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  1. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    I want to use Schill punch to "motivate" specialist up the field.
  2. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Whatever gets me vp. If my beaters, or semi beaters, can put out a cheeky marker it sounds good to me.
  3. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    Not sure how don't mind me can ever be underwhelming. It's always nice to have the option to punch and scheme
  4. Poorly handled explosives damage

    The card is not in front of me but it specifically states that the damage is 2 or 4 (if killed). never would it be added. I believe and have used it always as 2 damage unless killed (by explosion or other), and then it is 4 damage.
  5. Human Shield and FfM

    Tbh, never thought of using Human shield for FFM but its a genius idea. I'm not sure doc is the best target though. Yes he can keep up, but I often run him away from parker and supporting another scheming bandit as he tends to die easy enough, but to the wrong model. Using something else isn't a bad idea and keeping Parker nearby. I like the idea all in all.
  6. Focus and "2 step actions"

    I'm still new to the game, but to me how I see it is the horror duel puts the active player in a duel as the defender for a roll (since they are flipping against their WP). If the duel was (HYPOTHETICALLY) against DF, it seems reasonable that if model taking the duel used defensive stance before the duel, they'd get the + flip benefit (from stance) and then carry on with the original action as the attacker again. To oversimplify, I don't think focus affects the horror duel at all, in the same way that focusing does not help when attempting to disengage from enemy melee by walking.
  7. Advice putting together a Marcus crew?

    I'm not a Marcus player, but I play against a Marcus player locally quite a bit. Starting at upgrades: I know he takes several on Marcus to get crazy buffs and he'll often put Imbued Energies (discard for fast or draw 4 cards when killed/sacrificed) on Myranda and another enforcer. Beasts: You are in the right mindset as far as what I've faced off against. I haven't faced off against a double cerberus (myranda sac change) yet but it could be trouble. Usually keeping Myranda back to buff and heal the beasts and then use the original cerberus a bit more aggressively seems to work. Rattler I think is really good for the cost. It keeps models close unless they have movement shenanigans and can really put out some damage when it wants. Only issue is that 9 wounds can go pretty fast when targeted by another beater. Raptors are annoying and good at it. Canines I've only seen once and with an upgrade on Myranda to try and get lots of attacks of WP duels. Its an interesting strategy but tricky to pull off. Usually he'll bring a ronin or something fairly cheap but durable to tie up things and put more points into soulstones or a big beasty (blessed of december?) Waldguists are always good as they are beasts and really tough to remove with huge engagement ranges (although need LOS) You're on the right path for traditional lists. A Silurid isn't a bad option either and since you're only usually taking 1 of either of those swampfiends, you should try seeing if any locals have a spare 3rd model to sell you.
  8. Von Schill Question

    I agree in that Parker (as expected) fits better with current scheme/strats than VS but I think it has gone unmentioned or undervalued just how good it is to be friekorps. Armor+1 and blast/pulse immunity with potential VS HTK (if close enough) makes even the lowly freikorpsman a bear to take down. I played a Parker vs. VS game and although Parker's crew was vastly more maneuverable, the shots fired did little against the korps and in return the bandits got peppered or mustachioed in the face. Playing with VS, I agree it would be nice to have a higher cache, but I think that alone (2ss or 3ss ) would boost their performance significantly!