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  1. Bakunin

    Games more fun with lower powered masters?

    Other than von Schill, I'm curious to know what other Masters you rate below Enforcers. Not that I don't believe they exist, just curious what sort of stuff makes a model that bad.
  2. I just got my replacement Jack Daw box in after the first was missing everything except the three Guilty. Weird part is the models all come on the same sprue, so half of it was missing!
  3. I always refer to Dashel's melee weapon as a "baton", with the quotes. He seems like the kind of person who would call an axe a baton to stay within regs.
  4. Bakunin

    July 2017 Errata

    Bishop I know is a merc, and I believe Burt is as well. You can only attach upgrades belonging to the faction you declared, so if you went Guild and hired a merc enforcer you can only attach Guild upgrades to it.
  5. Bakunin

    July 2017 Errata

    Since GG 18 is in the works, perhaps that's why the Rider was seen as an emergency fix? I wonder if some interaction with its scheme dropping was a pain in the new schemes, and tweaking its summon was something that they added since they were already changing the card.
  6. Bakunin

    July 2017 Errata

    I'll clarify I don't quite believe the whole Yasunori bit is too much, Viktoria of Blood does about the same thing and isn't impossible to deal with. Something will die though.
  7. Bakunin

    July 2017 Errata

    McCabe with Yasunori is seen by many as pushing the limits of NPE, and both of the previous masters you bought were errated. I was suggesting your luck would hold long enough to get Yasunori cuddled as well, and jokingly offered to pay for it to happen. I also agree with Adran, springing an errata like that is not cool. Mention it when the Rider is first hired, or wait until the game ends to bring it up.
  8. Bakunin

    Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

  9. Bakunin

    Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    Rougarou are already released, I just got mine to go along with Titania.
  10. Bakunin

    July 2017 Errata

    Maybe Hot4Perdita should parlay his new-found skills into a business opportunity. I'll pay $100 US plus the cost of the models if you buy McCabe and Yasunori and give it Recalled Training sometime around December Maybe start Sandeep as well.
  11. Bakunin

    Fighting Jack Daw

    Hanged force tons of Horror Tests, something which Jack and Nurses don't have, and the trigger on Whispers From beyond shuts down crews with lots of healing. Whispers isn't their only attack as well. I would rather have Crooked Men for scheming and holding stuff, they can also paralyse and punish enemies who mess with your Scheme markers. The Drowned I bring for their hazardous terrain shenanigans, a lot of my tables have some, and they help support Jaakuna as well.
  12. Bakunin

    Fighting Jack Daw

    Hanged are a handicap? Sure, I'd rarely if ever take more than one, but it hardly seems like self-sabotage.
  13. Bakunin

    An own 'Codex' for each Faction?!

    Found it, the PDF was linked in the announcement in the forums. January Errata Edit: Apparently the download link there is broken, weird.
  14. Bakunin

    An own 'Codex' for each Faction?!

    You kind of have to look for the errata bundle, it doesn't come up on the page immediately. I think I found it under all Wyrd products, not under the individual cards section. There was a PDF of the cards for download in the resources section, don't know how well it prints though.
  15. Bakunin

    Fighting Jack Daw

    I'd argue his thematic crew is anything that's Tormented. Which have the following Wp: 7 - Jack Daw, Hanged 6 - Drowned, Crooked Men 5 - Jaakuna, The Seven 4 - Nurses, Papa, Guilty, Montresor, Ligeia So I wouldn't say all of his thematic crew have low Wp, just about half of them. If the issue is Jaakuna and the Drowned, then they have average to good Wp.