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  1. December 19th - Alt Lazarus

    Stop reviving thread and getting hopes up!
  2. How to choose colours?

    Agreeing with above a bit. You paint really well and I'm sure the pictures do not give enough justice to your work. I'm curious if perhaps it is that the greens are so warm and light for most of the model, that perhaps they do not show off enough of the contours and edges. Although there is great layering and fine work, because of the contrast of the red on BJ I also look to those areas and the rest of the grass seems more muted. Some darker greens possible wash in some areas would allow more texture to pop from those larger patches and pull the eye into the details instead of them being more fuzzy. Just my thoughts.
  3. December LGS Promotion

    Always your choice as a free thinking individual
  4. December LGS Promotion

    A bit against the main point of an LGS promo..
  5. Malifaux video game

    Only if it was completely different from anything that Wyrd has going, or plans on going. Keeping the same universe is fine, but usually a game that is too related to the actual game it took to PC turns out bad for both the original game, and the new program. Example: I really don't enjoy Warmachine's tactics game. They use models from their tabletop but changed abilities and how the models move/operate together in a way that always felt frustrating to me. Feel free to disagree, but I rather they do something just keeping the main themes and lore without stomping all over the original IP.
  6. Friday Preview - Barbed Crawlers

    I really wish I'd been an original kickstarter for this game. Models look so cool.
  7. Fanatics

    These little buggers have cost me every game of Fantasy battle I've ever used them in. I love the idea, but man do they wreak havoc on your own team so often! I thought they'd be proper for Murphy's law round 4.
  8. Should the "Gremlin Faction" become the "Bayou Faction"?

    I'd like this to also go with zipp for boosting his pirate crew.
  9. Should the "Gremlin Faction" become the "Bayou Faction"?

    I like the idea of making the faction Bayou instead of Gremlin. When I first started playing gremlins my masters were Zipp and Zoraida and to be honest, the friendly gremlin models did mess me up a bit because I thought Zoraida was Gremlin even if she wasn't A gremlin. I know better now, but your point is a good one @Rathnard. I've always thought swampfiends fit well with the gremlin faction because of location, but most of the ones I play are neverborn (which makes some sense too as they're monsters, but neverborn seems less swampy). I'd love for the bayou to add more of that cajun spice that Sammy, Zoraida, the Bokar and I guess Gluttony (but who uses him?) have. AND there needs to be a swampfiend enforcer for gremlins to go with Bokar while we're at it. Only one I know of is Adze, which isn't modeled yet and is Neverborn.
  10. Von Schill

    Isn't that kinda the whole gimmick of hans?
  11. Von Schill

    Sue on totems/peons but not so much otherwise.
  12. Specialist: How Would you Change Him?

    Gives him ignore armor/incoporeal I think? And he already hits really hard for 7ss and goes reckless for 1 wd to get 1ap. Back to topic, I like the idea of a spreading contagion for the fire. Its the same as I was hoping for the banjonistas' paranoid in that each further activation would require a duel or spread, but alas that's not how its written. Spreading fire would be the coolest, but yes. Ease of use requires faster movement, standard df, and lower cost.
  13. Black Friday Sale

    Oh, Just saw on store Alt Joss that he's listed as 25$
  14. Black Friday Sale

    I get that. But it plays the same. I don't know what you want for the model, cause it is awesome in its own right. I just know that popular models (usually) only available from a box set (exception alternatives, only available as special sales or second hand) are more costly. Fingers and Trixabelle from gremlins come to my mind but every faction has a model that makes a crew. Freikorps Trappers and Librarians for another example of models many people love but need to get through the Von Schill box (usually). I agree, the guilder price is a bit screwy given the way other things are. That said, I've not gotten a single guilder so 5 seems a long way off, but I've been in posession of 2 "miss" models via FLG promotions Wyrd does. Go figure. All in all, I'm not trying to change your mind, I feel you. Cash is super tight for me also. Gaming on a budget always feels like gleefully pulling fingernails. Or some better analogy. I'll probably be skipping this sale all together. I've got a few other things I need to drop money on and don't have a job set up for next year at the moment so we all just see how things go. Cheers.
  15. Black Friday Sale

    This is exactly it. Wyrd has never claimed a discount. I don't think they have done any discount sales. They have a couple times a year an opportunity to pick up rare stuff. Another point made at the top of this was for the Joss alternate. You answered your question as to why it was more without realising it. It comes as part of a box set, meaning it cannot be found any other way (than second hand/wyrd "sale"). This is why it is more expensive. Other options are readily available because they come in numbers in individual boxes, but that is a specific rare 1 model that cannot be found elsewhere, so they price accordingly. I'm glad you're excited and we're glad to have you. Welcome to Malifaux! Just realise that Wyrd wants to sell their sets and not shred that value by handing them out in pieces.