also put her in range for her aura on Carlos. She did 1 damage to Yas and gave him 2 burning, opponent chose to not use the Terracotta Warrior protection thing on the damage, but did on the burning during the upkeep phase. -Silent One walked to my right quarter holding position where she could still be effective with her casts (basically JUST beyond 6” of the center. -Eternal flame walked up behind Joss. Turn Two Summary: 10 Thunders: -Low River Monk activated first, got 3 focus and healed Yas back to full. He was in my opponent’s right table quarter. -Shadow Emissary gave Yas fast, did Aspect of the Dragon (claws to mess with Carlos), and took a cast at Neil which missed. He was in my opponent’s right table quarter. -Yas died before he got to activate and WAY quicker than my opponent expected. My opponent got greedy trying to buff him first instead of activating and potentially killing kaeris and/or carlos. -Terracotta Warrior protected Shenlong and stayed in my opponent’s left table quarter. -10T Brother took 2 swings at Carlos who had engaged him earlier in the turn, hitting once for severe 5 damage which got down to 1 from burning armor. -Fermented River Monk took 2 swings at Kaeirs, hit once for weak and gave her poison 1. -1 Peasant sacrificed itself, the other walked and provided for the temple on shenlong, I don’t remember which condition. -Shenlong pushed the fermented river monk and some scheme markers at Joss, enough to score 3 for set up, charged carlos and took him down to 1 wound remaining. Arcanists: -Kaeris did 6 damage to Yasunori -Carlos discarded imbued for fast, PP’d by Joss, pushed to a spot where he could engage 10T Brother as well as Yasunori thanks to his 40mm base and 3” reach, hit yasunori twice, once building burning on himself, the second time telling yasunori to stand back, which was enough to kill him. -Neil Henry charged the shadow emissary, my opponents hand was depleted from trying to keep yasunori alive, Neil landed one hit for weak 2 and succeeded with his 0 giving + to damage flips against the emissary which was huge -Joss discarded imbued energies for fast and charged the emissary. Hit his first attack for weak 3, Neil discarded a card and took a swing, hitting for weak damage of 2, Joss succeeded on his second attack, landed weak of 3 ignoring HtK and getting the kill. -Silent One healed Kaeris, tried to cast at shenlong but missed, held my right quarter -Eternal Flame healed Kaeris -Union Miner did False Claim, gave Carlos 2 burning, held my left quarter -Malifaux Raptor took to the skies and landed engaged with the low river monk to prevent my opponent from scoring. End of Turn 2: Arcanists 2(1 claim jump, 1 interference) 10T 3(3 set up) Turn 3 Summary: 10 Thunders: -10T Brother took 2 swings at Carlos, missed both -Shenlong dug Carlos’s grave, smacked Kaeris -peasant buffed shenlong -terracotta warrior walked, drop scheme (staying in opponent’s right table quarter) -Monk of Low river walked away from malifaux raptor to try to keep opponent’s left quarter Arcanists: -Carlos PP’d the Eternal Flame, hit shenlong, shen stoned to prevent both times, 0 damage. -Kaeris was engaged with shenlong so she just stacked some burning on him, couldn’t do much else -Union Miner tried to stack some burning on kaeris, wound up targeting shenlong due to engagement and wound up getting him burning 2 (for a total of 5 on shenlong i think) -eternal flame got closer to bypass shenlong’s burning immunity -Silent One held table quarter, tried to heal kaeris but failed -Neil charged terracotta warrior, hit it once, didn’t kill it. -Joss charged, killed monk of low river, was then alone in the opponent’s left table quarter -Raptor charged the peasant, hit him once, didn’t kill him. Landed in a position engaged with 10T Brother and Peasant. End of Turn 3: Arcanists 7 (2 claim jump, 2 interference, 3 frame(carlos)); 10T 4(3 setup, 1 dig their graves) Turn 4 Summary: 10 Thunders: -Shenlong dug Kaeris’s grave -terracotta warrior died -10T Brother hit the malifaux raptor twice for weak damage -Peasant attempted, failed to kill malifaux raptor. hit it once for weak. Arcanists: -Kaeris died -Neil Henry killed terracotta warrior, walked closer to shenlong, did Until My Heart Bursts to try to get some hits in on shenlong. -Joss walked and dropped a scheme marker, held opponents left table quarter -silent one held my right table quarter -Neil re-activation charged shenlong and missed him twice -Union miner did False Claim, put burning on shenlong -Malifaux raptor tried to kill the peasant, failed. End of Turn 4: Arcanists 9 (3 claim jump, 3 interference, 3 frame(carlos)); 10T 5(3 setup, 2 dig their graves) Turn 5: 10T Summary: -shenlong dropped a scheme marker, charged union miner, dug union miner’s grave -10T Brother killed the raptor -Peasant did something I don’t remember. Arcanists Summary: -Joss held opponents left table quarter -Silent One held my right table quarter -eternal flame did nothing eventful -union miner died End of Turn 5: Arcanists 10(3 claim jump, 4 interference, 3 frame(carlos)); 10T 6 (3 set up, 3 dig their graves) Final Score 10-6 Arcanists. Final thoughts: Despite his Foundry characteristic, Neil Henry’s card basically screamed “hang out with Joss” at me. I know the fragile condition would be better for his own damage track and that of the rail workers (or any construct that’s more spiky for that matter) but I felt like he was too fast to stay with rail workers, too slow to keep up with howard, mech rider, or coryphee. Since he’s clearly melee focused I wanted him in some action but I felt like his 9 wounds might not be sufficient against any significant attack. With Neil being an enforcer, Well Rehearsed filled that void quite nicely. With the Shastar Vidiya Guard having a higher Df and HtK, it makes perfect sense to me that Neil costs 1 stone less. For clarity I’d rate Neil 5/5, for balance 5/5, and I had a lot fun with him too. He and Joss combined to account for me preventing my opponent from scoring the strategy completely, essentially netting me 4 points for their 19 SS (upgrades included). I'm definitely going to try him again with other constructs. Thanks Wyrd folks for giving us the chance to participate in this public testing!
  15. I would agree if the second sentence wasn't a part of the same ability, but it is. If it were clarified, how would you word it? I guess it would be something like "Friendly Undead models within 12" may take 1 MI Action printed on this model's stat card during their activation at -1 MI" ? That might actually be better, it shortens the description of the ability while clarifying its intent at the same time. Look at that, maybe I should apply for the open game designer position...