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  1. Done, e-mail was sent! Thank again! (How much time i sad thanks already? XD)
  2. thank you very much!) I'll send the email as soon, as i can (maybe in an hour or so, max - tomorrow) with all the information and notes (glad i saved them, so it will be fast) and with all the photos and etc. Thank you again!
  3. Hello to everyone, it seems i have a little problem. I've sent 2 different forms (Starter set box and Sorrows), both had no stat cards and/or upgrades (starter had no reference cards also, and sorrows had cards of another characters). As normal, filled out the form (on starter box twice already) and was waiting...but got no notification (there is one, as i was told?), though i was able to register on the forum, so notifications were working fine, i suppose. And i got no answer on both forms for about 3+ weeks. I get to think either the forms were not sent out at all, or there are problems with answers to my email (i'm Russian, yeah, but gmail.com should work fine, right?). I really need the stat cards, so i decided to write here in order to find help on this matter. P.S. Spam folder has no emails from wyrd, checked. So problem is somewhere else. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Looked in the spam also, there is still nothing OO" Maybe it somehow never was sent? Will it be bad to fill the form again?
  5. Will i get some kind of notification that the form was sent on email? It was just a few days already and i don't know, maybe the form wasn't sent or is it still in process. Is there a way to verify that?
  6. I just looked at Nekima's box, found such sticker there. Looked inside the starter box and there is just none such OO it seems my luck got really bad this time and someone forgot to put such sticker in the box from the start(
  7. Hello everyone, i just got a package from my local store (I live in Russia, btw) and in it there was an ordered MalifauX Starter Set. Inside it, however, there was no stat cards, upgrade cards and quick reference cards. The store, which is legit and i got a lot of products from from them in a past, sent me to the https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact <---- this page here, and i was ready to apply the form for mispacked product...but there is a problem. I can't find any Packed By stiker whatsoever. Like nowhere oO Is it the code the barcode? I found the WYR code, that's a no problem, but nooo Packed by on the box, inside the box or near the contents of the box. Can someone help me here, please?