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  1. Terrain for TOS

    What kind of terrain did we need to play TOS? Are there special rules for them? Fences, buildings, crates etc.? Can Fireteams go in or on top of houses? I want to build my TOS table and would like to know what i need so that my local gaming groupe can play when it is delivered.
  2. I have found on a tabletop online store some new Wyrd preorder products. "Blackdraft Encounter Box" and "The Undying Encounter Box" Did someone know what miniatures/ encounters are included? Any ideas?
  3. Hello. The Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal invite to the December´s Curse on the 9th of December. Start 9 o´clock. Veranstaltungsort: Bad Emstal Kassler Straße 37 34308 Bad Emstal - 3 Spiele - Gaining Grounds 2017 - keine Bemalpflicht - feste Frakion -50 Seelensteine -12 Teilnehmer More infos here: http://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/december-s-curse
  4. Round Three Voting - Information

    There is no number 26.and 25. with Reservoir Dog vs Reservoir Dog. Because of the odd number?
  5. Am 31.10 Laden die Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal zur Night of the Carver. Night of the Carver wird ein 1 Tages Story Event mit Halloween Setting. Es findet in den Clubräumen der Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal statt. Bad Emstal Kassler Straße 37 34308 Bad Emstal 10 Teilnehmer 50 ss 3 Story Missionen mit Halloween Setting. Keine Bemalpflicht. Fester Master - wir begleiten unseren Master durch Halloween in Malifaux. Fraktion (bei doppel Fraktion), Upgrades und Crew können vor jedem Spiel frei gewählt werden. 10€ Startgebühr. 6€ für Clubmitglieder. Derzeit sind alle Plätze leider belegt, aber eine Nachrückliste steht bereit, falls jemand abspringt. Mehr Informationen findet Ihr unter http://www.strategiespielefreunde.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&p=6446#p6446
  6. Iron Painter 2017

    I'm in!
  7. Hey. The Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal invite to the DEAD MAN´S BALL Summer Special on 19th of August. You can find more infos here: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?uri=dead-man-s-ball-summer-special&type=t 12 Teilnehmer 35 SS mit einem 70 SS Pool Feste Fraktion Nach Gaining Grounds 2017(aber keine Bemalpflicht) 6€ Vorkasse / 10€ Abendkasse
  8. The Strategiespielfreunde Bad Emstal are exhibiting on the RPC 2017 in cologne. You can find us in the tabletop area. Come and play some demos, enforcer brawls or talk with us. Bring your strongest enforcer and fight for honor (and some scrip) in the alleys from Malifaux. Come and speak with us about the Brawls. Saturday ~14:00 and ~17:00 Sunday ~15:00 We are looking forward to meeting all of you at cologne! https://www.rpc-germany.org/
  9. We need you! Come to our first beginner friendly Malifaux tournament at Bad Emstal on July the first. Interested? More information can you find here - http://www.tabletopturniere.de/turnier/dead-man-s-ball
  10. Hello! My Name is Mario and i´m a Henchman in Kassel, Germany. If you are interested in playing Malifaux you are right here! The next Club date is the 6th and 7th of May in 34308 Bad Emstal Kassler Straße 37 Saturday from 15:00 to 23:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00 If you cant be there at that time or have problems to come around - contact me! It´s no problem for me to visit you or meet at another place. You can contact me here with a PM or in the Club Forum Greetings Mario - Ruzmazh