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  1. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Finally...i lose...mei feng get redirection like upgrade....and i couldnt kill her. Was very very close, maybe in the second turn if he hadnt a red joker in the iniciative flip i could had killed her with mah or mancha roja...was close too much close...
  2. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Finally...i read everything and i think that with this list im going to lose but i want blood: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 7 Pool - Out For Blood (2) - Know The Terrain (1) The Little Lass (4) - Lead Lined Apron (0) Mancha Roja (10) Francois LaCroix (7) - Stilts (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) Gracie (10) - Saddle (1) Whiskey Golem (10) - Barrel Up (0) I will try to charge first...and kill mei feng and the healer... And thank you for your wisdom!!!
  3. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Trixibelle cann't because the fog affects the cast too... i have a negative flip in the lure at 4" of Mei Feng... And a suicide squad? Its close deployment then...why dont use mah tucket, whisky golem, mancha roja, francoise plus saddle or iron skeeter?and try to explote Mei Feng in the first turn?
  4. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Ok!! You change the way that i looking for the solution....ok...i discard brew...i will use again Somer...and try to slow down a Mei feng with the skeeters. My gremlins take the middle and try to complete leave your mark and claim jump? I promise take pictures! But....i take grace and burt? Or again francoise and burt?lenny? My oponent use railminers...that are hardbounds to kill...and a big guy with a machinegun....
  5. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Guard the stash Dig their graves Claim jump Leave your mark Hunting party Mark of death And close deployment!!! Thanks again!! And brew master? Whisky golem, trixie , 1 akaname, wesley, 3shinobis...maybe?
  6. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Thank you!! Aaaaaand zoraida????? Could be a good choice?? I could proxy the emisary and punch in her noise with him...obey and obey and obey...
  7. FrumFrim

    Mei Feng, our enemy

    Hi again! The last week my gremlins were destroyed by Mei Feng, she has a fog that give to her allies a negative flip againts shots. She broke my strategy...she pis on my francoise, burt and somer. She and his cheerleaders guarded the stash perfectly. I havent got mancha roja, neither the emisary...and on wednesday we repeat again...how could i beat her? Maybe mah tucket? I have a Somer crew, Mah, Zipp, Zoraida, Ophelia, effigy, Burt, Grace, Slops... Could anyone giveme a piece of advice? Thank you and sorry for my English!
  8. FrumFrim

    The most important Burt Jebsen Thread ever

    Real of course!! And pink
  9. FrumFrim

    Pins and dolls

    Fantastic article!!! Why dont talk with the podcast of scheme and stones to make a new review of zoraida? Could be very interesting listen your opinion!
  10. FrumFrim

    Gremlin noses

    If the gremlins dont have nose...why the glasses of the lightning bugs dont fall??
  11. FrumFrim

    Lucky effigy tactics? That exists?

    Thats true...as scheme runner doesnt worth it....but im looking for a more complicate tactics...isnt there awesome tactics with this mini????? I dont believe that.... Thank you!!!!
  12. FrumFrim

    Lucky effigy tactics? That exists?

    Hi again from the Bayou with love! I couldnt resist more and i bought the lucky one!! Only 4 points...with a taunt...a blade with minimum of 3...but only melee3...armour...hard to kill... Whats wrong with this mini?? Why is it not a must in all the list?? Except Somer if he goes with a bayou army...with the other master could be nice... Maybe the gremlins dont need a taunt to protect ours cristal-cannons? Maybe its better heal them? Have you a tactic? No one loves him?
  13. FrumFrim

    Stilts and Francoise!!

  14. FrumFrim

    Stilts and Francoise!!

    Hi again!! Could i discard the stilts if my trigger hurt me? Francoise does 10 damages...my trigger hurt me 5...but i discard the stilts to save me!!! Its possible???? Thank you
  15. FrumFrim


    Thank you! I really thing that the sinergy is not so high to worth it. Brew doesnt work....its a pity